Is Cory Booker a Hero or Villain?

Who is actually the real Cory Booker? Is he a strong individual set on curing all the misfortunes and hardships of the world or is he just a fabricated Mother Goose story teller living in his own world of gibberish, non-sense and fantasy.

Cory Booker claims while walking through his childhood community one day, shots were fired, without any and all total disregard for his own self preservation he ran towards the individual shot and notice three bullet holes in his chest. He stated he held him in his arms and died,
Witnesses to the account stated that this victim was shot with one bullet and died at University Hospital in Newark, this was also verified by a police report, contradicting all that was indicated by Booker,
Cory Booker said a drug dealer named T-Bone confessed his life in front of him. Booker tried to reverse his life of crime and violence. He tried to convert this individual into a decent law abiding citizen. We later found out that there was no such character named T-Bone. He was made up by Booker.
There was another incident involving a woman who he claimed was stuck in her home with no provisions during a blizzard for over (3) three days.  Booker said he fought through the snow to the woman’s apartment. He asked her what she needed anything, in which he said the woman replied Pampers for her infant child. He returned with the Pampers.
We later found out that because of the incompetence of the City’s snow removal policy, her block wasn’t touched with any snow removal equipment for any the (3) three day. She also stressed she never told him she needed the Pampers, because he never spoke to her. She would have told him to just plow her street. He brought them to her as publicity gimmick extending his further falsification as a great humanitarian.
These are just a few extended truths initiated by Mayor Cory Booker of Newark during his tenure in office. Let’s put it this way, these lies are what we know about.
If he said that crime was down in Newark, Can we believe him? If he said the streets are safer in Newark, Can we believe him? If he said he stabilized taxes in Newark, Can we believe him? If he claims to have ended corruption in Newark, Can we believe him? If he said all types of violent crime is down in Newark, Can we believe him? I don’t think so! This man has been living a lie all his political life.
Now Mayor Booker wants to be U.S. Senator Booker from the Great State of New Jersey. The biggest dilemma we should acknowledge is what will be the true color of Senator Booker. Will it be fantasy, made up, story telling Senator, blindly following the failed policies of the Liberal Socialist Marxist Liberal Democrats and their Communist leader Barack Hussein Obama will it be truthful reality? His past indicates that he is very comfortable proclaiming extended mistruths, which will build up his own ego and status to the citizens of New Jersey. An obvious Kool-Aide drinking socialist liberal follower to Harry Reid, which will eventually throw America, The American people and especially New jersey under the bus of social misfortunes. 
One of his enthusiastic promises if he was elected Senator is to start a bank account for all under privileged children. Who is going to pay for this entitlement, well the taxpayers of course.
A man, especially a self proclaimed leader who thinks this additional entitlement is justified or if was just coming from the mouth of another blow hard, just to get elected is dangerous!
A man, especially a self proclaimed leader who thinks this entitlement was just coming from the mouth of a blow hard just to get elected is dangerous! A man who fabricated everything in his political life is dangerous. His compounded unread no consequences give away programs shows his socialistic tendencies to the extreme, another tax and spend liberal, except thanks to his Mentor, President Barack Hussein Obama, there’s little left to tax. 
We need in New Jersey a strong no non-sense individual as United States Senator. A natural born leader who isn’t afraid to take up the gauntlet and fight for the citizens of New Jersey and for our beloved Nation. A person who is ready, willing and able to go against the status quo no matter how unpopular to bring America back to respectable prominence. We don’t need another yes person selling out New Jersey or our Country for a shameful thirty pieces of silver, we need a leader, and that person is Steve Lonegan, Republican, Mayor, Businessman, uncontested leader of the highest caliber.
There were (19) Republican Senators lead by Texas Senator Ted Cruz, that had the strength and courage to defund Obamacare going against President Obama, Harry Reid and there own gutless cowards “The RINOS” of the own political party that will do anything even endorsing the destruction of our nation to hold power no matter how meaningless, and how much it humiliates or degrades them. 


Let them know that “We the People” of New Jersey are sick and tired of being lambs lead into the slaughter house. That we are sick and tired of being Federal lapdogs and step-children laughingly identified as followers, door mates and stepping stones of the Democratic Party. We give the most revenue to the Federal Government and get the least returned.  We were taken for granted for too long. Let’s stop the madness, Vote Steve Lonegan, Republican for United States Senator, in the New Jersey Special Election Wednesday, October 16, 2013. 

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