Iran: Give us your Women and we will give you Greta Thunberg

The possibility of a war with Iran would be easy to count. Maybe it’s not my place to consider the idea a fun idea, but it proved that while we want war, it’s something that Greta Thunberg should think about. Maybe if we burned more fossil fuel maybe it will cancel out the war time mantra. Maybe that’s too many ideas. The possibility of war is like trying to think of Greta Thunberg wrapped in an American flag praising capitalism. The detection of bullshit is evident in the way Greta Thunberg and the Iranian government work. They live by authoritarian dictatorship, while many environmentalists often are never misconstrued for being Islamic, but believing in a rigid structure of environmentalism, such as Greta Thunberg believes. Both under the false premonition of their belief systems, confusing it with issues that people should care about.

It’s easier to see this as a regular conspiracy theory, but even so, let’s consider the possibility that Iran and Greta Thunberg on the same page. The way they speak to people as though they know better, but never often consider that the other person is right. Islam, by its nature, believes it’s always right. Iran is the ruler liberals want to run the world. Somehow, there is such aggression, but it’s not coming from a Republican. Jihadist Jane deserves cement in her cunt before speaking about this but even so, she has pretty busy lately defending a bunch of pedophilic, religious only in name, who hide in caves, and they pretend to lecture us on our technology and how we should feel and act. Both the terrorists and environmentalists think we should live by their rules, and change our ways to suit their needs.

As it turns out, Osama Bin Laden’s niece, Wafah Dufour, is gorgeous (and in a band), and I would fuck her without end, just to show that dead motherfucker what it’s like that her niece turned into an American woman, which Bin Laden fought so hard against our culture (). It must drive him mad as his daughter is online, showing her skin, beautiful as she can be. But what you can’t imagine is that Iran, in all its dead languages, can even try to put such effort in destroying the people’s imaginations. What you can’t do to people, even women in such a highly promising place, such as Iran, live under 10 century laws. Women, especially Osama Bin Laden’s niece, probably knows far too well that he was an asshole that should have died getting fucked by a Khalishnokov, instead of slaughtering 3,000 innocent people in the World Trade on 9/11.

America, in all her pride, helped the Afhgani’s in the 80’s, but what we should have done is let Russia take Afghanistan. It would crumble on its own. Afghanistan, as of this article being published, exports “carpets and rugs (45 percent of total exports): dried fruits (31 percent) medicinal plants (12 percent).” ( What you have is nation that should have died, but Iran needs to admit that before they turn into the dead country that holds itself hostage, putting such destruction, not from outward, but inner. Iran, is the dead state for destruction, but somehow, we should apologize to them. Easy solution: Let their women flock over to the United States.

Women, of all color, want to walk on beach to show off their skin. Wearing a Burka is close to a death sentence in popular culture. Covering your body on a beach deserves to be shunned by every free speaking person. What the world wants is simple: blame Trump for everything. Blame him for the reason why this country is doing so good. Blame him for the rising jobs. Blame him for the poor decision of destroying a bad man.

Well, I applaud his efforts. If applauding him for this, he should be the most insane president the United States ever had. The biggest deceit the democrats ever pulled against minorities is lying to them and saying “Republicans are racists, and they don’t care about you. We’ll give you free things” because of guilty white liberals who put blacks and minorities on welfare. It helps when you have people willing to destroy an entire generation of black children, mainly democrats and planned parenthood, often suspect that Republicans don’t want to give people a choice to do what they want.

There are consequences to actions, and in Iran, there have been no consequences to the actions based on Solemaini’s actions. There are probably more dead journalists thanks to Solemaini, and the corruption that the Democrats covers just to appease Iran, is like trying to apologize for wearing blackface, and pretend that he didn’t do it. I am from Virginia, and I have seen Governor Blackface’s Northam’s yearbook. But try getting a democrat to admit that is like trying to get Joe Biden to stop molesting children.

Iran is a shit country, and if the people of Iran are forced to become the makers of their destiny. If they want freedom, we need to support it. I want more Iranian women to make IG accounts and show off their body giving the finger to the Iranian government. Fuck the Iranian Government and anyone who supports them. The people don’t want it anymore. I want more nudes of Iranian women flooding the Internet. It’s either through a cultural revolution or a bloody one.

I would love it if Greta Thunberg went back to school and then publicly admitted she was wrong, and then publicly demand an end to Iran’s bloodshed against the people (JK, she’s probably ready to fight for the Iranian Government). She wouldn’t admit it because she’s autistic. They don’t have the ability to feel remorse for what they say. Most of the Iranian government doesn’t feel sorry for what they have done. Maybe the Iranian government is just severely autistic and unconfident in their abilities to pleasure women, so they pleasure men instead. They hate women so much they have to fuck men because they need to feel respected when they have to fuck men in the Iranian government.

They will probably blow their load on the Quran just as they can reach an orgasm about killing American people. It’s the Iranian governments wet dream to destroy America, but presently, why should anyone take them seriously? If we just take their women, they have no reason for war. But it might just drive them nuts and then blow themselves up as they fucking men in the ass. That’s what you call the Allah Aqbar Cocktail.

So, Iran, have fun as you threaten your people, but your women want freedom, and my penis is all welcome to their screaming pleas (your move Ms. Bin Laden’s niece). Your move Iran. Don’t send Greta Thunberg, all I need to do is put on my headphones and ignore her. Try to put a Fatwah on me! I will openly send your nieces and daughters, and Osama Bin Laden’s niece, dick pics and they will readily suck me off because they want to make their relatives who work in the government mad. And they would be right to do so. Keep your people in chains and they will kill their way to freedom. A thought that Greta Thunberg can’t believe in her caliphistic worldview. Oh, and fuck Rose McGowan. She’s damaged goods.

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