Islamic Alliances Past and Future Pt. 2

Written in 2002, an alliance was discussed in the French newspaper Le Figaro in an article written by Alexandre del Valle. Described as the red- green-brown alliance it referred to the antisemitic and anti-American alliances formed within ideological trends of the war machine of the Islamic front. The red part of this alliance is the socialistic groups currently in vogue at our universities and media, the green the Islamists of the Middle East and the browns, the Ultranationalists, the anti American and anti-Semites of Europe.
Aided and abetted by our own government, the radicals and Muslim foundations are using the refugee resettlement of immigrants from Syria, and other Muslim countries without any vetting of those being brought to our country. This is a major victory of strategy for Obamas “fundamental transformation of our country. Academia is taking part by trying to discredit every part of the history of the United States. From calling the term “American” being considered discriminatory and problematic, to assisting these non vetted immigrants with skirting the law for welfare benefits. These immigrants are allowed to live in their own areas, going as far as allowing these areas to follow sharia law, and even to run their own courts. No longer are immigrants, particularly from Islamic countries encouraged to assimilate, allowing “Hijra” a willingness to support or engage in terrorism in a foreign land to subvert the culture. Federal contractors are paid millions in resettlement contracts without Congressional oversight and non-profits are paid by entities such as the Open Society Institute of George Soros, one of the many foundation fronts used by Soros and others to subvert the American government for monetary gain.

The “Welcoming America” program put in place by Obama without Congressional approval is being used to send these refugees, including those from Islamic terrorist countries throughout the country in order to try and quiet those who resist. One of the prominent organizations in the United States is the People for the American Way, the same organization that used the Islamist agenda to slander Michelle Bachmann when she started asking questions. Along with many Republicans such as John McCain, Lindsey Graham, Mike Rogers and Jim Sensenbrenner, Bachmann was effective in bringing this to the front, but in reaction to her questions, the PFAW and the politicians in the pockets of such groups, attempted to have her taken off the Intelligence committee in the House. With virtually no one but people like Frank Gaffney and Andrew McCarthy pushing forward to get to the truth, and the medias cooperation, the subject has been hidden from the average American.

There are specific steps that those in the forefront of the red-green movement will always take to silence critics. First is an inundation of invective of those that ask questions or point out that the direction this administration has taken is dangerous to the culture of this country. First, especially effective in Europe is to be called as “Fascist” or “Nazi”, in America you are either called a “racist” or “Islamophobe” a term started by the Muslim Brotherhood a few years ago, and picked up by the compliant media. Sheikh Qaradawi has already spoken of how the Islamization of Europe will continue. The Archbishop of Cologne Joachim Meisner is warning the citizens of Cologne of areas where they should no longer go due to the spread of Islamic Sharia law. And in France women are being attacked for wearing bikinis in a park or on the beach. These attacks have not resulted in any jail terms for the assailants, sh0owing once again the abject poverty of fairness while the world bows down to Islamic dictates.
Islam is not alone in the attempt to destroy the culture and traditions of our world, by their side are the socialists. The Muslim socialists believe that the basic tenets of the Quran, economic and social equality” are the same principles as basic socialism, and anti-imperialism roots pertain to both socialism and Islam.
There are two forms of socialism attributed to Islam, the far left a secular movement that adheres more to the Marxist aspects of socialism, and the far right that believes in social justice, a slippery term that can mean whatever its adherents want and more tied to the revival of Islamic principles including the implementation of Sharia. There have been many notable Muslim socialists, among them Gamel Abul Nasser ( past president of Egypt), Sukarno (first president of Indonesia), Zulfikar Ali Bhutto ( Prime minster of Pakistan), Yasser Arafat (former Chairman of the PLO) and others too numerous to mention here.
The government has been telling us since September 11, 2001 that Islam is a peaceful religion and values peace as all other religions do. Not mentioned is that Islam replaces the government, but in the same way that this administration is attempting involves itself in the everyday life of the citizens, it is the Islamic religion that is the final arbiter in every aspect of life. Both Communism and Islam elites are the ones who discern what the citizenry is to believe and determine who will follow the strict laws and who will be excused from the laws that the elites make.
The Islamization of America continues without media or government intervention. In fact, the media and state and local governments are helping to speed the rate at which this Islamization is taking place. The Progressives in New York city, under Mayor Bill deBlasio made the decision to disband the NYPD intelligence unit that had been gathering intelligence from the Muslim community in the wake of terror threats and actual attacks in the city. This is based on a carefully contrived ignorance on the part of the authorities of this country. A borough president in Brooklyn actually stated that it made no more sense to look for terrorists in Mosques than it did look for them in Catholic churches. It is the progressives disdain for the major religions in the country, Catholicism and Judaism, that pushes them to allow Muslim sensitivities to come to the forefront. It is a major reason why airports must have washing stations for Muslims, why Catholic hospitals must have separate room for Muslims to pray, and various other accommodations made for those of Islamic faith. It is the progressives knee jerk reaction to blame America and our society in general that allows them to have the antipathy they do towards the Islamization of America. It goes as far now that CNN has called for a need to legitimize Hamas and to find a way to unify the Middle East around Iran as our President is attempting to do with the capitulation to the Iranians on the nuclear deal.
The progressives declare themselves for human rights, for the individual, for such deviants as transgender, homosexuality, and anti war. This is not nothing new, it Has always been the first step in socialism, and once the revolution is won, the far right vanquished, no longer a viable force to stop the implementation of socialism, the first to go is anyone on the far right. The second? Those not of the elite class, those anti war protestors and all the others would be the second to face firing squads. Think not? Look at the Revolution in the Soviet Union, or the revolution in France. All will be considered enemies of the State. The only difference between communism and Islam is in Islam, it is the religious dictates that performs the same function. Both are totalitarian regimes based on the gullibility of the masses that can be led to slaughter. It is all for those of the elites in charge to gain control, control of the money, the people and filled with greed and corruption.

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John Velisek USN (Ret.)
Twitter: sjspecialist

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