Is Kirsten Powers Bipolar or ???

krstnpwrsKirsten Powers shows up on Fox News quite often. She used to be a liberal commentator of sorts but she seemed to be leaning to the right. She even admitted she did not vote for Obama in 2012. Obviously she admired him in 2008. She looked a bit worn because it is tough to come up with excuses for Obama all day long. Jay Carney Who? 

But the other day she wanted to let the 50,000 illegal  children into the country. What’s 50,000 children. So thank God, Kirsten has swung back to the left. Is this medication induced or just a bleeding heart liberal? 

When someone says we need to take care of 50,000 illegal “children” who show up well illegally then why not! We can afford to take care of 50,000 more poor people. Who said poor people! Did you see the clothes that these people are wearing. Does Kirsten know that Polio is making a come back. Which lucky American child will be the first American to come down with Polio brought to you by these illegal children. You would think by now that Lady Obama would be pushing for polio vaccination and not so much for scallions in the school lunch program. 

I imagine that the Fox News folks had a talking to with Kirsten. The only reason we are paying you the big bucks is for your liberal opinion. If you are going to sound like a reasonable female we will have to fire you. So Kirsten turns around and starts sounding like a liberal loon. Did she go down to the border and interview these poor helpless children. That wandered through the desert for 40 days just to become Americans. Well maybe not, but they want to become part of the American dream of getting taken care of by the Obama regime. Come one come all and Obama through executive action will set you free. And by the way implode the Democratic party.  Kirsten should be looking at their clothes. Those are not the clothes of poor people. And why are the adults pregnant or herding these sheep into our country?  Because Obama has invited them! 

The UN the same folks that dreamt up global warming wants to call these illegal immigrants … refugees and asylum for all including Obama’s relatives who have been here before he was president. Pelosi sees South America as part of the United State as one America. Where do these loons come from?  Catholic Pelosi is rich enough to care for 50,000 illegal children… What is stopping her? No sane person could dream this stuff up. 

These people are disrespecting our laws and our borders. There is the right way to enter this country and the wrong way. And once you let them in illegally they are here forever under Obama. Was that the dream of his loser of a father! 

The United States allows in about 2 million foreigners a year. That sounds like a lot and it may be too much under the Clinton – Obama economy. The question should be how many of the 2 million stay and become citizens?  But Clinton started the exodus of American jobs to other countries. The import export bank feeds the mill. There are just not enough full time jobs to support the American citizens. How is the economy going to support kids who can’t and are not required to learn English! 

The other question is if there is a problem with 2 million, what do the liberals want it to be? 10 million a year, is that enough! It seems that even the gateway liberal cities are having trouble assimilating all these illegals. so maybe 2 million is too much. 

Laura Ingraham was on O’Reilly the other day and she had a great program.  Most would agree with this program except liberal O’Reilly. 

First off Laura is concerned about breaking up the families of the illegals. So the solution is to deport the entire family including their anchor babies. Anchor baby rendition is brought to you by liberals and not a part of the constitution. An executive order can change that in a heart beat. 

If the countries won’t take back their illegals then the spineless politicians would ban all visas from those countries and stop sending aid. Let them all go to Cuba  and Venezuela to work. 

What Kirsten seems to forget is that these youngsters and others will be procreating like rabbits and guppies in a few short years. Some of the females already have a bun in the oven. How convenient! So it is simple if we have reached our legal quota of legals, we deport all these illegal  families back to where they came from and we send the bill for the costs of doing so to the country of origin. 

People don’t understand that under the Clintons they increased the national debt by $1.5 trillion dollars. People talk about a surplus. If you spend the surplus and do not pay down the national debt, then there is nothing to brag about. Most of the zombie voters think that Clinton paid off the entire national debt. But in reality or on make believe paper he raised the national debt another $1.5 trillion dollars just like President Bush! 

Laura says we should punish the employers who intentionally  hire these illegals. That is always a problem. Deporting the folks immediately would be much more effective. The liberals will say that since the illegal was hired, they have a right to stay here and have their kids go to our schools for FREE.  Treat them like criminals and deport them in 7 days or less. If we make a mistake, they can always appeal the decision while standing on the other side of the fence. 

 Lastly Laura wants some kind of control on illegals signing leases and other legal documents. So I guess we need another form “xyz” that needs to be filled out with the lease stating that the people signing the legal documents are legal folks. Again all costs to prosecute and deport should be sent to the country of origin. 

I believe the visa system should be adjusted.. Millions of visas are granted each and every year. No more visas should be granted until the visas are returned. In other words if the visa holder leaves the country or dies, that frees up another visa that is allowed to be granted. If the person becomes a citizen then the visa is again free to be used by someone else. If the visa holder fails to renew the visa, that person is considered illegal and once discovered they will be deported with family at the expense of the country of origin. So let’s give them a 30 day grace of  period.  The liberals will probably argue for a year! But if your visa is not up to snuff, then out the door you go! 

That is it folks. Don’t need a fence, you just need politicians that have the guts to pass laws like this and to fire all the liberal judges. If the Clintons and Obamas keep sending our jobs to other countries and  to allow for millions of illegals to enter this country some with drugs, the American citizens will be forced to pay dearly. 

So let’s allow Kirsten to be normal and lean more to the right without being fired. Otherwise she sounds like a nut. And just maybe if we want a woman president we should start with Laura and not a lying sack of tomatoes like Hillary. 

It is a Democracy of sorts, you might as well make your vote count! Maybe the illegals should be sent home with a book on how to prosper with capitalism under the guise of a democracy. They work so hard to get into this country illegality, why don’t they use the energy to make their country great as well as the United States of America!

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