It’s Always Racism

Admitting to losing an argument is difficult for some people. Many times it is because they want to talk but have a difficult time listening. They are thinking about what they are going to say next instead of listening to what the other side has to say. It isn’t a new challenge to the order of our society, but the amount of vitriol and hatred towards one’s opponent is staggering.

One part of this discussion is the use of words that are misused and meant for no other purpose than to shut the debate down. This is done mostly by those who have no argument or cannot articulate why their opponent is wrong.

One of these words is “racist.” One of the progressive socialists talking points when they have no answer, or they know the argument they are making is out of the mainstream is to yell “racist.” It has been used for so long and in circumstances that fall flat that it has lost a great deal of the sting it once had. Over the past few years, we have been told to comply with the argument that such things as milk, dogs, gun owners, Halloween costumes, sunglasses, white meat over dark meat, and many other ordinary everyday circumstances that have nothing to do with race are racist. Being used for so long that is has become a cliché; it no longer carries the weight and meaning it once did. It has morphed into such word salads as “white privilege” and “institutional racism.” Long papers have been written on the subject, which is nothing more than anecdotes of supposed victimhood and hurt feelings. It has gotten to the point where the public tunes out accusations of racism as nothing more than an attempt to name call.

The word racist is used in situations where you have no other answer or a valid argument. It is used as a substitute for logic, cogent argument, and an ability to debate your adversary. The use of the word “racist” is meant to sow discord and the bitterness of hate. It is not the answer to stepping up and confronting the challenges that our country faces. It is the damaging concept for political correctness and identity politics imposed on those who the progressive socialists wish to rule.

Are there racists in our country? Yes. On both sides. When we have a sitting representative, declare that black, brown, Muslim and other minorities must capitulate to the progressive socialist dogma or be considered beyond the pale is racism at its finest. And it is the primary reason why blacks and other minorities are leaving the progressive socialist party by the thousands. You can only get so far promising policies to help the minorities during the elections and then ignoring them for the rest of the time.  They are waking up to the fact that the Trump administration has done more for the Hispanics, the African American community, Women, and others by giving them the opportunities that the progressives socialist have always promised and never delivered.

Being called a racist is nothing new; Communist Leon Trotsky first implemented it in 1930. It was used to apply to other socialists that did not agree with Trotsky and was used as a political weapon to create division, much like now.

Marc Lamont Hill has said that the use of the word does not have to accurate (or correct) because it can completely shut down a conversation. It is being used as a foundation for the implementation of the Identity politics that the progressive socialists and their sycophants in the media so badly need to fracture the culture of the country and the peace that is found in the communities of our country. People in this country are looking for someone who can help this country work together and build a future for our country that takes every individual into account.

The progressive socialists have used the RACIST canard so often that it has effectively been made useless. If you believe differently than the progressive socialists on any subject, you are a racist and must be shut down .If you think that the United States, while a flawed country is still the best there is and getting better every day. After spending 20 years in the military and having seen everything that is out there, I wholly believe there is nothing better than the United States. Of course, for thinking that I am, you guessed it, a racist. I have seen socialism up close, and I will debate anyone that it does not work.

If you want our borders secure and for the United States to follow the laws and regulations that make this a sovereign country, you are a racist. If you deny the hoax of climate change, you are a racist. Even AOC’s puppet master has admitted the “green New Deal” had nothing to do with climate change but was to be used to destroy our economy. Anyone who disagrees with the open border policy of the progressive socialists and free health care for illegal aliens that the taxpayer must pay for, you are indeed a racist. America is such a racist country that we must be lectured by our so-called betters in politics about what we must do. Sorry, I’m not buying it, and neither are the majority of hard-working people in this country. If the progressive socialists want free health care for illegals, let them pay for it out of their pockets, they are getting a dime from me. I suppose that makes me a racist as well. Okay, I am racist because I care for me and mine and my country.

Much has been made of the “systemic racism” of law enforcement. Much of the progressive socialists’ discussion on the subject has made it seem like police officers are just looking for black people to kill. They ignore such facts as law enforcement are less likely to shoot an unarmed black man as a white suspect. They ignore facts such as for every black killed by a police officer, 71 blacks are killed by another black man. They refuse to admit the blacks are pulled over for traffic violation than whites because they commit more traffic violations. This is according to statistics from the National Highway Safety Administration. Not discussed is the fact that most of our country, both black and white, want to work with as little problems as possible and go home. Most people are working hard to put food on the table and are not interested in oppressing someone else. No one I know wakes up in the morning and thinks, “ how can I make someone else life miserable?”

The United States is not a land of the blatant racism that the race-baiters declare is pervasive. In a nation that is freer than any other on the planet. Institutional racism is slick marketing packaged to make some look like victims. Many of us interact with others of numerous races daily without giving thought to the conflicts of race the race-baiters assure us are prevalent throughout our society. In my military career, I have worked with people of different colors and races without ever giving it a second thought. In the end, we need an understanding that the color of a persons skin tells us absolutely nothing about them. It is the experiences we have been through, the individual thought processes we possess, and the way we interact with one another that is important. The continuous discussions that are forced upon people about privilege have damaged the discourse that we should be having about working together to move forward.

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