Is Killing Jesus the Messiah or is it the Obama?

killing_jesusBarbara Wa-Wa thought Obama was the Messiah! God  help us. It was funny when Obama was on The View. I thought all the women wanted to sit on Obama’s lap. What do you want for Christmas. 

Bill O’Reilly wrote an interesting book which is part of the killing trilogy. This one was called Killing Jesus. Interesting read. I had no clue where he was going to go with it. Unfortunately he was not able to change the ending. Bill considers it a history which for the most part it is. He was able to  steer clear from most of the sacred material. And being a strong Catholic it must have been difficult to keep religion out of the story. 

Most of the book is really not about Jesus per se, but more about the cast of characters that were present near Jerusalem before and after the time of Christ. Most of the material was not new. Some of it was ancient. But one question is if they usually broke one’s legs before they crucified them, how did they do it? Especially after someone had already been crucified but not dead yet. 

I remember many years ago when the Pope blamed the Romans for killing Jesus, but this book sheds a different light on the subject. If not for the Jewish high priests, Jesus would not have been crucified by the Romans, at least not at that time. As the crowds began to build at some point in time the Roman hierarchy would have considered Jesus a threat. But with no army, no weapons Jesus was not a threat to Rome. 

Slavery was quite abundant at that time. If you weren’t a Roman soldier or a Jewish high priest you were one step away from poverty or slavery. Back then taxation was heartless. And if you didn’t pay up, you could lose everything. Go to jail or be put to death. And unfortunately taxations came from all angles and were always heartless. Very similar to Affordable ObamaCare. And there are still Obama lemmings out there who seem to think it is  still a good thing. We will have to see how many Democrats run on that thought in November.  

In this regard Obama maybe the Messiah. He doesn’t care how many people he bankrupts on his way to fulfilling his  Affordable ObamaCare  dream. He has his insurance. He doesn’t care how many people go bankrupt trying to pay for Affordable ObamaCare. You must render to Caesar what is his! He doesn’t care how many businesses go belly up trying to pay for Affordable ObamaCare. In the end all he wants to do is raise the deductibles and give poor people Medicaid. He wants to give all the illegals Medicaid. In the end the middle class will be broke trying to fulfill the useless dreams of Obama and his father!  Not much different than ancient Jerusalem. Where is the inequality? 

So after all Obama has pulled off a miracle. He took the most powerful economy in the world and he has set it on a course for complete failure. He has stolen the American Dream from just about all Americans today and all future Americans to come. But the crown of thorns that Jesus wore is going to end up very similar to the albatross around Obama’s neck. And it is not true because he is black. It is not true that his ancestry may have had slaves in its numbers. But it is true because he is a heartless socialist communist.  And it took a bold move like affordable ObamaCare to shock Americans into the thought that communism is a bad thing.  And Obama reeks of communism.

The only thing Obama has accomplished in 5 years is to raise everyone’s taxes. 

O’Reilly writes about a Judas. This guy was a revolutionary and from the area called Gamala. He likened taxation as a form of slavery. He was crucified as well for his trouble. Today Judas can join Wesley Snipes for not paying taxes. Over 2,000 years later and we seem to see the same kind of abuse. A government that is heartless and can’t possibly stop or at least slow down spending. And   a dictator that is totally above the Rule of Law known as the U.S. Constitution.  Once you give power to the takers, you will always see unconscionable taxation in all forms. 

The book covered a great deal about the art of crucifixion practiced by the Romans.  Back then they didn’t have any internet or newspapers. Didn’t have liberal biased media. So the display of crucifixion was important to show the folks that if they screw with the Romans they will die a horrible death. 

The Romans pretty much beat the crap out of the victims. Then with their last ounce of energy they were forced to carry the top half of the cross to the crucifixion area. There they spiked their victim. Broke their legs for good measure and crowned their display with some sort of sign to indicate what the criminal died for. I think today they call this an art of deterrence. And all this is done while the victim was bare  naked. But after 40 plus rips from the whips, they probably didn’t much care about anything. In most cases they were lucky if they could still breathe. But the Romans in charge seemed to enjoy the show and were quite good at their art. 

The prophesies that were fulfilled were quite revealing. And Jesus seemed to fulfill all the claims. But I wonder if someone wrote some where that a dark leader would come out from the wilderness and lead a nation to destruction by over taxation and destroying the economy and any resemblance of the American Dream all in the name of inequality. Then he must be the Messiah. 

In the book their is much talk about the burden of taxes. If you didn’t pay, the tax collectors could torture you. Make you sell your children as debt slaves and  sell their farms and work the land as sharecroppers. So you have to wonder how many businesses will be forced into bankruptcy thanks to the policies of Obama, Barbara Wa-Wa’s messiah? 

In Jerusalem the people had no choice. The Romans had the power and the armies. In the United States, the people have the vote and most people don’t use the vote or they vote for the tax collectors who are disguised as Democrats. Do you think it  is time to lower taxes and set the people and their businesses free? Obama does not agree! 

O’Reilly and Dugard’s book is a quick read and packages very comfortably the path of Christianity for that very short period of time. It paints the hierarchy of the Jewish religion and the Romans as a bunch of heartless thieves and murderers. Very similar to the leaders we have now spending money they don’t have for what purpose? Their friends get richer while you get poorer. No one wants to end up on the dole. All Americans want and should demand the opportunity to live a free and prosperous life. Not one hounded by the thieves of an over-zealous government.  Obama is confused about the word inequality. He sees it as black and white. But by suppressing the white workers the whole country will suffer!

The ball is in your court. Grab some friends. Make sure they can vote in November. Let’s send all the thieves home  and set the people free. We have the numbers… all we need are the voters who have common sense. There are millions of  documented workers who would also vote these thieves out. If they are  on board, let’s help them to become citizens legally and vote against the thieves. A Great America is one that is for the American People.  We already have legal immigration, let use it! 

At the end of the day any leader who has more power and money will try to take the same power and money from his or her lemmings. So tell me again why you keep choosing leaders that want your money and reduce your ability to thrive!

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