Isn’t Hillary Really the Con Artist?

Isn’t Hillary Really the Con Artist?


By Dr. Phil Taverna


It wasn’t too long ago Hillary and the gang including Bloomberg called Mr. Trump a Con Artist.


I just read a book about Con Artists. It is titled: The Confidence Game. The author sounds like a tennis player… Maria Konnikova.


So theoretically we all can be conned. But are the liberals the biggest bunch of Con Artists?


Mr. Trump may exaggerate but he is an accomplished business man. You can touch and see his casinos, hotels, golf courses etc. But when we look at Hillary, minus Billy Bob, she is really a nobody but a con artist. Can you touch anything she has accomplished?


What has she accomplished in 50 years. Not much she takes credit for a lot of things, paid for by you or someone else. I think she also takes credit for all the abortions that take place each and every year. About a million mostly potential Democrats. And that qualifies her to be president… according to the closed minded liberals! (Does closed minded mean… already been conned and still drinking the Kool-Aid!).


And if you read liberal rags like the Times and the Post, you can see the propaganda on the walls. Imagine an article why Trump should not be president. They used to sugar coat this stuff but after Obama, all these bleeding heart liberal commies have come out of their closets.


You have to ask yourself when it comes to politics especially for the liberals it is all a Con Game. And we see words like legacy, women’s rights, bigotry, racism and all the words that the liberals toss around that is the rope or put-up the liberals use to gather the lemmings and the low information voters to line up and vote for the next best and great liberal! Wasn’t Obama after walking on water supposed to fix all the problems. Obama and the Lady seemed to create more problems and solved none. Iraq was the wrong war. No weapons of mass destruction. But the goof in New York and Jersey is being charged with weapons of mass destruction. So they are  telling you there are weapons of mass destruction in New Jersey and New York, but in all of Iraq, there are no weapons of mass destruction. Then why is Obama still sending troops to Iraq?


The book is quite interesting. It shifts mainly to the psychological aspects of how or why people are so gullible to be a victim of a con artist. And the steps the Artist uses to get the hook into the victim and in most cases the Artist doesn’t seem to care if they get caught. Many have been caught and sent to jail. But many are not. Look at Hillary and Obama. Trickle down doesn’t work. We actually have no proof of that. We do know that trickle up taxation by the liberals has a devastating effect on the economy. And how many jobs can someone create while on disability and food stamps?


The key in the book was this guy by the name of Ferdinand Waldo Demara. This guy played a doctor, warden, psychologist, monk and a founder of a religious college. Today we would think this is impossible. But with the right amount of hacking, you could become anything. And if its a government job, who do you think will be checking?


The guy that amazed me was a professor. He never graduated high school, but he was able to teach science courses in various American universities. Unfortunately he used the name of a current professor, so eventually his past caught up with him. But the first university instead of jail offered him a college education.


Most of these folks have the gift of gab, like Obama and Bill Clinton. Billy could charm or has charmed the pants or skirts off many women and girls. I feel your pain is just great. Like Obama, you just can’t feel what it is like to be a slave. And the last time Obama was a slave was right before Kaepernick  was a slave. The con has a problem, because after 8 years of nonsense, the libs have solved nothing. And have made almost everything they touch worse. And the biggest con is to ask the American people to give them another 8 years to get it right this time. After all it was all George Bush’s fault!!!! (lol)


Most cons deal directly with money. The Sting was a great movie. But today the wages of all the players might not make the con worth while. And again sometimes a con looks like robbery. But in the end most people give willingly of their money or facsimile to the artists.


So how do we relate this to Hillary. The liberals do not see the con. They really believe that the commie way of life will make their life better. Or at least the politicians’ life better!


But why are lemmings so caught up in the liberal con. At the end of the day. the liberals have brought them more taxes (ObamaCare) , more regulations and a lousy economy. The difference here is that the lemmings are getting poorer but the leaders are getting richer and more powerful. Hopefully very few believe the con that the economy is better!


How many times have you heard a liberal say the Clinton Foundations has done wonderful things. They give out grants. But I have heard no one ask specifically, not even Lester, what has the Clinton Foundation accomplished. Most of what the Clintons say is a lie. They want to see Trump’s tax returns. But how come they don’t want to see the grants and interview what the Clinton grants accomplished. Did they accomplish any real good or did it come back to the Clintons in the shape of speech and consulting fees?


My guess is that most of the money going to the grants do not go to help people. Well not the poor people. How much of that money was filtered back to the Clintons and friends as speakers fees and then some.


She lied about the emails. The con is do you believe her now. If you do, then the con hook is well placed. Don’t bother questioning their motives. If you think too much the hook may fall out.  And you might not vote for the Con to elect her.


In Hillary’s epic book, which is a waste of time to read, she states that she would always have room in her administration for the Weiner man. Why would anyone with a half a brain put that in their book. Yes it was before the latest stuff came out. But Weiner is the most unlikable guy on the planet. I think he would be voted off the island first, once you got to know him or saw his body parts. (Would you think the same for Kaine?)


If we can only get the liberal voter to see the cons. There was a time when the Democrats were just a bunch of racists and moderates. But when did they get so gullible to swallow hook line and sinker the con of the liberals.


Just today they came out with an article about how it is the reservoirs are causing global warming. Really? I wonder how much the Democrats paid for or received for that research grant?


Well it is time. Get out there and vote for the Con artists who want your children, money, jobs and power. If they can’t protect you, then why do they want your guns?


Well vote for a liberal today. Communism is just around the corner. Obama ruled by executive order. Would you expect less from Hillary?  She will appoint at least three ultra judges like Ginsburg.


By the way Billy Clinton appointed Ginsburg and Breyer to the Supreme Court in about 1993. 22 years later they are still on the bench. Don’t bother reading the constitution. For these 2 judges the constitution does not exist. Do you really believe the con that Hillary will be any different?


By the way Hillary says nothing about lowering the middle class taxes. If you believe that con, then you better get up early and vote as many times as you can for Hillary. She says nothing about lowering the tax rates on the middle class. Once a liberal like FDR gets their hands in your pocket, they will never let go! It is that warm fuzzy feeling that makes them feel so good all over and makes the con feel so good as well!








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