Jihad and Historic Revisionism

Some time ago I was out with a client here in Houston to rent their property. There were a couple of prospective tenants to visit the house that day. As it happened, the first was a woman of African background wearing robes and a veil. The client, from southeast Asia was not familiar with this custom, and asked her why she was wearing a veil. She replied that it was out of respect for her ancestors who were muslims. I stifled my own question: What were they before the muslims came in and forced it on them? I’m sure that this would not have been well received. Matters concluded when she demanded that we use a contract “in the name of allah” which my client refused to do. We had already prepared our own contract based on Texas real estate law and were not going to use something on two sheets of photocopied paper that was not sufficient for legal protection of the parties.

But the key item here was the fact that this woman had refused to acknowledge that she had ‘pre-mulsim’ ancestors. If you went to much of the Arab dominated regions or, to where the population is similarly a virtual, if not actual monoculture, you will find that the people there have no idea that anything else ever existed there. It is roughly the same effect that the Soviet Russians attempted to achieve by changing the history books and removing publications that contradicted the party line. It is the ultimate extension of “political correctness.” No one is allowed to believe that any contradictory information exists. Thus, when a well-known person defects, they are portrayed as weak characters who fell for “a mountain of whisky and a gold” as was purportedly stated on one occasion.

During the last few weeks there has been a large number of published reports such as this: Islamic State destroys fourth-century Mar Benham Monastery in Iraq. The vandalism has occurred to churches, other holy sites, antiquities dating back thousands of years and irreplaceable relics of past civilizations. It is all in the name of sterilization to prevent the people in the conquered regions any knowledge that anything else existed other than the barbarism of the destroyers, who will eliminate anything and everything that they come across so as to prevent future generations from knowing that humanity has choices and options in how to live. It is the same practice that led to the destruction of the Great Library of Alexandria when it was conquered; if it is in the koran we already have it. If it isn’t, then we don’t need it. And again, to the denial of the Jew’s temple in Jerusalem; it never existed, despite records of its destruction, first by Babylon and the Second Temple by the Romans under Titus.

The facts behind this are simple, and time tested. Whoever controls information and knowledge controls the people. The “leadership” of any of the totalitarian entities that we have detailed knowledge of, have always been obsessed with power, and with preventing any competition. It is essentially the same thing driving the politically correct rhetoric of the Left in American politics today. No one is allowed to say anything that opposes the party line. If Obama says it, then it must be true, even when it manifestly isn’t.

As Robert Spencer and others have pointed out, the fact that these vandalized and destroyed historic locations are “world heritage sites” is of no concern to the destroyers, and the mild protestations from the U.N. and others are of no consequence to those doing the damage. They simply go on killing and destroying in the name of their own power and their false prophet, whom they worship because he gave them a blueprint for power over others.

Which brings us to an important point. People, today, frequently consider historic figures who abuse power and kill for reasons that make sense to no one but themselves insane or otherwise not in possession of their faculties. Hitler, was therefore, considered insane by some commentators. It is fairly well established that the false prophet of islam was afflicted with epilepsy, which was, in ancient times, widely considered to be due to divine influence. The Roman Emperor Gaius, better known as Caligula, supposedly pretended to have epileptic seizures to provide divine justification for some of his bizarre behavior.

One of the more bizarre items within this context is chapter 33 of the koran which is dissected in an excellent piece by F. W. Burleigh in American Thinker. As Burleigh states it, “As with much of the Koran, substitute Muhammad for Allah and the real meaning comes through.” From this simple sentence, we can deduce that the likely situation was one in which a clever man creates a god out of think air to achieve his own desires, and thus, is born a false religion to bedevil humanity for over a thousand years.

And interestingly enough, it is well known that this book can be divided into two sections composed in Mecca and Medina. The Meccan chapters were largely peaceful, but the later ones were the exact opposite. They were the revisions to doctrine that occurred when a man did not get what he wants and decides to take revenge on those who refused to worship him. It was revisionism plain and simple.

Today, we are being told that islam is a religion of peace, when it has an unrelenting bloodthirsty history of that rival effectively anything else over the course of its existence. Thus, we have the politicians telling us to believe them, rather than historic fact. Then we have Mr. Obama claiming that the US and Iran have a common interest. But Iran has stated repeatedly their intention to destroy the United States. Who do we believe? We should believe the historic record and not the politically motivated revisionist statements designed to enslave the minds of those not yet brainwashed into believing that islam has all the answers. It doesn’t. And anyone who states otherwise is either doing so because they will not see the truth, or because they have something to gain thereby. Most likely, it is power.

That’s the problem here. False prophets always use their gods to gain power over others. Today’s politicians do the same, but not necessarily using gods. Instead they prefer to use themselves. Some things never change.

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