Judy Miller the NY Times Princess … What happened!

jdthmlrJudy Miller aka Judith wrote an interesting book. She called it The Story. And I guess her claim to fame is she hunted for the WMD’s in Iraq. Not sure why she was there. And she appeared on TV defending her position, but she is a writer and not a commentator. If you are liberal, you really need to lie a bit and show some emotion. You can really show emotion especially when you write for the NY Times. Not!

She worked for the NY Times and reading between the lines she was fired because she didn’t spend another 30 days in jail. If she did maybe she would have a job at the NY Times today. And she also took the blame for convincing America to invade Iraq because she believed that Saddam was an evil person and possessed weapons of mass destruction.

Judith also delves into some facts like affirmative action which got her the job at the NY Times. They needed a woman to fill the quota. Though she felt unqualified, she jumped at the chance to get the job. Oddly enough she was also Jewish and Irish which may have solidified the entrance exam qualifications.

I find it funny that once there is some form of affirmative action bestowed by the loons, the recipients don’t seem to look at all at the other suppressed groups. Like how many Italian Polish Catholic American conservatives work at the NY Times in any important positions?

She was also proud to discuss her use of drugs and how birth control pills were the greatest invention ever. Maybe more important than sliced bread. It allowed women the freedom to bed down with any man, just for the shear pleasure of doing it. And with no long term commitment being offered. Not sure that is something for a lady to brag about!

Back to WMD’s. You still have idiots today that swear that there were never any WMD’s in Iraq and Colin Powell lied to the American people. Judy on page 2, actually quantifies how many weapons and quantities that were supposed to be there.

But it has been pretty well documented that the Republican Admin didn’t want to scare the public by claiming they found weapons of mass destruction. Our military was told not to tell the people at home that they smelled chemical weapons. The ones that were buried.

American Sniper writes about all the stuff Saddam buried. And one of the Seal team members in his book claimed that the weapons were given to al Qaeda and they re-buried them and then the military killed the guy that knew where they were buried.

The question really is where do you think Syria obtained the weapons of mass destruction. And Obama will do nothing. He will just put another red line in space.

One of the problems that no one seems to talk about is that Syrian rebels etc. received weapons from Obama. Since Obama was too scared to take out Syria’s air defenses, the rebels who became ISIL and ISIS moved on to bigger and better things. That is why they are now in Iraq and Afghanistan. While Obama flies around the world to collect money for the Obama Foundation and the Obama library, ISIS takes over more territory.   I Betcha that scares Obama or does it? But at least he is building on his ISIS legacy for the JV team!

Also the argument that Judith should make is once congress including Hillary approved the invasion of Iraq, it took 6 months before the invasion began. Chris Kyle saw barrels of chemicals that could be used to make chemical weapons. No one seems to talk about the missiles Saddam bought from North Korea. But poor Judy can’t seem to get a break.

The funny part about the book and probably the most interesting is Judy’s determination to go to jail. The publisher of the paper was really in favor of it. Now this nonsense was all about Libby and the hunt by Fitzgerald. And that goof Plame and her idiot husband.

And Judy’s time in jail lasted 85 days! And this was not a country club by any means. I guess it makes sense why make someone in contempt of court comfortable. But the funny part was that she had the Times’ lawyer who was a male. Why wouldn’t a female demand a woman attorney. So when things were going bad she relied on a liberal man. I assume she was being paid well for her time in jail, but it clearly wasn’t necessary. Libby gave her permission to testify about their conversations. Did her liberal lawyer conceal that fact!

Speaking of conversations, why would anyone with a half a brain share confidential or classified information with the press. On the record or off. And how would you really know it was true. But if it is what you want to hear why not. Also it was noted that there are several boards of editors that review material before it is published. Wonder how much real life experience they have?

So in the end Fitzgerald not only harassed Rove but he also harassed Ms. Miller. It wasn’t until she switched lawyers to Mr. Bennett did things get cleared up and she won her freedom. And she was allowed to sing like a bird. It appeared that Libby always gave permission and the communication allegedly was lost between the lawyers, until Bennett stepped in. Hopefully she was well rewarded for her time in the pokey. But you have to be pretty dumb today, to get yourself locked up. And the publisher of the Times wanted her to do 30 more days. So she would have had to spend about 115 days in jail to keep her boss happy. Doesn’t sound real smart. She lost on both counts. He didn’t offer to stay with her! It is funny when liberal woman trust liberal men.

One of the greatest lines appeared on page 300. She stated that: If Miller cared about money she would become an investment banker or married one. It might be ok to think this, but maybe not too smart to quote it in a book.

Another point she made was there were two fellow prisoners that were psychotic and on meds. So why do we have people like this in prison when they should probably be institutionalized. Wouldn’t you like to be a white policeperson dealing with these kooks!

But it makes you wonder if she was one of the best the NY Times had to offer, it is easy to conclude that this could be the reason why they are so screwed up. Why they allow journalists in war zones is incredibly stupid. If they can’t carry a gun, they should not be there!

If you are looking for a book that is less boring than Hillary’s book and want to know how a reporter/editor lives that works at the NY Times this is the book.

The book was written to clear her good name and put blame on the losers at the NY Times. Not sure if she accomplished those goals. I don’t think she caused us to go to Iraq and kick their butts. And I don’t think she was capable of ever finding WMD’s and I am not sure the military would ever allow her to find them.

Maybe Judy will find a spot on Fox News replacing Juan Williams. We can only hope.

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