Islamic Alliances Past and Future Part 3

Islamists and Marxists do not differ very much in the means to attain their goals. Both will accelerate the usage of “useful Idiots” to badger and harass those who disagree. Muslims are not averse to using the Palestinians, as Marxists have academia, and government officials to use. Both are a means to and end, the construction of a tyranny that cannot be broken, a totalitarian government that can be used to enrich themselves at the expense of the masses.

They both make no mystery of what they are trying to accomplish. The Quran, the holy book of the Islamists, written by an illiterate who is claimed to have gotten messages from angels to rule the world, and Marxism, Das Kapital, written by a man who never worked because he was supported by profits from a textile factory both have the need to dispel any indifference or objections to what they feel is a world where those left alive will be in bliss. Both feel that they know better than, and are of higher moral stature than the common man. They are willing to sacrifice others for the goals they wish to achieve. After all is said and done, they are totalitarian regimes willing to sacrifice the followers for the good of the elite, a seizing of power in its most basic form.
That is why, the Left does not appear as a threat to Islam, as Islam will not appear as a threat to the Left until they are the only two entities left. Communism and Nazism attained a balance in World War 2, only to fall apart after Hitler decided it was time to take on Communism as well. This was an effort that almost worked, and only the ruthless commands of Stalin, with help from the United States would vanquish the German killing machine.
This Red-Green alliance is a threat to free society everywhere, and the individual freedoms that we enjoy are an anathema to the vision they have for the world. These freedoms are continually under assault, and combined with a loss of control by the alliance is the reason for terrorism today. It is an evil, and aggressive lust for power that keeps the regimes alive.

Today, there are many groups in the United States that could be classified as the “useful idiots for either of these regimes. The People for the American Way promotes Islamist principles including taquiyya, and muruna, It was PFAW who attempted to smear Michelle Bachman when she brought to the attention of the American Public the infiltration of our Government by Muslim Brotherhood members, a fact that should concern all Americans. What is difficult to understand is the fact that top Republicans such as John McCain, Marco Rubio, Lindsey Graham and even the Heads of the Homeland Security Subcommittee Jim Sensenbrenner have all either ignored or denounced Bachmann. Republicans will follow the PC of Islamism and not name any challenges this country faces. Of special concern is Huma Abedin, known to have Muslim Brotherhood ties ( read here:
And here ( makes clear that the infiltration is ongoing.

One of the aspects of the infiltration is “Hijra” the immigration forced upon the country by Obamas “Welcoming America” program which is being used to bring in Third World refugees wh0o are being informed that they do not need to assimilate, and all the expenses of bringing them here, the housing, the food, the ability to live here is being borne by the American taxpayer. Our government is using our money to destroy or as Obama puts it to “fundamentally transform” our country.

Another such person is Zakiyah Ansari, a Muslim woman on Bill DeBlasio’s transition team for her opposition to charter schools. This same woman, who will not allow the repair of failing schools, and with a vocal opposition to charter schools recently received an award from the Communist Party of the USA after DeBlasios victory. The award was given for her fight against “racism” a term used as a catch all against the people of this country by both Islamists and Communists, in an attempt to silence opposition.

There are useful idiots everywhere. Al Gore, our former Vice President who sold his Current TV to Al Jazeera to give them a foothold in this country has admired Islam for environmental reasons. All religions have ties to the environment, but Islam is the religion that claims to have been given control over the Earth by God. Naturist in nature, Allah is said to be the male consort of Allat, the earth goddess/ This way of thinking, has lead to the diminution of man and the exalting of animals in the Islam religion. Man is given a backseat to the earth and animals as seen in both Islam and the environmental movement. It was once said by the president of People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals Ingrid Newkirk, a rat is a dog is a pig is a boy., signifying that she feels that all are on a common level. Man should have no special rights. Even today we see groups trying to give animals the right enjoyed by man. This is a concerted effort to force man to focus on the collective nature of the totalitarian regimes where man is made a servant to the state with no more rights than any animal.
Mayor Bloombergs office had its own radical Muslim activist by the name of Abdul Matin the author of Green Deen: What Islam teaches about Protecting the Planet. Population control is paramount, to the point that only children born after another has died will be allowed to live. Add to this the eugenics of such people as Margaret Sanger, the founder of Planned Parenthood who addressed the KKK with the notion of using abortion to remove black and defectives from our society and you can understand why we face the challenges of today. Matin was also a member of “Green for All” an organization founded to promote “green energy” in government, a government boondoggle wasting millions of dollars founded by avowed Communist Van Jones, once a member of Obamas cabinet. Over 40 companies that were given money by the Government in the “Green Energy” initiative have failed and gone bankrupt, costing the taxpayer of this country billions of dollars. In the book, Matin describes the Caliphate and the word “caliphah” as “steward”, an term in high usage by environmentalists. The true meaning of the word in the Muslim word is the tyranny of sharia law, violence and a totalitarian form of rule.

There is no end to the Islamic conquest, and if the Islamists can use environmental policies to further degrade the American way of life, it will further the conquest, allowing the Islamists to push Americans into the theocracy of Islamic law.
Keith Ellison, an Islamist in our government has been known to praise Hamas, worked with communist front groups such as the National Layers Guild and has praised the like of Louis Farrakhan and the Nation of Islam, which just called today for an army of 10,000 to kill those who they feel are the reason why the black Muslim has not moved forward. An anti-semite Farrakhan and his Nation of Islam are also eco-fascists.
Why the sudden, overarching push by the EPA for environmental rules which this administration have allowed to progress without Congressional oversight. We need look no further than Dr. Aziz Saddiqi, the proponent of the EPA’s expanding powers.

Environmentalism has become a quasi religion to many. Islam will continue to use the worries and concerns that are forced on the American people and the world of apocalyptic scenarios to further the goals of the monotheism of religion on the unsuspecting “useful Idiots” . It could be said that they will not allow capitalism and environmentalism to coexist. At this point, hugging a tree could get you killed.

John Velisek USN (Ret.)
Twitter: sjspecialist

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