Jeb Bush: You Forgot the Face of your Brother!

jbgrgbshIt strikes me funny when all these Republicans are running on the same principles that President Bush ran on. And President Bush was a great president. A lot of idiots don’t agree, but do you really want to compare him to Clinton, Obama and Carter. Not on your life.

Jebediah:   Do you think we the citizens and non-citizens are better off today then if brother GW did not destroy the terrorist networks in Afghanistan and Iraq. Your brother killed hundreds of thousands of terrorists. Your brother won the war in Iraq when others said to cut and run as a loser. But Brother GW stayed the course and freed the Iraqis and the people in Afghanistan. All Obama had to do was protect them. Obama was too busy making speeches and campaigning for the Olympics. Wait a minute we had the Olympics in Boston and he let it go to China. Another deal to add millions to the Obama and Clinton Foundations. If you want a Billion Dollar Library you need to sleep with the enemies. (Ask the Clintons). Remember that Obama said Al Qaeda was on the run. You thought away from us, but not running toward us and the great US of A.

You never gave President Bush a good congress. You gave him the most liberal congress we ever saw until 2009. He had the likes of Schumer, Pelosi, Reed, Dodd, Frank, Weiner and Arlen Specter. He still built a great economy. When the Democrats saw they might lose to McCain and Palin, they sunk the housing market. There is plenty of proof that the banks caused the housing market to crash. Banks like Chase demanded lower appraisals when the standard of care would have prevented the market crash. So why did the banks sink the housing market and lose trillions of dollars of citizen’s money! This is easy to verify, find out who went short on all the derivatives tied to the housing market!

Billions were made. And now they blame the costs of housing being low in states like Ohio and Florida on the governors. Governors don’t control the banks, the Feds do.

If you look at unemployment and the economy President GW’s numbers were great. Until the liberals destroyed the housing market. Also keep in mind that Clinton’s economy tanked before he left office and he left office in disgrace. They were so cool, they took the “w” s off all the keyboards. They obviously had too much idle time on their hands while watching Al Qaeda grow in leaps and bounds or no bounds..

They talk about Clinton’s surplus. There was no surplus. If you spend the surplus and don’t use it to pay down the national debt, then it is not a surplus and it is not a balanced budget. Clinton increased the national debt by about $1.5 trillion dollars. There are still idiots out there that think he paid off the entire national debt! No,   he added to it.

President Bush increased the budget by about the same amount. And he saved the country by fighting 2 wars and dealing with 911 and Katrina. All the Clintons had to deal with was Monica and giving secrets to China.

You might recall President Bush left money in the TARP account for Obama to spend. My guess is that money was spent 20 times over by Obama and charged to President Bush. And if you credit GW with the money paid back by the banks with interest, he easily reaches the same amount as Clinton in terms of adding to the national debt. Not bad for a president that made the country more secure, not like the Clintons and Obama!

So Obama spent the Bush money and the money returned by the banks and Obama still brought the national debt up to $18 trillion dollars and growing. (Obama spent at least $12 trillion dollars and he will go higher). And he was going to cut the budget in half as soon as he had his tires inflated to the recommended amount.

If the liberals would have kept their useless mouths shut, President Bush would have “fixed” Iran. Instead we watch patiently while Iran makes the bomb and becomes our biggest enemy replacing the USSR of old.

So Governor Jeb should argue that we should go back to the times of President Bush on issues concerning national security and economics. Anchor babies can be eliminated with a stroke of a pen. What would that do for the immigration problem? And it would make deporting the illegals as easy as pie. And you won’t need a fence, you only need a law.

Also tell the people about our liberal supreme court. One mistake that GW may have made was Roberts. Maybe next time instead of politicians picking the liberal justices, the committee to select the proper supreme court justice that would reflect the will of the people should come from a palaver with Justices Scalia, Thomas, and Alito. They could smell a liberal in conservative clothing a mile away.

And also ask the people who care, to put non-liberals in the congress. Then and only then can a president make America great again. Only kidding, America is great today. What it will do is bring back the American dream and not shackle people to a lifetime of welfare and disability checks.

There was an article in the Post about a family making $495,000 a year (take home) and still lives in public housing. I would want to know how could they be making that kind of money legally in the Obama economy!

So when I stated many times about President Bush being great, some idiot commented is heroin greater than crack. According to the liberals who probably made this comment, the Drug industry is a non-violent crime. Tell that to all the dead users and their families. And those on disability because they can’t muster the energy to go to work and provide for their families due to past drug abuse. Compared to the others, President Bush was great on all counts in comparison to Obama.

But President Bush was an honest and kind president. Obama only wishes he had an economy as great as President GW. Instead he keeps unilaterally and unconstitutionally passing laws and memos that hurt the economy. Over 1.7 million immigrants came into this country last year. These folks will costs the taxpayer a great deal and bring down the cost of living and compete for your jobs while lowering the pay scales. Jeb may think it is an act of love to bring your family to the great US of A illegally. But it would be a greater act of tough love patriotically for this country and its citizens to send them back.

Obama’s Obamacare has helped to destroy his economy. Wait until all those wonderful provisions with their high premiums and deductibles hit the corporations next year. And if you pick the Cadillac plan which of course you deserve, you will pay an extra bonus tax that will go to pay for the Medicaid of those who think it is beneath them to work. Pelosi calls it their passion.

Commie climate change by Obama has destroyed the entire coal industry and he has fired a heat seeking missile to destroy the rest of economy with useless regulations passed via memo and not with a vote of congress. Obama is now attacking fracking the only thing that gave life to his putrid economy.

It may be all right to give away the taxpayer dollar as much as Obama has, but you need to give the working people a chance to prosper. Obama has done nothing to help prosperity for the middle class.! So who is going to pay the debt?

So Jeb, don’t worry about Trump. Let’s worry about Obama and what he has done to destroy this country while he remembers the face of his commie father.

Remember the face of your brother. President Bush was a great president. And any Republican that knocks him should be ashamed. No president is perfect. Most are probably losers. But President George Walker (Washington) Bush was a great president. Be proud of what he stood for and against. Then think of how much a loser Obama is and will always be.

If you could have a drink with any of these folks who would it be. Would it be Hillary (Did I wipe the server with a cloth?), Clinton, Obama, or President GW Bush?

Think about it?

So who would you want to be your next president?

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