Islam’s Holy War and the Suicidal Cowardice of the West

Following the recent atrocities in France committed by devout Muslims waging jihad for Islam, both the French islamjihadPresident Francois Hollande and his Prime Minister Manuel Valls stated that Europe is at war with terror. Indeed, Monsieur Valls went as far to say that the French people must now learn to live with terror.

Both of these politicians are prime examples of the spineless, fantasy driven, self-serving political pygmies who infest the governments of Western nations in the twenty-first century.  Of course they’re right in saying the West is at war. Unfortunately, neither they nor any other Western leader has the courage to even name the enemy never mind understand the nature of it.

In his acclaimed book “The Art of War”, Sun Tzu states the first vital step to take is to know your enemy. You can’t successfully wage war against an enemy you don’t understand. Yet faced with Islamic jihad, western politicians not only lack the will to name and understand the enemy. They’re determined to deny it even exists and go to extraordinary lengths to convince their people it doesn’t exist too.

History proves the enemy really does exist. It’s a very dangerous enemy and it’s been waging holy war non-stop for 1400 years. It’s a cunning enemy who wages war against the West and it understands the weakness of its foe. Not only is it emboldened by the rank cowardice of its enemy. It also continues to land blow after crippling blow with nary a whimper of resistance.

Rather than acknowledge reality, the leaders of the West take refuge in the land of make believe. Filled with a pious pomposity, they tell their people that “The terrorists mustn’t win. We mustn’t let hate divide us, we must show solidarity”.  Can you imagine Sir Winston Churchill responding to the threat of Adolf Hitler’s Nazi war machine in such a fainthearted manner?  But instead of wise leaders who understand the nature of the enemy and the futility of appeasement, the West is led by self-righteous know-it-alls who believe they know what motivates the enemy better than the enemy itself does.

In their make-believe kaleidoscopic world, mujahideen waging jihad fisabilillah aren’t motivated by the sacred texts of Islam such as the Quran commanding Muslims to wage war against infidels. Nor are they motivated by the “perfect example” of their prophet Muhammad, a warlord who started the jihad against unbelievers in 622. In the minds of Western leaders, these soldiers of Allah are merely terrorists who want to divide people and fill them with hate. Their diabolical actions have nothing to do with Islam, so show solidarity and if you’re one of the expendable victims hit by terror, never mind, we’ll learn to live with it.

As these wretched milksops demand their people show solidarity to stop the “terrorists” from winning, the way of life in the West changes. Police armed to the teeth and resembling a military force patrol cities and airports. Check-in for a flight now involves a number of security checks including body-frisks and the indignity of body-scanners. Jewelry, shoes and belts must be removed, contents of pockets emptied. Public events are cancelled because of the terrorist threat and even schools will cancel Christmas celebrations out of fear of offending Muslims.

Governments tell their people to be on alert and to have no hesitation to report something they believe to be suspicious. Yet those who do report suspicious activity may face prosecution for racism or Islamophobia if they do. Ridiculous doesn’t quite hit the mark does it?

And woe betide any brave individual who sees through the Emperor’s new rainbow clothes and dares to speak the truth about what Islam is and the serious threat it presents wherever it rears its ugly, intolerant, supremacist head. Craven politicians and their lackeys in the mainstream media will choose to protect the enemy and happily demonize their own people. Should anyone even dare to criticise Muslims, they face police prosecution and criminalization as this man did merely for expressing his opinion on social media. Free speech is another casualty of jihad. But hey, the terrorists mustn’t win, right?

Each murderous act of Islamic jihad that hits the West is followed by establishment mouthpieces trotting out the same old tripe: Faux shock at the atrocity, condemn it in the strongest terms then deploy absurd mental gymnastics to distance it from “true Islam”. Even worse they warn of a backlash against “law-abiding, peaceful” Muslims which never materialises. Again demonizing their own people with a quite false, scurrilous allegation.

Witness the blatant false reporting of the murderous attacks in Munich and London for the most recent absurd examples. Both of the perpetrators have clear links to Islam yet they were depicted as mental health suffers. The shooter in Munich was even described as a “German born Gunman” motivated by the white supremacist Anders Breivik even though no direct link from the killer has been established! And if that wasn’t enough absurdity, the London knifeman was described in the media as a “Norwegian national”.  They loathe connecting acts of jihad to Islam but have no problem connecting them to Western nations who have nothing to do with them.

Spokespersons from the Islamic community are given a platform to express their views to reassure the gullible masses that Islam really is a religion of peace. Not all Muslims are terrorists they predictably parrot. They think we’re idiots. Conspicuous by their absence are contrarian voices who understand Islam and the serious threat it presents to the West. Conveniently and ridiculously dismissed as “far right” Nazis, they’re denied a platform. All because gutless governments will demonize and criminalise their own people rather than confront the enemy.

So what’s the response to this serious threat? Open the borders and allow in more immigrants from Islamic countries. More multiculturalism, more diversity, more enrichment. All it achieves is to expose more people to danger and ensure more innocents will be raped or killed for the childish and failed multicult fantasy. It’s akin to pouring gasoline on a blazing bonfire.

I accuse Western governments and especially, the European Union, of committing the most despicable acts of cowardice and treason ever committed in Western history. They’re determined to protect their multicult rainbow fantasy at all costs and will refuse to acknowledge even for a second they made a colossal mistake. Instead, they deliberately place their own people in grave danger and demand they show solidarity with aliens who are their sworn enemies. Fanatical aliens who should never have been allowed into the Judeo-Christian West who will smile to your face one day then stab you in the back, shoot you down or bomb you to kingdom come the next.

The entire Western media are also part of the crime as they knowingly detach themselves from reality and do the bidding of their cowardly political masters. Facts are dismissed in favour of politically correct narratives designed to dupe readers about the true nature of the enemy pouring over the borders. It’s not multiculturalism or Islam or terror that’s the real threat, oh no. It’s those “far right” hate-filled insolent Islamophobes who have the temerity to point out the truth about the Emperor’s rainbow clothes. If only they’d place fantasy above reality and stop hating there’d be no more terror as it’s their hatred and intolerance that fuels it, not the religion of peace.

Such inane false narratives transcend nonsense. This is the sign of a deeply sick society that not only refuses to fight for its right to exist. It’s also a sign of a society driven suicidally insane because it stubbornly refuses to accept reality when it unfolds in an unpleasant way it doesn’t like. Call it cowardice or misguided hubris, the outcome will be the end of Western civilization if it continues.

The painful truth is that while Islam exists it’s in a permanent state of war with all unbelievers. You’d think this was some kind of shocking breaking news for those who insist Islam is peaceful. Yet history shows that since Muhammad began the jihad against infidels in 622, Muslims have waged war against unbelievers from all faiths virtually non-stop.

Let me make something quite clear here. I’m not indulging in some irrational flight of fancy to indulge in racist hatred or prejudice against Islam. I’m making a statement of fact. Triumph over the infidels until religion belongs solely to Allah is absolutely core to Islam. It’s the raging fire that has burned for over 1400 years, a fire that has blazed in all continents. And it continues to burn as fiercely to this day and will continue to burn as long as Islam exists. Such a widespread scale of warfare should be a warning and it beggars belief it’s dismissed or even ignored.

Instead of recognizing that jihad against infidels is fundamental to Islam, self-serving politicians and the duplicitous media tell us the west is at war with terror and that ISIS and other Islamic terror organizations are nothing to do with Islam.

This is akin to Winston Churchill saying we’re at war with Blitzkrieg and the SS has nothing to do with true peaceful Nazism. These quite ridiculous mental gymnastics to fool people about the nature of Islam sends a clear message to the enemy: The West is spineless; it’s given up and is ripe for the taking.

Jihad involves more than terror and making this war about terror is a fatal mistake. Terror is just one aspect of the jihad hitting the West and it isn’t even the most effective strategy. By focusing people’s fears on terror and brainwashing them to believe Islam is a peaceful creed, the masses are blind to the more effective aspects of the jihad that are transforming Western society.

War isn’t fought by armies on a battlefield anymore. Instead the culture is the battlefield and the combatants no longer wear uniforms and march in armies.  The enemy mingles freely among us every day and passes itself off as one of us. It’s exactly the same enemy that’s committing a rape epidemic in Britain and Europe. Thousands of British and European girls have been molested or raped in the name of Allah. Rape has always been an act of war yet in dhimmi Europe, those charged with serving and protecting their people simply sacrifice their women on the rainbow altar and import more rapists.

Saudi Arabia, Iran, Qatar are not only state sponsors of terror, they’re sponsoring other forms of warfare against the West in plain view. Millions of petrodollars fund the building of mosques, Islamic schools and businesses all spreading Islam and making it dominant in the West. And they’re aided and abetted in this cultural jihad by Western governments.

So-called “moderate Muslims” exploit the cowardly tolerance of Westerners and demand special accommodations in both the workplace and public spaces. From washing facilities and prayer rooms to acceptance of wearing the burka including in hospitals, these acts of jihad inflict wound after wound on the West, gradually changing the way of life. If their demands are refused they’ll screech “Racism, Islamophobia” and seek redress through the law.

Then there’s the deadly weapon of demography. Muslims pour into the West and are outbreeding the native populations. Thanks to generous welfare benefits including free health care, Westerners pay for their enemy to breed in their nations all while they embrace selfish hedonism and refuse to breed and replace themselves. You don’t need to be Einstein to see what the end result will be.

It’s blatantly obvious that this so-called “war on terror” is an absolute sham. There’s no war on terror and there’s certainly no war on Islam. There is however a war on the West and on its people. It’s being waged by devout Muslims in many ways and by politicians, the media and the liberal left who willingly sacrifice their territory, culture and people on the rainbow altar.

I assert peoples who deny reality and who believe an appropriate response to war is to sacrifice their own people and surrender their territory have no future. They will be replaced by peoples who are prepared to fight and die for their God and their beliefs. Cowards who seek refuge in comfortable make-believe will be vanquished by those who deal with harsh reality.  Right now the West is being routed, the time has come to end the pretense about Islam, the religion of peace and acknowledge it’s waging holy war on the West.

Christopher J. Green is the author of the controversial new book: Liberty Violated – The Secret Agenda of Multiculturalism and the Deliberate Destruction of Western Civilization. It exposes three core tenets of Islam the elites don’t want you to know click here now to read the free preview >>

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