It is Not Your Father’s Democrat Party… Socialism Anyone?

It is Not Your Father’s Democrat Party… Socialism Anyone?


By Dr. Phil Taverna
Hillary is running like Obama is a great president. Hillary could not run as a moderate, but had to run as a liberal in order to get Obamas’ support. And there are very few people that support Obama’s policies.  Especially ObamaCare!


For decades people talked about capitalism versus socialism. And they absolutely never realized what a true socialism would amount to in this country. But in order to pass socialism under Obama, they had to lie to the American citizens and non-citizens. And the insurance companies bought the bait, hook line and sinker. They actually thought the government would cover any loses they had. Didn’t the CBO expertly declare that ObamaCare would not increase the $20 trillion dollar deficit. If so, where was the money supposed to come from to bail out the losses of ObamaCare?


The first question you might want to ask is why do the liberals have to lie about everything. Communism is so great, why don’t they tell you the truth. Why do they need to lie.


Wikileaks exposed many of the lies and propaganda. Kerry tried to silence them.


But back to the party. Democrats for the most part were conservative and moderates. Jewish people appeared to be conservative but they fell into the trap that some how magically the liberals would protect their rights. Make them more free. Well ObamaCare and Medicare don’t seem to be so free.


One drawback of all this “freedom” is it is expensive. Every liberal executive order passed by Obama. filters or trickles down all the way to the lowest form of government. They have to pay tons of lawyers and experts to inform them how to best incorporate the social policies of the Obamas. Do some math. 50 states, hundreds of counties per state. And almost infinite amount of entities within each county. And please don’t forget all the unions, and commissions. So one simple, silly executive order from Obama, costs the taxpayer millions of dollars. And  no law has been constitutionally passed.


The old Democrats used to be big labor supporters. Now they seem to support only Medicaid, welfare and higher taxes via social security, ObamaCare, gas taxes, disability and real estate taxes.  None of these trickle up taxes help the economy.


The Democrats of old would ridicule the media for being so bias. They brag falsely, about an Obama economy which is in the toilet. America has never had so many people on disability and welfare  and not working.


The Democrats of old would boil politicians in oil, if they shipped the factories overseas. If they closed businesses like the coal industry. If they didn’t boil them in oil, they would never allow them to be elected.


Just the other day, liberal Petraeus told us if we kill innocent people in Arab countries we create more terrorists. He  was a general!!! The old Democrats would not support a liberal. They called them communists. The liberal Democrat would rather bring terrorists to this country and give them welfare, then to kill them in their homelands. If you can’t kill them, we should not be there.  By the way Liberal Petraeus appears to have been “converted” by the Harvard elite.


Democrats supported wars that ended with many innocent people being killed, maimed or broken. Instead the new liberals support a president who will continue to arm the terrorists instead of killing them and their families.


The old Democrats would not have supported liberals who want to take guns away from innocent people but don’t find it in their hearts to lock up the thugs and take their guns away. Now they want them to vote.


The old Democrats would not have supported lunatic politicians that can’t lock up drug addicts and sellers.


Did you ever wonder why Obama is releasing so many inmates into your neighborhoods. We already have systems to release these folks for good behavior and the like. It seems obvious that Obama is being paid to release certain people from prison. How come no one is cross checking donations and prisoners released. Remember the saxophone scandal of the Clintons. You really think Obama is any different. Why not release all the prisoners!


The old Democrats would not allow career criminals released in their neighborhoods.


So lets see what Obama and Hillary have in store for us. They want to make insane money from foreign contributions. While they take away your jobs, guns, real estate, and healthcare. They want to dump millions of voting convicts, illegal immigrants and refugees into your neighborhood. And with the new Democrats you will not have any rights. For the sake of diversity, you will have to take these “indigenous” people into your neighborhood. Aren’t we all indigenous at some time?


The old Democrats used to enjoy history. Studied it so that we don’t make the same mistakes. It encouraged people to think for themselves.  The liberal educators have systematically removed history from the schools. We seem to learn more about black people and stories that are probably not true. And we are taught to scorn the history of the south and great people like President George Washington.


The old Democrats were patriots. The liberals not so much.


Enough of this. If you are paying attention, the old Democrat party is gone. Look at Obama and Sanders. Throw in Pelosi and Reid. Is this really the America that you want!

Do you think these liberal policies and outrageous taxes will get you the American dream. It will for the Clintons and the Obamas.


Isn’t it time to look for a new party? If you don’t want to pay more taxes. If you want to work in America. Do you want to feel secure in America. Then you might want to realize the Democrat party of your parents is long gone. The leaders have been replaced by folks like Obama and Clinton. They have no conscience and no patriotism. Their only concern is how much global money they can cash in on.


How come the Democrats have so many lobbyists working for foreign countries and businesses. They stopped working for you decades ago.


Maybe you should stop voting for liberals. It has definitely not worked out too well. No one ever imagined that a liberal like Obama could do so much damage. He could only do this kind of damage with the support of the liberal Democrats. All the conservative and moderate Democrats have moved on. Maybe it is time for you to move on as well!


Send your liberals a message, and please don’t vote for them!





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