Jimmy Kimmel: You might be the Last Hope for Sanity. But!

jmykmlIt is funny how all the late nights have become more liberal than Letterman. And is it really a good idea. Last week Jimmy had Hillary on. And I thought he was going to climb on her lap and give her a Christmas list.

Kimmel is a very likable guy and probably isn’t all that bright. But he has a great sense of humor. When he had O’Reilly on, I thought Kimmel was really impressed with him. And his liberal friends told him that O’Reilly would be a monster. And of course away from the Factor desk even O’Reilly has a sense of humor.

Leno was the best. He could do stand-up. And more importantly he did not fill his monologues with jokes at the expense of Republicans. He was fair. He would make jokes about the Clintons and the Bushes. And if there was a sense of humor connected with the punch line you could laugh at both.

So he would make jokes about Ted Kennedy who was the drunk that Dean Martin never was. And when Kennedy dies, he stopped making jokes. But the jokes about the Clintons continued until she became Secretary of State. After that he must have been instructed not to make jokes about Hillary. We need to make her look intelligent so she can run for president. Wouldn’t it be great if she was the first woman president. Maybe not!

Well it wasn’t too great that the first Black president was Obama. He ended up being a liberal commie. And an anti-constitutionalist, who believed he could rule without the vote of congress. A complete 180 degree about-face as to the intentions of the founders.

So would you expect anything different from Hillary. Probably not. If it was about a woman being president why are the ugly women on the View making fun of Fiorina’s looks. Because she is not a liberal?

The point Jimmy is that there are so many liberal late night guys out there cutting up the liberal pie of viewers, and you need the non-liberals to watch your show.

I am very lenient when you have the liberals on. It always strikes me fumy when they need to say the f bomb on TV. Makes you think about their IQ. The more F bombs in an interview or movie, the higher their IQ’s go inversely.

And the hard right conservatives are long gone. But conservatives like myself enjoy a great monologue and material that makes people laugh.

When Hillary was on, I was laughing my head off. Here is a liberal that has collected billions of dollars from other countries to sell climate change and all that other nonsense.

And she has done little for the poor areas that need that money her and her family collect in the name of charity. And her charity is only for fund raising, just like Obama.

It was funny when you had the 4 urchins on and they were lucky enough to meet Hillary. That is what we need is a president that can deal with little children. So the children in Art Linkletter fashion started telling Hillary what they wanted.

Some of the requests were free food at restaurants, don’t have to go to school, and so on. And Hillary sat there and made believe that she was writing down their Christmas list.

When Hillary was on later, there were no hard ball questions. Like where were you when the lights went out in Benghazi and weeks later Hillary was still blaming the terrorist attacks on a video. But there had been previously over 20 attacks in Benghazi.

Isn’t it true Hillary that you were just a figurehead for the State. And Obama and Valerie were running the Obama show?

Some will say that Hillary was just playing along with the children. But Hillary wants to give free education to all college students. That includes illegal and legal immigrants as well. Now they want their college loans forgiven. Maybe the liberal profs will start working for FREE!

Jimmy you and Guillermo will need to pay a lot in taxes to pay for all that education. And where will the college graduates work if the economy of Obama does not provide more meaningful jobs. Instead of low paying part time jobs.

So Jimmy if you want to keep us laughing, make fun of the left and the right. If you only appear to be mean spirited to the right, you won’t have much of an audience. If you are liberal, there are tons of shows to watch that make fun of the right. Where did George Lopez go. He was a nasty liberal. Hate to see him go!

Have your folks, you may have to hire a few who are not commies and have them look at Hillary’s emails. There are thousands. I am sure there is a ton of material there to make fun of Hillary and the rest of the Clintons. Today she says she tried to join the Marines. As a combat soldier or a JAG officer?

But I supposed that ABC brass has considered Hillary off limits.

If so, I guess those who want to laugh may be forced to watch the Jay Leno Reruns.

Ask Hillary who her donors are? How many of them are from foreign countries that have no respect for the rights of women. Now that answer would be funny. But I guess you were limited as to what questions you were allowed to ask Hillary.

I always thought Bill Clinton was the best actor to become president. Looks like Hillary learned her lessons well.   But are you going to be part of the liberal media that covers-up the lies of another Clinton?

Worse comes to worse, your taxes will go up. And I am sure you will pay with delight.

The crying over the Lion. Jimmy a 100 lions die each year. Thousands of deer die each year just on the highways. Maybe they should not be allowed to drive. But maybe you should cry over the people who are suffering due to the liberal policies of people like the Clintons and Obama. These people need jobs not commie handouts, paid for by the rich. That is a another liberal lie. The taxes are paid for, for the most part by the middle class, directly and indirectly.

I give you permission Jimmy Kimmel to make fun of the liberals as well as the non-liberals. Look at Leno’s material. He wasn’t really making fun of the person. But what the person was doing. You couldn’t make fun of Obama, because that would be racism. But Hillary is as white as fresh fallen snow.

You seem to go after the Republicans on a personal level and appear to enjoy doing so. Funny how we can’t make fun of the person of Obama, but Dr. Carson has no limitations.

It is best to not look like a liberal, enjoying making fun of non-liberals. Be fair and make fun of both sides. And make sure you surround yourself with people from both sides. Liberals for the most part are angry nasty people (George Lopez), especially those who make it to the screen. Don’t want any of that rubbing off on you Jimmy.

Go for it Jimmy. And be number one like Leno!

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