Is it Time to Boycott Will Smith movies?

Is it Time to Boycott Will Smith movies?


By Dr. Phil Taverna


I have a feeling that he would have kept his big mouth shut, but his wife made him do it. You need a few things to get an Oscar nomination. And I didn’t think skin color was that big a deal. Most of these folks are liberal, they don’t really have to pick the best actor.


So lets examine sports and Oscar history. To start with, I generally enjoy Will Smith movies. Three stand out. The Bad Boys especially the one with Madam Secretary. And the Wild, Wild West movie and Men in Black. I am a little too old to get into Prince of Bel-air. You can see Independence Day almost any day of the week. But this guy has been making big bucks in tinsel town since the 1990’s. Instead of pointing fingers with his wife, he should be in the hood giving free acting lessons. Maybe there is an Anthony Hopkins out there just waiting to be discovered, or a Meryl Streep.


But you need to look at the history. Most action packed exciting movies don’t get an Oscar. Ever wonder why there are so many actors with English accents. John Wayne was probably one of the best. He would have never received an Oscar legitimately. He probably didn’t care. He cried all the way to the bank. And I don’t think the “Duke” would ever have endorsed the “Donald”.


So lets look at the Oscars and how often the movies show up on TV. One of the best is West Side Story. It was white guys against Latinos. No room for a black lead. So maybe the Smiths can write a musical where Blacks can sing and dance. Create a great story line and maybe you can get a nomination. But would West Side Story win 10 Oscars today?


Probably not. Too much politically incorrect garbage in there.


Titanic is another one of those movies almost always on the TV. Nope no room for a black lead. Not sure if the acting was great, but it sure had great special effects like the Poseidon Adventure. Only one Oscar for that one. I would have given Hackman two. Just for all the exciting and suspenseful water scenes.


We can go on and on with all this nonsense. But timing is another problem. Are you up against classics like Star Wars. A lot of the high brow movies that received a fair amount of awards in the past, are hardly seen on TV.


If it was me, they should award action packed,  adventure and westerns and comedy. Screw the artistry. If they have too long a monologue, shut it off. Give me Stallone anytime… Adrienne.


So the Smiths should re-think this. And go out there and find or create movies that have Oscar potential and fill it with Black actors that can really act. Ali was a great fighter, not sure he was well liked. When you have to tell people you are the greatest, it takes away from the magic. Now that brings us to Cam Newton.


Maybe in 20 years Will can do a movie about Cam. He thinks he is the greatest. And hopefully he can prove that in the next 10 years. But would the Smiths boycott the Superbowl, if all the quarterbacks were white?


Even though 67.3% of the NFL is Black, would the Smiths complain about the quarterback. From time to time the idiots complain there are not enough black coaches.


There is a problem for the Blacks in the future. They only make up about 18% of the population,. The Asians and Latinos want to be considered white. Assuming there is no black blood in their ancestry.


Now what happens to the Blacks that father children with whites and the next generation is fathered by whites. Is that child black or white. Need to ask Michael Jackson.


But as time marches on, there will be fewer and fewer blacks by percentage in the United States. It is time to stop acting like babies and make a difference. Do they really think the Academy chose the non-blacks over the blacks on purpose? Really?


I think the world is tired of this Black cry babying. You had since the 60’s to fix the problem. You even had 2 presidents. Allow me to let you in on a secret. No one is treated absolutely fairly in the United States of America. Do you think Trump was treated fairly. They used to boo him at the USFL games.


Just the other day Obama made a public comment that there were no Blacks on TV. Not true. But is it true if Obama says it?


The other question is do you want a Black person nominated just because they are Black?  If your answer is yes. Then you are the problem. And that is the general problem in this country and soon to be the world.


On Deal or No Deal, it was funny when the person didn’t take the offer because their peanut gallery said go on you deserve it. And in almost all cases the contestant went home with little money.


America can not prosper without responsibility. The Blacks and liberals have taught us that you can prosper without taking responsibility. Look at Obama. In two years he will have a foundation worth Billions of dollars. Hey Will do you think that is fair? Shouldn’t we all deserve foundations worth billions.


So get out there and make a difference instead of boycotting. You probably stink as an actor on a higher level. But I love some of your movies and will watch them over and over. But I would probably not vote for most of the movies that receive Oscars.


If Will Smith and people like him including Samuel L Jackson, don’t change their racist attitudes, maybe it is time to boycott their movies and commercials!


It is time they take responsibility for their baseless comments!


If you want us to stop noticing color or the lack there of, maybe you should stop making a big deal about that kind of nonsense. If you are good, you should be rewarded. If you are the best you should deserve the accolades. But only one person can win. Maybe we should treat them like the children they are. Lets give them all an Oscar!


Jackie Robinson didn’t play baseball because he was Black. He played because he was a great player. People seem to get confused. Do you want an award for being Black or for being the most talented at a given period of time?


Give me a John Wayne movie any day. It was politically correct at the time and the bad guy always got it in the end. Maybe we need more happy endings and less complaining!



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