Joel Cairo’s Journal – January 6, 2015

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After a brief respite for traveling, I am once again back in the United States, planning my next attempt at my prize. But my attention is attracted by the undercurrent of sentiment against the man Boehner who is the current Speaker of the House of Representatives. This is an interesting situation because the House Republicans could have elected a much more effective person years ago, and they should have known that Boehner was a weak staff on which to lean. They may as well have put Wilmer Cook in as Speaker, considering that both talk a good game, but rarely deliver. As Mr. Spade so succinctly put it, “The cheaper the crook, the gaudier the patter.”


Mr. Boehner always talked a good game about how he wanted to oppose the present executive administration. Then, he complained about not having sufficient power to do so. He claimed that he needed the Senate in Republican control as well. But Boehner was incorrect, as the true information will show.


The simple fact on which this whole situation rests is that the House of Representatives controls government finances. With this in mind one must consider that during the time in which Mr. Boehner has controlled the House he has never exercised that authority to a significant degree at any time. The most important opportunity for him to do so was just a short time ago when the debt ceiling was about to be eclipsed and approval was needed to continue spending. It was the perfect opportunity to bring everything to a crashing halt, but Boehner folded like the well-known cheap suit and the battle was over before it had even been joined. It was as if he had the Falcon in his grasp at long last, but refused to close his fingers.


A similar situation occurred just this last December 2014 when the House could have passed a budget resolution to cover only two months or so, until the new legislature was seated, and then allow them to control the administrative excesses. Instead of using this wise approach he, again, gave up without even a struggle and promoted a nine-month spending resolution that would give the administration he claimed to want to fight, everything it wanted. Clearly, there is a significant problem in the House. As you can see, Boehner prevented the new Senate from taking any action, by letting the old Senate steal the march on them. Now, there is little or nothing that they can do because they have been thwarted before they even had a chance by the very man who said that he wanted them to help him. Clearly, the man Boehner is either a very good liar, or he lacks the courage to fight for what he says he believes in.


The result of Boehner’s lack of resolve or his disinterest in keeping his word has certainly resulted in a severe reduction in public confidence, which is the basis on which most politicians stand. A survey was conducted on Dec. 26-30, 2014 by the eminent pollster Pat Caddell. This national poll revealed that only 25 percent of Republican Party voters approved keeping Boehner in office. This should be the foundation of removing him, if the members of the 2015 House act on voter desires. They may not. And thereby we see the problem.


When an government is no longer trusted by the people who elected it and whom it is supposed to represent, then the legitimacy of that government must be called into question. Particularly, this is true when you consider that the US is supposed to be a government by the people. So when the people no longer believe that they are represented, then they are in the same position that they were in 1776.


Of course, the people are not the same as they were over 200 years ago, but one should still take note of popular sentiment, if you are in government. The case here appears to be that the people in charge are oblivious.


This fact was confirmed when the man Boehner was returned to office as Speaker of the House and with very little opposition. Very few people seemed to want to oppose him, regardless of his lack of popularity with the public, which certainly is not what the electorate wanted. Perhaps this will change later, but it seems unlikely.


And so the American people may well have destroyed their future happiness and prosperity in 2008 by electing a man who saw it as his mission to destroy that happiness and prosperity. A man who wanted to punish the people for their past success. But where people do not see what is in front of their faces, and refuse to grasp opportunity for a better future, then they also become responsible for what results. And if that result is a failure then they chose failure instead of success. It is not the America that I knew years ago in San Francisco when I thought I had located the falcon, but was tricked by the Russian instead. But that is another story.


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