Killing Kennedy by O’Reilly

Bill O’Reilly exposes what John F. Kennedy was really like.

This is a very good read. Especially the first half of the book Killing Kennedy. It portrays Kennedy as a self-centered buffoon. But we should take all written words with a grain of salt.  And you also get a taste of Robert Kennedy who was a typical Kennedy. They don’t appear to be too bright but they will fight for their cause. It is rumored that the Hillary supporters used to get into physical fights with the Obama supporters at Kennedy get-togethers. It must be fun to be at a Kennedy gathering.


It is hard to compare JFK to Lincoln, because Lincoln has been canonized for  freeing the slaves. In reality the slaves and the American Citizens freed the slaves. And Lincoln took to his grave the deaths of over 600,000 Americans and millions of dollars in property damage. Was the Civil War really worth it?


But Lincoln was written about at a time when the resources for capturing history were limited. And as we know today. most of the history written today as news reports and commentary probably lack any basis for accuracy.  There have been many cases where videos have been doctored and Dan Rather is still looking for the smoking gun that he imagined existed.


The big common thread is that both Lincoln and Kennedy were stupid. They were told many times that their lives were in danger. And when the Secret Service tells you something, you listen. When you see presidents strolling down  the street unprotected after an inauguration speech, it must drive the Secret Service up the wall. And in the book, the Secret Service knew that Kennedy was a sitting duck, if he rode with the top down. After all he took the risk so that he could win Texas in the upcoming election.


The downside is that after these folks have their brains shot out, they are gone. Then the people, family and country are left to mourn the loss. And the costs are outrageous.


One good thing about JFK was that he lowered taxes. I guess Obama missed that lesson. And the economy grew. Unfortunately LBJ burned through that money faster then a Cheetah chasing his prey. And his Great Society of spending has saddled our country with unheard of deficits ever since. And the level of poverty has grown larger.


I remember when the announcement came over the loud speaker at grade school, one of my classmates named Peter started bawling. It struck me as kind of odd. At that age, what did he really know about JFK.


The high points were about JFK’s personal life. I wonder how many guys will use JFK’s excuse for infidelity. If I don’t engage, I will get a headache.  And Jackie O stayed out of his way.  She made it as easy as possible for JFK to entertain the ladies.


Jackie was impressive. To think, she married into one of the richest families in America. And 5 years later she married one of the richest men in the world. They tried to paint her as the mother and designer of the Whitehouse. But the book is not clear as to how many nannies she had. But why she decided to go to Texas on that dreadful day is very hard to imagine. It must have been Kismet.


The book tries to give JFK some praise for his handling of  the Bay of Pigs, but if Kennedy had some back bone he would have knocked Castro out of the box on day one. Instead he just antagonized Castro and created a devoted enemy of a neighbor so close to our homeland for over 50 years.  JFK could have put an end to Castro in a matter of minutes. But he kept looking in the mirror and was more concerned with his re-election then saving the people of Cuba. And ironically, that is what brought him to Texas.


Kennedy had a lot of enemies and anyone could have been tied to a plot to kill JFK. But the book really does not take any license to create conspiracy theories. You are left to wonder was it LBJ, Cubans, Mafia or Russians or just Oswald.  You can only imagine what would have happened to JFK and Bobby if JFK was not killed. Like Obama the press loved JFK and they would continue to cover-up all the affairs and errors that JFK was part of during his short life as president.


I met JFK’s Whitehouse physician.  Dr. Janet Travell kept JFK up and running. It is alleged that it was her treatment that kept him off the crutches long enough to win the election. She was a great lady. It is hard to imagine that there were female physicians way back then.  And she was one of the best.


If I was Joe Kennedy and had all his money, I would have stayed out of politics. Not sure if the Kennedy’s ever accomplished anything useful. I would have offered an island called Camelot for all the Kennedy’s to live and procreate.  And today most would still be alive.  


JFK’s son it is alleged promised his mother never to fly a plane. My guess  is because a fair number of Kennedys died in plane crashes. As soon as his mother died he took up flying. And how did he die foolishly? Along with his wife and sister in a plane crash.


There is a special year. It is 2027. Some records have been sealed. I hope I am around long enough to see the final pieces. Will we know then who killed JFK! What is sealed about Martin Luther  King Jr.


It is a great read.  And if you don’t know much about the facts leading up to the assassination, you will find the entire book informative.


It would be a tough call to say who knew least about running the government Obama or JFK. You can  make the call.  But like Clinton, JFK knew how to get the girls to lie down. The part about swimming naked in the Whitehouse pool must have been a blast.  JFK’s staff and guests couldn’t hide anything while swimming with the president. Including their modesty!


When people claim we must respect the office of the president, but maybe not the man, with stories like these you have to wonder how the people of the United States can elect folks like Clinton, JFK and Obama!


Couple of points I found interesting. JFK liked to travel similar to Obama on the taxpayer dime. JFK traveled 75,000 miles in 13 months.


JFK could have drove to Dallas from Houston but he ordered  a 13 minute flight in order to give a lasting impression of Air Force One landing in Dallas. And in the end it was the same plane that flew his body back to DC for the last time.


And the NY Times leaked the invasion of Cuba to Castro. So back then the Times favored socialism over American Patriotism. Sometimes things never change!  

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