Islamic Alliances Past and Future Part 1

The Muslim religion has been described by its adherents as the way to live and prosper in Gods word. Alliances have been made with the Islamic religion through the centuries to various ends, alliances that Muslims and apologists will tell you never happened because of the purity of the religion they follow. Apologists state that it is a religion of peace, and that “jihad” is just the constant struggle of living the life that they profess. We can start in the last century to look at just what the Islamic principles are, and with whom they formed alliances, from then to now, and where they have taken the “religion of peace”
Hitler was known to favor the Muslim culture, and was quite taken with a religion that believed in spreading the faith by violently subjugating the world to the one faith. Hitler was said to have been impressed by Arab claims that stated that the world would have been subjugated in the 8th century AD if the Muslims have been able to win the battle of Tours. Hitler assumed that German Superiority would have won out, and that the world would ultimately become a world in which Islamic Germans could have ruled, having dispatched of the Islamists themselves. There were commonalities between the Germans and Jews, as expressed to Khalid al-Hud al-Gargani, the special envoy to Hitler from Saudi Arabia ibn Suad, the ruler at that time. Both possessed a deep visceral hatred of the Jews, including the ousting of the Jews from Palestine. At the time, most of the Middle East was under European power, something which tried to hold back Muslim imperialism. It was Hitlers contention, that although he viewed the Arabs as an inferior Semitic Race, they could be used by the Reich to gain control of the Middle East. The Mufti Hal Amin al-husseini was granted “honorary Aryan Status” because of his collaboration with Hitlers Third Reich. There were other collaborations undertaken by the Arab-Nazi alliance. Such as the overthrow of the British abd al-Ilah regime in Iraq that installed a pro Axis government and the Arab revolt in Palestine from 1936-1939. At the time of the coup, Hitler issued “The Furher Directive 30” claiming that the Arab Freedom Movement in the Middle east was an ally against England.
Another complicating factor was the aspirations of the Jews to a homeland of their own. This only caused the Arab-Nazi collaboration to intensify due the both having a deep hatred of the Jews. The Reich hoped to use the Arab Freedom movement to tie down English forces in the Middle East.

The ability to lump all Arabs together into a single group is a lesson in futility. There are many different Arab groups, from Nationalists to fundamentalists. Many are Marxists, some are liberals in the Arab sense of the word. There were Arabs who looked at Nazism as racist, even though both groups planned for the Jewish culture to be wiped out. Even so, Syria gave Hitler the name of Abu Ali, and Egypt called Hitler Muhammad Haidar .
The Mufti, after the Kristalnacht pogrom of 1938, wrote to the Nazi leaders, Ribbentrop, Himmler and Hitler to prevent the emigration of Eastern European Jews to Palestine. It was at this time that the policy of Nazi Germany was to send the German Jews to Palestine. With the pleadings of the Mufti still on their minds, this is when the Germans decided on curtailing sending German Jews to Palestine, and the mass extermination of Jews began. It was also at this time that Hitler promised to send Wehrmacht across the Caucasus to liberate the Arabs from English rule.After the war, the Grand Mufti of Jerusalem, Haj Amin al-hisseini escaped to Cairo, and proceeded to use Hitlers program of genocide to the Arab world.After the war, The mufti became mentor to Yasser Arafat, believed to be his nephew, and Gen, Tufah Khariallah, the future father in law of Saddam Hissein.
In November 1943, upon learning of the “Final Solution” implemented by the Nazis, the Mufti proclaimed “ It is the duty of every Mohammadan and Arab to drive all Jews from Arab Countries.Germany has very clearly recognized a difinitve solution for the Jewish danger that will eliminate the scourge that the Jews represent.
The Mufti was also responsible for a pogrom in Iraq known as the Farhud leading to the deaths of Jews. The Farhud was reportedly carried out by a group called the Futuwwa youth group, a group of youth modeled on the Hitler youth groups and commanded by Saib Shawkatm the Iraqi minister of education.
The Grand Mufti, Haj Amin al-husseini help the Nazis recruit soldiers from Muslim Waffen SS Units in the Balkans. A division of 10,000 Muslim volunteers was raised, to be called the 13th Waffen SS Mountain Division HANDSCHAR, the curved knife, or handschar was the emblem for the division.

There were other collaborators. Hassan al-Bannam the founder of the Muslim Brotherhood in 1928 shared common interests with the Nazi anti Jewish policies and actively worked to bring such policies to fruition.
Today, after all the decades of failures, the Islamic world for the most part, still adhere to the same socialist tendencies. In 2008, in Cologne, an anti Islamization conference was broken up by German authorities. The counter demonstration accused those at the meeting of being Nazis and racists.The rights of those who do not accede to the radical takeover of Europe have a right to be heard. Those in leaderships positions of both the German administration and such persons in the Muslim community all say they want to live peacefully with the German citizenry. And yet, Sheikh Qaradawi have openly stated to intention of the Arab world to Islamize Europe, and bend it to sharia law. The mosques in Germany have been used to foment jihad and the governments of Europe either do not understand it must be stopped. Germany has since suffered through stoning, the denial of freedom of speech, honor killings, and institutional discrimination. The stated goal of the Muslim Brotherhood is to infiltrate the governments of Europe, and use our laws against us to cause the collapse of western ways of thinking. This is beginning to be seen in America as well.
Islam also has ties to communism deeply held within its policies. The late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries saw a group of farmers, peasants and bourgeoisie found the Waisi movement in Tartarstan. This movement founded by Bahawetdin Waisey ws a religious and political movement that promoted disobedience to law in order to follow the Quran and sharia law. Despite going underground after Waiseys arrest, increased in size after the first Russian Revolution of 1905-07, and in 1917 was part of the Red Army during the Russian civil war. Disbanded in the 1930’s, the sect was largely wiped out during the Great Purge,
Islamic Marxism has been tied to the 1979 Iranian revolution, with Islamic Marxists believing that the needs of society can be met through Islam. Although not holding the tenets of socialism on materialism and the Marxist views of religion, groups like the Peoples Mujahadeen of Iran are considered in the socialist sphere/
The difference between socialism and Islam in almost all cases is the fact that where Socialism givers all right, production and abilities to the state, making the state the final arbiter in all aspect of like. Islam uses religion. Both communism and Islam have the same definition of peace. Both define peace as a lack of disagreement or opposition. Only when all conform, then, and only then, can peace be achieved. Another factor in the similarities is that both will use propaganda and lies to further the cause. The concepts of Taqiyya aand Hudna are Islamic concepts that justify the lies told to those that are non Islamic. Lies, propaganda, and broken treaties, of which Hudna is one aspect are all permissible if it leads to the furthering of the Islamic religion.
Next: the Islamic revolutions to come, and Islamic environmentalism.

John Velisek USN (Ret.)

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