Is Today the Start?

The shootings in Alexandria Virginia today have caused a great concern on both sides of the aisle. The media, Hollywood, and the anarchists of the Soros and Obamas movements have caused this. The political left has caused rhetoric and actions to explode because of the intense hatred the progressive/socialists have for the Trump administration. Is it any wonder that an unstable leftist decided it was time to take action?

From healthcare to climate change, these animals have spread through the media and the social media that Trump and the Republicans are on a path to killing the children . Well known and once respected leftists that consider themselves the intellectuals of this country that the GOP is a criminal gang bent on destroying our country.

This isn’t new. During the campaign we heard Joe Biden declare that the Republicans wanted to put blacks back in chains. We hear from members of Congress that the Republicans want people to die when the repeal and replace Obamacare. And some of those in major positions of power have prayed for Republicans the their family members to contract long painful illnesses and die.

No media reports from the Mainstream media spoke a word about Tim Kaine the losing vice-presidential candidate or Loretta Lynch, the past corrupt Attorney General under Obama declared that the fight must be taken to the streets, and in the case of Lynch, calling for blood to run in the streets. Hollywood has called for the assassination of not only Trump, but ALL Republicans. We have college professors who are calling for violence against all who disagree with them.

And what do the progressive/socialist Democrats do, they tweet about gun control, and how this man should not have a gun. They take little notice of the two capitol Hill police heroes who saved the lives of many others who were there.  Virginia gun laws are stringent, in spite of what David Frum and all the partisans lies about no background checks or the sale of firearms.

What the progressive/socialist Democrats has wished for has happened. Celebrating in the real world about the death or assassination of any President is despicable and those who partake in it should face consequences. Free speech does not include wishing violence on anyone. From Kathy Griffin to the play in New York Public Theater, to the video of Snoop Dogg shooting a “clown” Trump in the head  has set off a genie that can not be put back in the bottle. Sarah Silverman, that pillar of ignorance called for a violent coup to overthrow this government, why is she not in jail? I have a question for those bleeding heart liberals that are laughing at all this. What if these disgusting attacks on the President and Republicans in general, what if this was done to Obama?

The progressive/socialists who find themselves in exile will stop at nothing to regain power. “By Any Means Necessary” is a group that the Democrats have worked with. It is among the myriad organizations that are Soros funded that the Democrats advocate to cause damage to our culture and a hatred of the country and it’s people that is deep and visceral, and unrelenting. Many will not admit it, but there is a minority among the left that will willfully use violence and murder to advance the goals they continue to push on America.

Of course, Think Progress,  one of George Soros major anarchist organizations continues to say there is no evidence that there is violence at any town halls and Republicans are not being targeted, even though there are multiple videos showing the planning and execution of such attacks.

Republicans have been on the receiving end of violence in a political culture where they are portrayed as Fascists by those who are attempting to shut down those who disagree with them. Virginia Representative Tom Garrett has not only been threatened himself, but his family have been targeted by death threats. A Tucson Unified Scholl District was arrested for threats against Arizona Representative Martha McSally telling her “her days were numbered”. In Tennessee Wendi Wright tried to run Republican Congressman David Kustoff off the road and was sympathetically reported on by Buzzfeed even though all she received was one year probation. Representative Kevin Cramer was assaulted in North Dakota at a town hall. In February a 71 year old female volunteer for California Representative Dana Rohrbacher was knocked unconscious by activists while in the office of the representative.

A Portland Rose parade was cancelled because these anarchists demanded Republicans not be allowed to participate. The group responsible for the threat was whose goal is to providing communications and and resources to those engaged in struggles against capitalism and other forms of oppression.

Secret Service needs to look at social media and close down these leftist sites that advance, admire and condone violence. Groups like “Terminate the Republican Party “ which the shooter was a member of had a post of

“And it’s one, two, three shots you’re out at the old ball game”

The shooter was a Berine Sanders supporter but this can not be put on Bernie Sanders. Although I disagree with Mr. Sanders and the direction he wants this country to go, I have never heard Mr. Sanders condone violence like many other members of his cohorts in Congress. Although we diverge on the way we govern, the political and savge hate that emanates from those on the other side, the media and academia must understand that they are need to be responsible for the violence and that this must stop before it goes further. Scalise was an NRA supporter and there are those on line, on Twitter and other social sites that are using his NRA membership as a reason for this attack.

Will this be the start of a civil war by those who feel they can do whatever they want and the people like Soros, the academia, the mainstream media, and anarchists groups will continue to cover for them. Too many patriots are getting angry. If those on the left including the politicians who are attempting to destroy this country continue, there will be a vast wasteland of violence that will stream across this country. If they continue to push for was, they will get one. Be careful what you ask for, you just may get it.

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