It Wasn’t Racism, but the Economy, Stupid

“The Economy, Stupid” was the phrase made popular by James Carville, political strategist for the 1992 Clinton campaign. The now famous slogan was developed by Carville and posted in the campaign offices prior to the 1992 presidential election as a reminder to campaign staffers to keep the focus and message on, what liberals deemed to be, the poor economy under George H.W. Bush.

Fast Forward 25 years and liberals seem to have amnesia regarding this winning Clinton campaign slogan. Today, the left fails to remember, or simply lies about, the fact that poor economies cost the party in power elections. When the Commerce Department issued its revision for GDP for the fourth quarter of 2016, economic growth landed at 1.6% for the year. Under President Obama, the United States never experienced yearly economic growth over 3%, making him the first President not to achieve at least 3% economic growth in at least one year of his presidency since President Hoover. In other words, Barack Obama now has the worst economic record of any post-World War II President.

However, almost one year after the election, liberals fail to note the atrocious Obama economy as a reason Trump won. The left, in their utter lack of self-awareness, have convinced themselves the Trump victory was because racists (who apparently stayed home and did not vote in 2008 or 2012) came out of hiding and voted against Barack Obama. Never mind Obama was not on the ballot, it was still a collective act of racism that Hillary did not win.

Even though Obama was not on the ballot, his record was. There is an old adage in politics—people vote their pocketbooks. During the Obama years, Americans were selling their pocketbooks and wallets just to survive. Why did Hillary lose? Hillary lost for numerous reasons. However, regarding the concern for Americans had for their finances and the collective consumer confidence, the reason was not racism, but the economy, stupid.


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