Joel Cairo’s Journal – November 28, 2014

Joel Cairo


Listening to the chatter emanating from the halls of the European Community offices in Brussels this week was, to say the least, disturbing. The seemingly endless requests for recognition of a “Palestinian state,” to one well acquainted with the region, showed the utmost in foolishness, and a failure to understand where the benefits to Europe are located.

A little bit of history is in order here. The word “Palestine” is a derivative of a term from Roman or pre-Roman times – Philistine. It referred to a resident of a region known as Philistia, which corresponds roughly with what is sometimes known as the Holy Land. Philistines were not Arabs, and they, to all appearances, no longer exist as a recognizable people. The so-called modern Palestinians are, in fact, Arabs, and if they have any nationality at all, are most probably identified with Jordanians, although it has become painfully obvious since 1948 that the local Arab nations really want nothing to do with them, except to use them as a political football; a practice that has now fallen into disuse as the region has become increasingly unstable and such games are thus, much more risky to the participants.

As the situation in the Middle East has deteriorated, so has the stability of the European nations, which have, since roughly 1960 begun a catastrophic slide in to disaster by failing to maintain their cultural identities, becoming lazy economically, and importing foreign labor to do the jobs they suddenly found beneath them. The result has been declining native populations and a rise in the imports, none of which identify with the locations where they now live, and, who would have no problem, in fact, would prefer replacing the native culture with the one from whence they came.

Europe, as a result, is disappearing, and will, if the trend is not stopped, become an extension of the Middle East; devoid of all that it created through centuries of cultural development. The art, music, literature and religious artifacts will likely, all, be destroyed in the name of cultural purity by a band of barbarians who know little of true culture.

Returning to our point of origin, those cultural Philistines imported into Europe are of the same stock as the ones that the EU wants so desperately to recognize. They are as destructive, atavistic and violent as the Paris rioters who were not dealt properly with a few years ago. Somehow the present French have forgotten the lesson imparted by their national hero, Napoleon when he made use of the “whiff of grapeshot” in his time to deal with a similar trouble.

But within the location where these “Palestinians” want to reside is another nation, already present, recognized and within its rights to do so. That nation is Israel. Israel has no problem co-existing in peace with the other peoples of the region, as long as those peoples have the same intent; to live together in peace. They ask only that one thing. But the Palestinian pseudo-government refuses to take that step and maintains a position that the existence of Israel is illegitimate and that it must be eliminated. Instead of seeking peace it engages in terroristic attacks whenever it believes it can get away with them. It is the same position that the imports to Europe have taken with respect to the cultures of the regions where they now live. French, German, Scandinavian, English and so on must be eliminated and the remaining people forced to conform to the ways of the people they brought in, rather than the immigrants conforming to where they now live. When in Rome you no longer do as the Romans do. Instead you force the Romans to change.

If Europe wants to survive it must repudiate its imported labor stance and return to a hope grown population, self reliant and oriented on maintaining its ties to its past. It must also make note of its mistakes of the last several decades and correct them so that economic and population growth will return.

But note that the imported labor, now intent in transforming Europe is closely tied to the “Palestinians” and shares the same goals and purposes, if not directly, then indirectly, or in close correspondence with them. Neither recognizes the legitimacy of the Israeli state, or of the nations of Europe. For Europe to recognize a Palestinian state, regardless of the apparent diplomatic ideals and desires for peacemaking in the Middle East would be essentially the same thing as recognizing Al Qaida as a legitimate entity. It would be granting lawful status to terrorists. It would be accepting as friends the very people who seek to destroy you without the benefits of reciprocity. It would be one step closer to suicide, which is never a good idea.

Aside from the above, eliminating European culture and its traits would make much more difficult my pursuit and acquisition of the Black Bird. I trust that if nothing else would sway public opinion against such foolishness, the effect it would have on my quest might make a difference. At least, I would hope so.

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