Joel Cairo’s Journal – December 16, 2014

Joel Cairo


The news this week has been replete with coverage of the Sydney Australia terrorist incident. Beginning with the incident itself, then the Sydney police commissioner on jihad flag: “We’re still trying to work out what exactly it stands for” followed by the eventual raid on the shop and end of the incident. Of course we should also not forget Australian Prime Minister Abbott saying: “We don’t know the motivation” for the cafe siege.


The Taliban killing of over 140 school children in Pakistan, of course, followed this. We have to wonder when government officials will come to their senses. The comments by the Police Commissioner and PM were totally inane based on the surrounding circumstances.


If you consider the possibility that I come into your office, hold you at gunpoint and demand to search it to make sure you are not hiding the black bird it is obvious that my intent is to find it and take if from you. I, of course, wish to spare the rightful owner the cost of purchasing it, even at a reduced cost. So would you suggest that you were unsure of the motivation for my presence?


Now in these recent incidents the perpetrators made obvious references to their motivations. They do so on a continual basis, in order to inform the world of who they are and to attempt to scare them into submitting. It is the same tactic they have been using for centuries.


It is a certainty that the Sydney police commissioner should have little or no problem locating someone who can read and translate Arabic to understand what is on the flag in question, and the flag identifies the motivation. These people are not interested in the Maltese Falcon. Precisely how public officials, whose first motivations should be protection of the public, could ignore the information directly in front of their faces is beyond reprehensible. It should be obvious that they are dealing with Islamic terrorists. Even more to the point, the ISIS army in Western Asia uses the same flag and proclaims itself an Islamic caliphate. What more could they want.


Now the horrible slaughter of the innocent children in Pakistan is another aspect of the same terrorism, with a particular goal as well. The goal is linked to the establishment of a monoculture in which the rulers control the education of the children, and that education must be oriented only on subjects that are designed to maintain the absolute power of said rulers. It is a form of brainwashing because if you control the information that a person has to reason with, then you control how they think. If you deny them knowledge of the outside world, they have no way to understand that they have choices in their lives.


If they kill the children who are being educated about the real world there are two results. They eliminate competition over control of knowledge and they discourage others from educating the next generation in things that violate the monoculture. This is why the Great Library of Alexandria was burned. So that the knowledge it contained would be eliminated. The practice continues everywhere these people go. There is never any question of who they are, what they want, and how they intend to get it.


If the world intends to remain free and able to maintain the art and culture that has benefited them so much for so long, then they must confront the truth. If they do not do so then they will lose. And I will likely lose track of the falcon.

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