Is it Really about Surveillance or is it About the Government?

O’Reilly used this example. What if they traced a U.S. Senator’s phone numbers and found that he made several phone calls to a his favorite massage parlor.  If Obama’s people leaked this information would that be unconstitutional? 

Obama wants you to believe that nothing is his fault. And everything has been done before so why blame Obama. And that is the real problem. Obama has been less than transparent. And most of what he says is baseless. But there are still about 40% of those polled who ever they are that like the job Obama is doing. He will be away for three weeks so the odds are good that the next three weeks will be super. Only kidding!


You need to keep in mind that the government is collecting or has access to about everything you do. A short list is DNA, retinal scans, facial recognition, finger prints, phone calls, emails, internet cookies and the like.  Do you trust your government with all this information?


When you log on to the internet  browser or the server there is always a footprint as to where you have been. How do you think they always track down these hackers. Only in the movies do they bounce off this and that and they can’t be traced. But using the internet is just like using a phone line. Someone knows where you have been and for how long. And in most cases nobody really cares.


But I do have a concern. The Russian terrorists from Chechnya were pretty dumb and arrogant. And they left their foot prints all over the place. The Russians told Obama’s people to keep an eye on them. So we can conclude with tips and all sorts of tools available to the intelligence community 2 Russian goof balls were able to kill and maim a lot of innocent American Citizens. Do you trust the Obama government?  Do you feel secure in large crowds! By the way it is illegal for your government to infiltrate the mosques located in a city near you!


They have already admitted that a few screw balls in Cincinnati were able to direct the IRS to go after a select grouping of entities for the purpose of skewing the outcome of a presidential election!  And they want you to believe that a few people did this all on their own. Thank God they can’t blame President Bush for this one!


My question is that since there are some influential terrorists giving information to these terrorists about such things as bomb making and the like, how come our intelligence does not have access to all the folks that go to these sites. Are you telling me they can do nothing until the would be terrorists logs in  as an email or a tweet?


I don’t think a secret court judge would have any difficulty giving the intelligence community a subpoena to look into the records of all the folks visiting the websites designed to encourage and educate the jihadists. This is what the Patriot Act was all about. It was not to gather information on all the citizens. Big brother may be watching, but it would have little or no effect unless you break a criminal law of severe importance.


It wouldn’t be long before some where in the world on some alleged government computer that all your information will be listed.  Your photo, your social security number and tax id numbers. Your health and medical records will all be listed on this computer. All your bank accounts will be listed. All your financial transactions (credit cards) and EZ Pass will be listed. And soon all your phone calls and internet travels will be documented. Don’t forget about the GPS chip!


O’Reilly is concerned about a giant complex of buildings going up in Utah called the Utah Data Center. Very expensive bunch of buildings put up by the NSA. It will cost billions to build and millions a year just for the utilities. Your guess is as good as mind as to how secure the data will be stored in these buildings. But how many people will be needed to snoop through all this data. And what will they do with it. Keep in mind that a hard drive today for a terabyte is about the size of a pack of cigarettes. So what really will be going on in classified heaven in Bluffdale, Utah?   I wonder who is bluffing who? And do you trust the person doing the snooping of your personal information!


O’Reilly brought up a great point when this surveillance thing first broke. And under Obama we are beginning to see a great deal of abuse of power. And did this abuse of power win Obama the election?  But O’Reilly used this example. What if they traced a U.S. Senator’s phone numbers and found that he made several phone calls to a his favorite massage parlor.  If Obama’s people leaked this information would that be unconstitutional?  And do you trust Obama to be constitutional? 


Another thing to factor in is the number of Democrats that work for the government. They talk about the number of liberal Democrats that work for the press. But what is the percentage of liberal Democrats that work for the government. For the right cause would they be justified to abuse the so called classified information!!!!


They claim President Bush did the same thing. I don’t believe there is any truth to that. But since it is classified Obama can make any claim he wants if he does not need to prove his allegations. But in the case of President Bush there was a court case and the judge ruled that the only transmissions that were covered under the Patriot Act were those from foreign countries.  And Karl Rove believed that Obama was doing the same thing… Until now.


They claim that 50 attacks were averted since 911 because of this illegal type of surveillance. What if that is not true. The question is how much was averted thanks to water boarding and other types of “Obama called torture”? And how much was averted since 2009 when Obama started to kill the terrorists without interrogation and was more concerned about everyone’s phone trails rather than what was going on in mosques and in Boston. The question is was he more concerned about re-election or protecting American citizens. The IRS scandal seems to point to a strange Obama concern.


If they claim that many terrorist attacks were avoided because of this violation of the Patriot Act and the Constitution, someone will have to prove that. If they hide behind the shield of classified… Do you really believe them?


We see and hear stories almost everyday about how the government abused their discretion. One thing to think about is that some people are evil or untrustworthy. And the folks expect the government to be big brother and protect the people. So the larger the government becomes the more protection and the safer the people will be. If you believe that one  I got some ocean front property to sell you in Kansas.


In ” To Kill the Mocking Bird” which I caught a bit of last night, it drove home a great point. All those Black folks thought the government would do the right thing. They were happy they had a white lawyer to defend Thomas. But in the end Thomas was killed. Did Thomas die because he was a bad man or a boy like Trayvon. Or did he die because the government failed to protect the people. They went through the formality of a trial. There were lawyers present and a judge and a bunch of jurors. But in the end the government failed to protect the people.


So ask yourself, as the government spends more money, intrudes on everyone’s privacy for phony causes, are you better off? And do you feel safer? Seems like the folks expect the government to accomplish a lot more than what they actually do? They take the money and the benefits but they failed to protect the citizens! Do you think you can trust your present government on all levels?


Will Obama’s surveillance lead to more abusive actions to protect the office of the President! He won’t need the Nixon tapes. He already has the computer to track his every move!



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