Is Trump Wrong about a Brokered Convention!

Is Trump Wrong about a Brokered Convention!


By Dr. Phil Taverna


There is a lot of talk about a brokered convention. Trump the genius actually thinks there will be a revolt if he does not get the nomination. Why is the liberal media and other pundits silent about Cruz. Not much talk about the winner take all states and how the Trump numbers were not all that great.


Also what do they mean that the winner will have the majority of delegates or the most delegates?


Well lets start with last Tuesday’s numbers (March 15) .


Ohio:  Kasich won 66 delegates. And the rest of the field excluding Trump and including Kasich had 59.5% of the vote. There is no likelihood that these delegates will vote for Trump on the first or second ballot at the convention. And at 36% why should they?


But you don’t hear anything about the real numbers. If Kasich and Rubio dropped out before March 15, Cruz more than likely would have over 50% of the vote. At least more than Trump!


Big question surfaces why didn’t Rubio drop out before the 15th. He knew he wasn’t going to win. Why are the wheels of injustice spinning to make Trump the nominee and not someone else. And why would they want someone that has a little more than a third of the votes as the nominee. And are the wheels of injustice in the best interest of the Republican party or the Democrat party.


Illinois: Trump 39% Cruz 30%, non Trump 59%. Missing 10% somewhere in wheel land. If  Trump gets 69 delegates,  after the first vote will they all still be required to vote for Trump. Probably not. That is why a margin of error is built into the system. Some might call it wiggle room.


Florida: Trump 46%, Non-Trump 50.9%


North Carolina: Trump 40%, Cruz 38.8, Non-Trump 57%. Not much talk about the Delegates Cruz earned in this state. After the first vote at the convention who will vote for whom. Not much said about the close race. Maybe if his name was Sanders it would be different.


Missouri:  Trump 41% Cruz 40.6%, Non Trump 56.8%. Again no mention about how close this race was. And If Kasich and Little Marco had dropped out a week earlier the bylines and headlines would be different.


So the big question is going to be after the first vote at the convention who are the delegates obligated to vote for. Hopefully Trump and Cruz official delegates they won in proportional states would more likely than not vote for Trump and Cruz. But what about all the others. (That could be in the neighborhood of 30%)


At the debate, Trump stated that the nominee with the most delegates should win. How does he mean that? The one with the most or the one with the majority. If you do the math, that could be a big difference. One that will not include Trump as a nominee.


And the pundits seem to think that Trump or Cruz will not have the majority by the opening bell of the convention.


So the question is if Trump has the most delegates but does not have the majority does he win. By definition the nominee must have a majority of the delegates. That is where they get that special number from. If we were liberals we would change the rules.


But the rules were made to insure that the nominee is accepted by the majority of the delegates. And the unknown is after the first vote who will get the majority. By that time hopefully it is only a 2 way race. But Kasich is like liberal leprosy. He wants to be there at the end and he thinks he will have some input.


It was funny when President F. Pierce was nominated by the Democrats, he didn’t even run in the primary. No candidate could get the majority, so the majority compromised on Pierce who eventually won.


It appears that this convention fight will be a Trump and non-Trump fight.   And in reality Cruz will have way more delegates than Trump. The liberals and Fox News seem to think that there will be more “anger” if Trump does not win. And a third party candidate will come forward. I think Trump would be a real fool if he runs as a third party candidate. And he will end his political career quickly. Following in the footsteps of losers like Bloomberg and Lindsey.


The whole purpose of the convention is to pick the candidate that can represent the majority of the party which is represented by the majority of the delegates. And unless something earth shattering occurs, Trump will not have the majority. And I believe these winner take all states will backfire on Trump.


But my concern is the lack of publicity for Cruz. Obviously if you weren’t paying close attention and just reading the headlines, you would think Trump and Hillary had a great day. The lack of mentioning of Cruz winning the CPAC straw poll received no publicity. But the fact that The Donald was  uninvited to speak was big news.


People should pay more attention. Some how when Cruz wins the nomination, the liberal media will be the first to throw the dirt. They will say the Donald was robbed. They will claim there will be a revolt. Only liberals revolt. Only liberals call Cruz …Satan.


And I don’t hear anyone talking about the real outcome of this convention. Already today we hear about delegates being bought. Maybe we shouldn’t mention Hillary’s super delegates.


But most of these delegates are politicians, after the partying, carousing and cheering it is their duty to pick who the majority of the party wants to put in the Whitehouse.

It is not so much if they can beat the Democrat. That is the easy part, just keep bragging about the Job Obama did on the middle class. And all the liberal yahoos he has put on the Bench!


It is true all of the 30% may not go to Cruz. But all he needs is the majority of the 30% to win. Some will call it politics as usual. But will less people stay home if Cruz runs instead of Trump. Romney lost because people stayed home, not because Obama earned more votes! Who suffered because of Obama’s second term?


But we do deserve the best candidate who has been truthful and consistent. And looks presidential!


The only people revolting will be those supporting the Democrat nominee. And you have to wonder why?





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