It’s Overdue for the Right to Turn the Left’s Tactics Around on Them

Now that we know the secret strategy the left is using against us, what do we do about it? One area the right has really failed in is using the highly successful, proactive tactics of the left back against them. We act outraged at what they’re doing — but do little about it other than complain. We claim we’re “too nice” to lower ourselves to those kind of tactics. Yet they’re not all the same. While we wouldn’t use violence like they do, there are plenty of other fair or ethical things we could do.

The left is genius at finding the straggliest, most neo-Nazi looking person at a conservative rally and interviewing them as if they were representative of the entire rally. They come prepared with a list of questions to make the person look as offensive and racist as possible, such as baiting them with “Do you feel whites are being looked down on today in society?”

Our side — with few exceptions, such as the Media Research Center and Fox News’s Jesse Watters — doesn’t understand the value and importance of these methods. Andrew Breitbart understood them better than anyone, but sadly he is no longer around. Instead of finding the most attractive black guy at a left-wing rally and interviewing him, our side should be seeking out the smelliest, dirtiest young white guy and interviewing him. The left wants to pretend that the former represents them, but it’s really young, angry white men driving the violence and aggression. We need to flood YouTube channels with video interviews of the Orwellian-named Antifas and the equally Orwellian-named whites who form Black Bloc (the left-leaning traditional media won’t cover them, so we must look to alternative channels like social media).

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