Is Trump as Much of a Brat as Obama?

Is Trump as Much of a Brat as Obama?


By Dr. Phil Taverna


Trump has been around a long time. But the question absent from the arena is he a NYC Brat and will he be worse to deal with than Obama.


Everyone thought Obama was going to be the Hope and Change president and there was little hope and little change left in the Treasury when he was done!


But what scares me more is all the RINO‘s endorsing Trump.


To start with Trump has contributed millions to all politicians. Liberals, conservatives. You have to ask what was he doing. He was buying up influence from all the whores he could find. And most of these politicians will take money from anyone… Until they get caught doing so. Trump didn’t plan years ago that he wanted to be president. He just knew he had a shot if all he had to do was beat Hillary. Hillary has so much baggage that she is lucky if she can get out of the convention. Obama promised all the blacks and minorities the world and Arpege and delivered nothing. The only thing that Obama has for a legacy is 2 Liberal Supreme Court Justices and hundreds of liberals judges. That doesn’t equate to money in the pockets of minorities and Blacks. And the Blacks don’t seem to be in favor of illegal immigrants and all these Muslim refugees taking scant jobs away from them. And if it is only handouts they are after, there is only so much to go around.


But Trump is special. And as a businessman he has accomplished great things. So his father started him out with $175 Million but still there are a lot of spoiled rich kids that couldn’t make change for a five dollar bill. Never mind turning it into billions.


But Trump is a brat. If Obama didn’t get his way, he would punish the press. He would get on his soap box and preach in a condescending attitude and manner to the masses. It wasn’t long at all before the masses realized they had a loser as president. And they began to put Republicans by the hundreds in the House and Senate at the Federal level and the State level. And that made Obama even more desperate. Instead of working with a democratic government, he was going to be dictator Obama and rule by Memo and Executive orders. You would not expect less from a brat!


This may have made Lady Obama and Barack feel good, but it hurt his favorability ratings which are skewed and hurt the Democratic party as well. Where did poor Weiner go. And Hillary wrote that if elected she would put that NYC brat in her administration.


Trump being a brat may be a good thing as long as he fights for the right things. But lets look at his history. He has his name on a bunch of buildings. He has had a lot of failures. But to build these buildings he needed to bribe the folks that let him build these buildings. If that is so, do all these campaign contributions amount to bribes to the whores of  out political system?  So who owes whom what? And how much?


In the debates, Trump really does not make intelligent arguments. He acts like a brat. And in essence he halts the discussion on important issues. It is entertaining. But he can’t seem to get more than a third of the vote, so he does not represent the majority of the party. And how much of the primary is tainted with votes not coming from Republicans.


It is not the first time the nomination went to losers. To name a few, Dole, Gore, Romney, McCain, Dukakis, and Kerry. So to be Clinton.


When you get a phony like Christie endorsing Trump, red lights should go off everywhere. First off it was Christie that couldn’t say anything bad about Obama. Hurricane Sandy pretty much sunk the election for Romney. Christie forbade Romney from collecting campaign money in NJ before the election and didn’t invite Romney to NJ during the crisis. It brought Romney’s campaign to a screeching halt a few weeks before a national election. And did Obama promise Christie that he would not run anyone formidable against Christie in his upcoming election. Does anyone recall the name Barbara Buono?  Not much was spent by Democrats in that election. So who is playing whom?


That is always a concern when these folks start endorsing Trump. Do they really think they are going to get a cabinet position in the Trump administration? Would you really want to work for another brat like Obama. Does he have something over these endorsers. Do the endorsers need his future contributions? You might want to ask how come either party can’t get the best to run and win. Is Hillary really the best you can do? Or is it automatic if you are the loser the last time. Ask Johnny McCain? The Democrats think they can beat Trump with Hillary. So who is supporting Trump?


When Trump comes on O’Reilly, he is a bit different. He says he is going to change the anchor baby rule. He is going to export 12 million illegal immigrants. And he is going to wipe out the families of the terrorists we find in this country. This all sounds wonderful, but how is he going to accomplish this.


Remember it was Obama who ran with a bunch of smoke and mirrors and Oprah. And he has been a clear disaster and the worse president in the history of this great country.


And people believed Obama. He was going to give everyone healthcare and the costs of healthcare would go down. Either he lied or he is the stupidest president we ever had.


Again my concern is are we being played. Clinton would never have been president if it wasn’t for Perot. And Clinton was clearly an embarrassment and never paid  down a dime of the debt. But he did have time to steal the w’s off the keyboards.


And the voting public can do dumb things, but the voting majority should be able to pick a winner you can be proud of. It appears that we all are being played. The politicians seem to get richer, the rest seem to be saddled with taxes and outrageous debt.


Christie wanted to screw up Social Security which he considered an entitlement. And this is the same guy that endorsed Trump. That would worry me, it should worry you. Christie was elected to one of the most liberal states in the union, why would you trust his endorsement for a candidate who is supposed to be wink, wink a conservative. And the pundits claimed this endorsement would help Trump. Really?


Before we let another liberal in the Whitehouse, we might want to ask Trump particulars. I don’t care about the pretty and awesome door he will build. I want specifics. On day one what is the first thing you (Trump) are going to do to round up the illegals. And tell O’Reilly you don’t need to remove 12 million. Once a million are gone and they know the government means business, they will head for the border. The liberal media now says there are only one million illegals in the country. The next thing they are going to say is global warming and climate change is real. Just ask DiCaprio… A real climatologist.


Whose pulling the strings.  There are a lot of  similarities to Obama and Trump.  The libs and the Kennedy’s dropped Hillary like she was radioactive.  Years latter she is now smarter than Obama!


The system needs to be fixed. The whole primary system can be easily tampered with. Primaries should occur on one day, just like election day. It would save a ton of money and make it much more difficult for the people behind the scenes to play games.  Aren’t you tired of being played! Just in secret service protection alone we would save a fortune!


After Obama was elected, the liberal dopes that supported him, realized they didn’t know who they elected. I think Oprah was dumbstruck to say the least.


When you clowns elect Trump, I don’t want to hear someone on Fox News telling us we don’t know who Trump is and what he will do.


The answer is simple. Ask him the specifics now, not in December.


It is time we elect real people. Not images of phonies that will some how save the world magically. Remember people fainted and Obama could walk on water. It is time we elect a leader using common sense, rather than a lot of hot air!


I will take a brat with common sense any day!




It might be wise for Rubio and Cruz to join forces. Cruz prez and Rubio vp would knock Trump and Christie out of the box!

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