It’s Trendy to Hate Donald Trump



Do you no longer eat kale? Get rid of your man-bun? Delete your Pokemon Go app? If not, you might still be stuck in 2016. Lucky for you, there is one thing that will never go out of style: hating on Donald Trump (and Republicans in general).

The mere utterance of “fuck Trump” will gain you some hyper-leftist friends and some brownie points over social media. You could even get so high on cursing the president elect that you may believe to be in the elite Hollywood circle along with Lena Dunham and Robert De Niro. Because when you’re inept and incapable of becoming an A-list actor, it’s easy to pretend, for a moment, that you would fit right along with the likes of such actors who loathe Donald Trump.

Besides, who needs to be well read on politics to denounce Donald Trump? Anyone can do it, and especially do it loud enough though the medium of social media.

…And this is what we saw yesterday, in the disturbing footage of a special needs (white) man being held captive and tortured live on social media, for all to watch, share and favorite. A truly sickening event of brutality and technology combined, that would seem to come straight out of Netflix’s hi-tech horror story, Black Mirror.

What these four torturers proved through their political (and racial) activism is that they would achieve some sort of notoriety by denouncing Donald Trump, asserting the clichés like “fuck Trump” and “fuck white people.”

Because it’s already socially acceptable to hate the president elect, CNN’s Don Lemon and Chicago Police Dept. Superintendent, Eddie Johnson, diluted the horrific event down to bad parenting, and “kids making stupid mistakes.” Lemon and Supt. Johnson have essentially dismissed classifying this event as a hate crime, implying that the act was heinous, however, the message was clear, that these individuals could be reacting against the “hateful rhetoric of Donald Trump.” Luckily, the Chicago PD has now classified the kidnapping and torturing as a hate crime.

It’s my hope that these four individuals have learned that following a trend down to the bottom of the rabbit hole has dire consequences. Because when you follow a trend unwittingly, be it a food, fashion, or even a political trend, you end up following the herd.

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