Joel Cairo’s Journal – February18, 2015

Joel CairoIt was a great pleasure to witness the decisions by the King of Jordan and President of Egypt to enter the fight against the scourge attempting to take over the Middle-East in the name of an “Islamic state.” This is a self-contradicting name. Islam is incapable of creating or maintaining a true state, but rather creates a militant pseudo-theocracy in which the top individuals participate primarily for the purposes of their own gain, unless they happen to be true believers.

But more to the point are several important matters of note that surfaced recently. One of these is the warning provided by the Egyptian ambassador to Great Britain, Nasser Kamel. He indicated to the British and to the Italians as well to expect boatloads of terrorists crossing the Mediterranean from Libya to Italy, posing as refugees. The Ambassador is certainly correct in this warning, and it should also be heeded by Americans who would be taking in supposed refugees from Syria, many or most of whom would also be there for the purpose of future terrorist activity.

And as this is happening a presidential press representative suggests that the solution to eliminating terrorism is a jobs program. Of all the imbecilic nonsense anyone has ever spouted in public. Seriously, I would be embarrassed to make such a fool of myself. No, certainly, the problem behind the present wave of violence is a desire for conquest and a belief that the proper time has come for it to be achieved. But those who see the world through a false lens cannot distinguish the truth when it appears right before them.

There is a significant likelihood that the inability to recognize the truth here has its roots in the teachings of Marxist thought which suggests that somehow people who are not wealthy are morally superior to those who are. This seems to originate in the belief that profit is evil. As a result, the conclusion is that any nation or group of people who achieved economic success must therefore be evil, and those who have not must be victims of that evil. The United States, as the most successful economic entity in history must, therefore, be the most evil entity in history as well.

All of this, of course, is rank foolish behavior, as even my former associate Gutman would have agreed. He understood plain speaking and fair bargains. He even attempted to purchase the falcon while in Istanbul; unsuccessfully I might add.

But as long as one attempts to understand the terrorists in terms other than their own, the result will be incorrect.   Certainly, these people have grievances, but their grievance is limited to the fact that they do not control the world and bask in the riches that would thusly become theirs. Thus, lacking what they believe to be their just reward for following an ancient and barbaric way of life, they take out their hatred on anyone and everyone who crosses their paths.

They are unable to understand a “diverse” society or one in which differences of opinion exist because they have been educated since their youth to believe that such a society is inherently wrong and a violation of divine will. In this, they are similar to other dictatorial types who also believe that dissent or disagreement should not be permitted. The only true difference is in the origin of the belief that dissimilarities are not to be permitted.

As for those who believe that there are legitimate grievances, then one has to wonder why they have done nothing to air those grievances other than by violence. One does not expect an impoverished individual to burn someone alive because he is unemployed. Rather, we expect him to ask for help, and at worst, turn to property related crime for support. Gratuitous violence would be counterproductive. The terrorist who kills indiscriminately gains nothing except the fear and perhaps hatred of others. His position in society is no better and the possibility of someone seeking vengeance should also be considered.

Finally, one must consider that what few people in positions of influence want to consider is that this is a fight between the past and the future. If we allow the barbarians of the past to control us then there will be no future and a descent into worldwide barbarism will result if they get their way. Our alternative is to understand that there is no reasoning with some people. They must be removed or isolated from human society for the rest to continue onward. It is unfortunate, but these sorts of things to manifest on occasion. It is a truth that cannot be avoided.

Egypt and Jordan have come to understand the danger that exists. The Saudi Kings have undertaken less effort, but also seem to agree, while they wish that others will do the work for them. But what lies behind this must be another fact. That if they do not take action then their own political systems will eventually be prey for the large, violent mobs just waiting for an excuse to take them out. War is a fight for survival in many cases. It is certainly so here. The West must decide if it wishes to survive, or to be destroyed by those it foolishly seeks to help because it assumes them to be people of good will, driven to desperation.

The enemy knows that violence solves a lot of problems because if one side is dead, the problem vanishes. That is their underlying rationale. If this approach is not adopted elsewhere, then the barbarians will win.

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