Is Europe Lost

2015 is the year of the migrant. Over 100,000 migrants requested asylum in Germany in August alone with a total of over 400,000 for the year. Projections are that over 800,000 will be allowed into Germany alone this year, and that is only about 40% of all refugees. The vast majority of these refugees are men, ages 18 to 35 with the amount of minors rising at an alarming level.
It is clear by the riots on the Austria-Italy border that most of the migrants want to go to Germany. Why? The benefits there are better than anywhere else in Europe. That way, the refugees who take selfies with $600 I phones can attain the status of unemployed citizens and receive all the monies that Germany can give them.
The refugee crisis has been covered by the mainstream media as something that compassionate people should be concerned about. The fact that the mostly male amnesty program in Europe has no safeguards against terrorists entering or background check of any type is dangerous to the welfare of Europe.
There is a concept in Islam called “hijrah”. It is jihad by emigration. It is instructive that the birth of Islam is considered to be after Mohammeds hijrah from Mecca to Medina, and his revelation that Islam must do violence to non believers and become a worldwide caliphate that is considered Islams start. It is written in the Quran that “emigrating for the cause of Allah will find many locations and abundance.
How much will this Hijrah of Islam change Europe? It was only a few years ago that a British group was celebrating the anniversary of 9/11 and called itself “the Emigrants” The Islamic State has always been prepared to use Libya as a gateway to Europe and they wrote about last February. The plan is to flood Europe with over 500,000 refugees, to flood Europe so quickly and in so many places that no safeguards will stop the jihadists from entering. It will continue, pushing the welfare states in Europe beyond the ability to cope, and making a marked difference in the cultural landscape in Europe. There are already no-go zones for police in France and England where police are not allowed and are ruled by sharia law.
Hollywood celebrities and the mainstream media call those who are concerned about the hijrah as uncaring, racist Nazis. They spout nonsense about the influx of Islam into Europe, blind to the fact that sharia law will follow, and there will then be no European culture allowed. Europe will turn into a Middle East clone, and the citizens will wonder what happened. Interesting is that the oil-rich Islamic countries in the area will not allow the refuges into their countries. They know that it is a clear invitation to invite terrorism into the country.
A Syrian ISIS operative claimed to Buzzfeed that over 4,000 Islamic jihadists have already made it to Europe with more to come They will wait until a time of their choosing, and strike back in retaliation of US led airstrikes. In the meantime they will live well on the generosity of the European welfare program.
The future is grim. Europe and its welfare programs will accept more and more refugees, with no limits and no checks. It will lead to more looting, there will be rape gangs as there are in England and Sweden. The population, compassionate and caring for those less fortunate are being lead to a massacre by the governments they have elected. Deluded by their own compassion, Europe is deluded to believe if they give thee emigrants everything they want that there will be harmony. They do not understand that this is a religious war, and one side is determined to win.

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