Kissinger’s World Order While Obama Fiddles on the Golf Course and the Heavens

ksngrwrldordrKissinger wrote a book on World Order. It is quite informative. A slow read, but chock full of history. Basically world order was meant to be a balance of power between all the super powers. And wars were fought to bring the order back to equilibrium. Today we are faced with a different issue. Countries that were nothing for the most part have nuclear weapons and have lost control of their nations. And words like Democracy probably should not be used as a global concept.

Not too long ago Obama wanted Assad of Syria to step down for the sake of democracy. To a liberal, democracy is nothing more than a dictatorship run by liberals and communism. To a non-liberal democracy means capitalism is allowed to run free to a certain extent and democracy really refers to a republic run by corrupt individuals. The entities per se can never be corrupt only the individuals who run and manipulate them can be labeled as corrupt.

The problem today is the reach of Islam. Even though they were powerful at one time, there was a balance of power between them and Europe. The most powerful Sultan bowed to no one but was able to work with the non-Muslims in a balancing act. But weapons changed all that and now the weapons have reached another level and large bands of men for the most part can rise up and take over less protected areas in the name of Allah.

Using the balance of power notion, the Islamic world is going through a change that will result in the loss of dictators and monarchs with a gain of new monarchs and dictators.

In Egypt and other parts of the world the women are sitting there with their burkas on wondering what the heck happened. They thought they were fighting for freedom and they got the short end of the stick.

But over time this will all settle down, as long as none of these despots decide to invade the western world. Like a 9/11. Once that happens then revenge would be expected, unless you have an Obama as presidente. Then he would just make red lines and try to control the climate and the ozone. Instead of fighting for Freedom. Inequality is not about freedom.

On page 103 Hank writes about   Christendom becoming a philosophical and historical concept, not an international order. This is the problem that the liberals and spineless can’t get a handle on. Islam is still attempting to be an international order. Do you want immigrants in this country who are beholding to Islam as more than just a religion? Do they get the same rights as those who just practice religion for religious sake.

On page 129 Dr. Kissinger wrote that ” Order can not be achieved by consensus or imposed by force, it will be wrought , at disastrous and dehumanizing cost, from the experience of chaos.” What is taking place in the areas ignored by Obama are considered zones of non-governance. These are great places for folks like ISIS to set up shop and take control of the region while Obama hems and haws about gun control while our enemies seem to have no problem getting all the guns they want! These zones of non-governance were created by Obama and only Obama.

Teddy Roosevelt is mentioned saying that you can’t take arms away from honest men while dangerous men retain theirs. Disarmament was an illusion. So after any mass shooting you can count on Obama to read a prepared speech about taking your guns away. America has well over 300 million guns out there in many households. And Obama has made no attempt to keep the guns out of the hands of thugs. And those for the most part are illegal guns. The problem comes down to the mentally deranged, criminally insane and loons. It was the liberals that wanted to treat every mental issue with drugs and allow them on the street. It was the liberals who feed drugs to our children. But they are proud to say that illegal drugs is not a violent crime. I don’t care what you call it. Fix the problem. Abortion is about unwanted pregnancies. Illegal drugs is about codependency, and guns don’t shoot themselves. It takes a loon to shoot unarmed individuals. And it takes a bigger loon to try to take away the guns from the honest person. Citizens should focus on the solution to the underlying problems. If there are no unwanted pregnancies there would be no need for abortions. And so on and so forth.

Some could argue that Truman was an idiot. Maybe a coward like Obama. He should have told Stalin to take a hike and get back to the Russian border. According to Gromyko page 282 Stalin would never have risked a general war with the United States over the control of Eastern Europe. So Truman set up the Cold War Era and sacrificed the freedom of a lot of Europeans and aided and abetted the spread of communism. Must have made the folks at the NY Times happy.

He also thought that by giving Stalin everything he wants,   “If he gives him everything he asks for… he can’t try to annex anything and will work for a world of democracy and peace.”

It going to be tough for historians to figure out who was the worse president. I nominate Lincoln, FDR, Truman, Clinton, and Obama. Which one left their indelible mark on history. Which will take decades to correct!

Let me try to make it easy for the political geniuses. Measure the gain and loss of Freedom. The United States was founded on Freedom. And we have let the corruption and greed of politicians to abandon such an important principle.

So when these losers are going to make a global decision, instead of measuring inequality, climate and all this other nonsense. Measure the level of freedom. You can have the best healthcare in the world, but if you are not free is it worth the price you had to pay!


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