Just Who Are the Lions and Who Are the Sheep?


French economist and political theorist Frederic Bastiat wrote in his 1850 treatise The Law that “When law and morality contradict each other, the citizen has the cruel alternative of either losing his moral sense or losing his respect for the law.” And following last month’s presidential election roughly 166 years later, one can no longer discern whether the rule of law still possesses any substantial foundation in ethics or morality, and hence, legitimacy.

In defeat, the Democratic Party under Obama has proved to have pivoted towards a Neo-Marxist agenda, its elected officials and pundits in mourning over their idol, the late Cuban communist dictator Fidel Castro, just as with Soviet-backed terrorist Nelson Mandela in South Africa. However, it was just three years ago when President Obama declined to send a delegation from his administration to attend former British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher’s funeral perhaps because of their stark ideological differences and the taint of her abominable genetic “white privilege” as an Anglo-Saxon conservative woman. In fast-forwarding to the fall of 2014, cities have been set a-blaze with such regularity either because of a random black thug who, in the process of committing a crime, was shot and killed by law enforcement in self-defense or for endangering innocent bystanders or, as has been discovered per WikiLeaks, were organized to disrupt president-elect Donald Trump by the Democratic National Committee and its paramount Jacobin, George Soros. And rather than graciously accept defeat, Hillary Clinton, through her third party intermediary and Green Party ally Jill Stein, has embarked upon recounts in three states traditionally part of the Democrat “blue wall”. In the process, they have inadvertently confirmed the Trump campaign’s worst fears of a “rigged election” based on withheld ballots or fabricated numbers.

But while Democrats will soon defy the inevitable classification of the Muslim Brotherhood as a terrorist organization by naming Rep. Keith Ellison of Michigan, himself a member, party chairman, the GOP now openly embraces Trump’s gaudy veneer of populist nationalism. If ever there is a lesson learned from the Election of 2016, it is to never underestimate the power of the letter strategically to the right of a candidate’s name when assessing the unbelievable ignorance behind American voters electing a man they do not fully understand.

The Republican Rejection of the Free Market

Investor’s Business Daily published a shocking exposé highlighting the “change” Barack Obama rammed through after hard left-wing socialism was replaced Election Night by its right-wing alter ego. If I told you the condemnation of capitalism in the following comment by Vice President-elect Mike Pence that “The free market has been sorting it out, and America’s been losing” while visiting the Carrier plant in Indiana — is reflected in the Economist/YouGov poll study where 57 percent of Republicans agreed with Pence while fewer Democrats (33 percent) disagreed with the outgoing Indiana governor — one’s jaw might drop to also learn that Barack Obama once lauded “The free market” in 2011 as “the greatest force for economic progress in human history. It’s led to a prosperity and a standard of living unmatched by the rest of the world.”

Oh, it was a brilliant political ploy, preying on the ignorance of the average American regarding the reflexivity of the free market. In fact, all Trump accomplished was for Carrier CEO Greg Hayes to admit in an interview with CNBC’s Jim Cramer that “Ultimately there will be fewer jobs,” given there exists no quid pro quo to what Carrier will contribute in exchange for government corporate welfare because the company would “use this investment to automate.” While the false narrative spun by Trump and Pence provides wonderful sound bytes in the short term, he is also immune from any culpability involved with the company shuttering operations in several key areas, perhaps even the Indiana plant itself, while Carrier’s competitor’s stand to feast off the void.

No candidate in recent memory has won the presidency by telling the whole truth and nothing but the truth about his economic agenda.

In fact, Red State columnist Ben Howe tweeted his own scintillating, scathing review about the prelude to “Trumpanomics”.

As fears for the future risk plunging America into her darkest hour, the communist leadership within the Democratic Party mourning paramount “social warrior” Fidel Castro of Cuba were defeated by an equally radicalizing Alt-Right GOP whose rhetoric has many universally comparing it to fascism a la Benito Mussolini’s Italy in its rejection of “the interests of the particular individual…,” with “the State as the true reality of the individual” in lauding microeconomist John Maynard Keynes’ book The End of Laissez-Faire (1926) as “a useful introduction to fascist economics… with scarcely anything to object to in it and there is much to applaud.” Italy was, by his own admission, not “a capitalist country according to the meaning… conventionally assigned to that term.” And not only is Trump employing Keynesian economic principles by rejecting the free market, he has at least once tweeted a direct quote by Mussolini.

Like with Trump peddling “the silent majority” narrative, Mussolini explained that fascism’s end was achieved by waging “war against socialism, not because it is socialism, but because it has opposed nationalism…,” that fascism must mobilize, to “intend to be an active minority….” 

“But if the middle class thinks that we are going to be their lightning rods,” he wrote, “they are mistaken.”

If Democrats celebrate Karl Marx’s call that “Workers unite!”, Republicans seem content admittedly replacing conservatism with a populist form of nationalist socialism. Will conservatives recall lessons from their history books and avoid President-Elect Trump’s embrace of a different form of tyranny?

That is the $64,000 question for Trump and the Republican National Committee. Then again, who are the lions, and who are the sheep?

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