Into the Looking Glass

Target, Isolate, and Destroy. A theme for political persecution of those who cross the well connected. Prosecution in today’s world isn’t justice- it is a way of control over those who dare to criticize.

If you want to know the real strange world that Lewis Carol warned us of, take a closer look at Obama’s holdover Department of Justice and ask, who received more charges and what requests were made for prison time.

“El Chapo” was an international drug dealer and mass murderer.

Steve Stockman was a whistle blowing Congressman who exposed Hillary Clinton’s crime of selling steel to make weapons of mass destruction to kill millions of Americans.

Logically, you would guess El Chapo deserved much more exposure. Well, you would be wrong. El Chapo was charged with 17 counts. Whistle blowing Congressman was charged with 27 counts. It’s a bigger crime to expose Hillary Clinton than to be an international drug dealer and murderer.

Eric Holder’s DOJ holdovers asked for an outrageous 283 years for Congressman Stockman. Hillary Clinton was declared NOT guilty by FBI head James Comey on July 5, 2016 despite listing a whole host of crimes she committed. However, anyone who exposed Hillary Clinton or Barack Obama became a target.

How could this happen? Pleadings by Stockman’s defense attorney pointed out that over the last decade the average time served for Congressman Stockman’s alleged crime was usually 18 months. The judge, who is believed to be associated with Congressman Stockman’s former senate opponent, gave the congressman six times average 18 months, putting the 62 year old Congressman in prison for a decade.

Likewise, let us compare Congressman Stockman with another person.

A man who sold communist China top secret plans to the most advanced US military jet fighter in the world, the F-22. This plane cost billions of dollars to develop and is capable of killing most of our current American pilots if produced and used by a hostile country. That person also sold the stolen plans to US military transport, C17, to the communist government. Reportedly China is now making more F-22 Chinese versions than America.

Congressman Stockman exposed Obama’s treasonous action of giving millions of dollars to an al Qaeda affiliated terrorist network located in Afghanistan and Pakistan called the Haqqini terrorist network for American traitor Bergdohl.

The traitor who sold our secrets to the Chinese served less than 24 months while whistleblower Congressman received the retribution of Obama’s DOJ of ten years in prison.

This persecution is by the same Obama-Clinton government who blamed an innocent Baptist preacher in Los Angeles for Benghazi and locked him up without charging him. Later the pastor had to take sanctuary in a friendly church fearing for his life.

This dichotomy is by the same Obama DOJ who spent less than a few weeks examining Clinton’s classified emails and multi-million dollar scam of nonprofits but spent 4.5 years, 4 grand juries, millions of dollars and 21,000 person hours to investigate four checks, two donors and two non-profits.

“I am innocent of any crime but that has never stop Obama’s DOJ” Stockman stated. He turned on the light exposing their crimes. Their retribution: arrest and convict the man who had the courage to step up, fight and point out the corruption of Obama, Clinton, Lerner & Holder. It is not simply a two tiered justice system- it is one that allows the guilty to walk free and the innocent to be convicted through manipulation, control and cover-ups.

Congressman Stockman was sent to prison for a decade when no donors complained, where only four checks were involved, and two nonprofits were targeted. He amount of taxpayer resources that pushed through this witch hunt can be justified for only one reason: to silence those seeking to expose the true enemies. Getting witnesses to testify “right” and creating and constructing a made-up theory then pressing the narrative was done to Congressman Stockman just like it is being done to President Trump. Seeking people afraid of FBI threats in order to promote a false narrative is done regularly. The ramifications of not cooperating can be staggering. One key FBI witness, Mr. Wetmore, who testified during the trial stated afterwards “..this trial was a sham, Soviet style show trial. Stockman is innocent and yet no one seems to care.” So perilous were the threats by the FBI against their own witness that he documented a DOJ official calling child protective services threatening his family and livelihood to pressure him to testify the way they wanted. Mr. Wetmore and James O’Keefe worked as undercover journalists for over 10 years. The DOJ wanted Mr. Wetmore to change his testimony to say he ran a “spy network” for Stockman (you know, like the real one Clinton ran). And now, today, they are going after Mr. Wetmore -retribution for not properly participating.

It is beyond time for the people of this great country to look beyond the fairytale of justice and honesty that permeates too many agencies and delve into what not only has been done to patriotic and devoted servants but to examine what is really happening through the looking glass. You will see what truly is disturbing and realize the sand of time is running out.

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