Is Donald Trump Being Robbed? No, He’s Just Being Whiny.

Trump hairTrump’s decisive win Tuesday in his home state of New York makes a contested GOP convention a bit less likely, but there’s still a solid chance that he won’t win a majority of the delegates during the primaries, and the candidates will have to scrap it out at the convention to see who comes out on top. If Trump doesn’t have a majority of the delegates on the first ballot at the convention, a lot of the delegates become unbound on the second round of convention voting, meaning they could switch to Cruz or some other figure.

Trump and his followers insist this is wrong, that the whole system of candidates persuading delegates to back them on second and subsequent ballots is unfair, and that the GOP candidate with the most delegates going into the convention should automatically get the nomination, even if that candidate doesn’t have an outright majority. But Trump is mistaken, and for at least a couple of reasons.

Since Trump may not get the 1,237 delegates from state primaries necessary to automatically win the Republican presidential primary, there is a chance there will be a contested convention in July. If no candidate reaches the magic 1,237 number on the first ballot,  there will be additional rounds of voting until one finally does reach 1,237. After the first vote, delegates are freed to vote for other candidates, and Cruz appears to be outhustling the great salesman when it comes to wooing delegates.

Consulting the American Founders

First, the American founders understood the dangers of pure democracy and wisely urged against such an approach. The complex system of primaries, caucuses and delegates — some bound, some unbound, some unbound early in a convention and some only if it drags on — and with each state having different rules: all of this fussy complexity is of a piece with the founders’ preference for a republic over a pure democracy.

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