Joel Cairo’s Journal – January 30, 2015

Joel Cairo


It has been some time since I have had the privilege of writing for my devoted readers which must be attributed to my having to dodge the various groups making the Eastern Mediterranean region so dangerous in these troubled days. The proliferation of terrorists and private armies have made the region truly hazardous to anyone who does not possess the means to avoid trouble or cleverly find his way out of it


But what has been truly the most fascinating development is the threat perpetrated by the so-called Islamic State against the man Obama. This is a man who seems to think that there is no threat from this army; an army that spent some efforts as chasing me about for several days until I was able to elude them. But there is no reasoning with someone who will not listen or take proper action, not only for his own safety, but also for the safety of the nation, which he is charged with governing.


This behavior seems to go against all rational thought. Determining the reason for this bizarre attitude is probably beyond the ability of normal people but despite that it seems apropos to attempt some analysis.


One should note that Obama spent several years in Indonesia where he was exposed to a form of Islam that could best be described as in remission from its usual violent behavior. It is therefore possible that his experiences gave him an immensely incorrect idea of what he is now facing. He may not take the threats seriously because he does not understand the behavior that is now occurring. He may also not understand that the people he may be counting on as “moderate” Muslims are not what he thinks. One individual I encountered suggested that he only difference between the “militants” and “moderates” is that the moderates are willing to wait and the militants are not; both have the same goal.


This suggestion has immense merit. The one constant theme repeated in surveys of the “moderate” population is that they support the idea of a global caliphate and sharia law. The inevitable conclusion then must be that there are, in fact, no moderates to speak of.


The alternative that must also be considered it that Obama thinks of himself as a sort of fellow traveler and that he believes that by supporting Islamist causes he can somehow immunize himself form attack while offering a pretense of opposition through minimal air attacks. If Obama’s reasoning is governed by a belief that the enemy is not truly interested in carrying out its threats, then one must ask why they are made in the first place, and then why there have been so many killings in their wake. The only rational answer is that they perpetrators are serious. Then we must take all of the threats seriously and consider the situation to be a declared war.


If the USA fails to defend itself then the only truly safe haven for international adventurers such as myself may eventually be eliminated. That would be an unfortunate development. It might be possible to use China as an alternative, in that the present government would certainly not back down from a hostile threat. But at the same time, the strength of that nation lies in the conformity of its people and dedication to cultural heritage. It is not born out of loyalty to an ideal. This loyalty was what made America so powerful in the 20th Century. Without it the nation will not continue as a major power and it may even fail to survive. Of course, there are those who believe that this is Obama’s overall goal. We must make every effort to see that this does not happen.


But there is one other fact that Obama is probably not aware of. Because the people who have threatened him live in a monolithic culture with no “diversity” as the modern cultural mavens put it, they do not understand that concept. They do not see anything proper if it does not conform to their thinking. That is why Shia attack Sunni and why different factions claim to be the correct one for all to follow. In fact, the only truth that emanates from all of these is a lust for power. Perhaps that is what is Obama’s problem. He lusts after the same thing and so he identifies with the enemy that seeks to destroy him along with everything else in sight.

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Editor’s note: The threats that Mr. Cairo refers to may be found at either of the following web addresses.;_ylt=A0LEVvhgAMxUxnEA4h0nnIlQ

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