Kim Davis and Faith

Kim Davis, a devout Christian has been sent to jail for the belief that homosexuality is immoral. The Christian church has been under considerable pressure to change its teachings on homosexuality to conform to the modern “standards” that are being forced on society, Christian children in public schools are being indoctrinated into believing that homosexuality is a “right” because the Supreme Court said so. The State is not required to follow and religious teachings as evident in some of the decisions that our courts have made. Neither do the courts, as symbols of the state have to ability to enforce laws against religious teachings.
Mrs, Davis is an employee of the State and as such is required to fulfill the duties of her office as required by law. She is paid well, and as any employee, is required to follow the rules as pertains to her job. Being a Member of public service she is required to follow the laws and do the jobs as given to her. Even the White House, through Josh Earnest stated today that” she should follow the law just as President Obama does”. (OK, stop laughing, Earnest really said that, I saw it on video.)
Mitch McConnell, that bastion of conservatism, wouldn’t comment, calling it a state issue. Rand Paul stated this” If you want to convince people that same sex marriage is something that should be acceptable, I would say try to persuade people. If you are going to use the federal government and get involved in every locality it is going to harden peoples resolve.”
That being said, there are troubling issues here. Christians are being sacrificed on the altar of political correctness. Following the word of God is the responsibility of every Christian. The damage is done when the word of a tyrannical government is considered more than the word of God.
I am confident in saying there is no right anywhere in the Constitution that requires gay marriage be allowed. It is only the power of the Supreme Court and five progressive judges who sit there that has given this so called right to homosexuals. The constitution makes quite clear that the states have the right to make laws on subjects not specifically given to the federal government. This is one of those cases where the Supreme Court is making laws rather than examining, and enforcing them. County attorney Watkins, said “ he will not and can not support her” in her refusal to obey the Constitution. I would appreciate if he could show me where the founders wrote anything that condones homosexual marriage. This is a Christian nation founded on Christian principles no matter how much the atheist and progressives dislike it.
Kim Davis is a Christian, of that there in no doubt. She is willingly putting her Christian faith above all else in an act of civil disobedience that puts all she holds dear at risk.
Of course, rather than holding a respectful discussion about what should be done in this situation, the gay mafia descended. She has been threatened to have her house burned down she has had her personal past thrown to the wolves in the media, and has even been threatened with bodily harm. This from the same gay lobby that only a few years ago claimed they would have been happy with civil unions, that they only wanted to be recognized. It is hard for them to understand that there are those who will not agree with their lifestyle, but wish them no harm. It is depressing that they feel all must agree with tem, or pay the price that they feel is sufficient to make the point. We must bake them cakes, we must perform wedding ceremonies, we must do everything they want in order for them to feel they are superior to a heterosexual way of life. I always chuckle when I hear those who confidently espouse, “She must follow the law or get out”. What a bunch of self righteous self centered tyrants. What makes you think you are any better than anyone else, or that you have all the answers. There are a great many people who refuse to live in your culturally decadent world, and live by God’s law not mans.
If we don’t we are castigated like Mrs. Davis. Words will be splashed everywhere about our personal lives. They will make sure everyone knows she has been married four times and divorced three. She has I am sure made other mistakes in her life as we all have that will be trumpeted to all as soon as they are found. What all the news reports don’t tell you is that she found Christ at the age of 44 about four years ago. As all Christians can, she has repented her sins and pledged to live her life for the Lord. Does this mean she will sin no more, of course not. We are all sinners and it is only through the grace and mercy of God that we are saved. She is an Apostolic Christian, whose followers are strict adherents to the teaching of the Bible as the infallible word of the Lord. I belong to a congregation that is much the same. I came to God at 55, after thirty years of laughing at those who believed in God. There are things that I have done in my past that I am not proud of, but there is a deep fundamental peace that non believers can not understand. So they ridicule those that do believe abd try to shake their faith. I imagine Mrs, Davis faith is being attacked from many sides right now, by the media, by progressives and other non believers who always fight so hard to tell you that you are wrong about something that they claim doesn’t exist. But her faith will hold, and as Christ said in the Bible “ let he who is without sin cast the first stone’.

John Velisek USN (Ret.)

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