Iran: Why No Deal is Better Than Any Deal

Why do you imagine that Obama is allowing John Kerry to make a deal with Iran? I mean, why any deal AT ALL? In Iran right now, our sanctions are making life VERY uncomfortable for people. Many everyday items can’t be found and friends there have told me that prices are nearly doubling every 6 months.

People are actively resisting the regime and civil disobedience against religious laws is becoming more and more common. In short, the people are becoming restless with their leaders knowing it is their pursuit of a nuclear weapon that is causing their misery. The vast majority of people are not the ones who want to bomb Israel off the map – it’s the Mullahs and religious leaders. Even the government leaders are more concerned about commerce and infrastructure than religious zealotry.ShowImage

So, why not let the sanctions work and the people eventually force out the religious government? If we make a deal to gradually ease sanctions and allow Iran to continue to produce nuclear material for the next 10 years the people will begin to see their leaders as competent, reasonable and will support their efforts since it will result in greater wealth, more trade and ultimately no limitations will remain to restrict Iran from producing a nuclear weapon. And they WILL do so with the complete support of their people and the world community who sanctioned the agreement.

How difficult do you think it would be to stop them at that time? Do you think that the reward of lifting sanctions and allowing them to produce more and more nuclear material will convince them they are wrong to want to destroy Israel or will it embolden them? It’s rhetorical of course, the answer all the more obvious given their fervor to kill Jews and westerners.

The United States, under Jimmy Carter deposed the Shah of Iran in 1979. At that time they were a prosperous, pro-west country. Once the Shah left, it quickly turned anti-western and Islamist. The liberals in the US under Carter were delighted by the anti-US sentiment, and the curtailment of their oil-produced wealth set to rival that of Saudi Arabia was a relief to them as well.

Fast forward 35 years or so – the Iranians’ wealth is gone, their freedom is gone, they are imprisoned for enjoying life the way they did openly 35 years prior and executed for facebook postings. The people tire of it and yet, this resilient people have found ways to rebuild their wealth, educate themselves (they are the most educated of the diasporadic peoples on earth) and begin to create a significant opposition to this regime through its expats and former political prisoners in exile. The average age of citizens in Iran is 35. Born AFTER the revolution. They don’t understand why they should not be free even as they subscribe to the religion that is used to enslave them..

A strong, wealthy Iran does not suit this administration because of the influence they could wield in the Middle East if they were to throw off this regime and even eventually become a secular government.

As governments go in this region, Iran is far freer than any of its neighbors except Turkey and Israel even now, but the critical distinction is that the Mullahs are making political AND civil decisions for the country, NOT just presiding over the law. If that were to change, the return to prosperity and a return to responsible world citizenship could be just as swift as their decline was 35 years ago.

I believe, like the rest of the Middle East over the past several years, Iran is on the brink. The Egyptians have only just begun to feel the cost of turning their countryin to a fanatical theocratic dictatorship. The same for Libya. Syria will eventually fall to Islamists like Yemen.

Iran knows the cost they paid and I believe the people are looking for any opportunity like they had in 2009, to turn it around. We screwed them then and now we’re trying to do it again once and for all, because there is no way to resist a nuclear Iran under this regime.

It appears that this administration desires that Iran stay poor, oppressed and scared rather than free, productive and secure and that just keeps the whole world more unsafe.

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