Klein’s Unlikable Hillary is Pretty Funny

unlkeableBut funny like comedienne funny but not so much as a politician. But as the liberal media keeps covering for her like they did for Billy, just maybe the Democrats will be stuck with her as a candidate.

From several sources, Hillary and all the Clintons are liars. All you have to do is read her emails, and it contradicts pretty much all of what has been said. But what difference does it make.

Even today she wants Silicon Valley to crack down on ISIS. Does she know you need an executive order from Obama to do that. And he doesn’t want to hurt the poor ISIS followers who need social media to make a living.

Back to Klein from several sources some unnamed claims that Hillary is a liar and is unlikable. She doesn’t like people. I guess she would be better off being a dictator. Almost all presidents that have been elected by the uninformed people, have done so because they trusted the leader. In the case of Obama, it was all fabrications. And if Hillary doesn’t run against Obama and his Dreams… She can’t possibly win!

So like the show “Survivor”, Hillary will need to get an opponent to run against her that is less likable then she is.

And lets face it there are not enough stupid women out there to vote for her, and she is trying to do this in small crowds and without Billy Bob. I would hope that women could find a better candidate like a Margaret Thatcher. You still need a level of charisma to be president, and Hillary is a dope. And she thinks she can fool the voters. Actually she has never won a national election, and the odds are she never will.

Hillary likes to employ women. And this Huma gal is a Muslim. And I understand she may be very good at her work, but why would Hillary choose a Muslim as her top advisor. Same with Obama, we know nothing about Jarrett, but at least we know she is secular. And she is in meetings with Obama and Lady Obama constantly. Do we really know anything about these people. And when these clowns are running, shouldn’t the media ask questions about their top advisors. Obama has all these dreams, but he couldn’t fight his way out of a paper bag, do we really believe any liberal could take on ISIS. They can make up stories and lay blame pretty much any where. But can they kill a terrorist? Or would they rather rehab them and set them free.

Klein writes: “She (Hillary) always said her work (at state) was twice as hard because she was constantly cleaning up the messes of George W Bush left behind.”

I guess I rest my case here. And what difference does it make. But looking at the emails and reading her book, Hillary was nothing but a figure head at State and Obama and Jarrett (who ever she is) ran the show. And there are many inferences in the book about this. Hillary could have nipped ISIS in the bud. Instead she helped give weapons to ISIS and did nothing to protect the Americanos in Libya. But of course as she said under oath… it was not her job. If it wasn’t her job, what messes did she clean up? It appears messes were being created as the Clintons were paid millions for speeches while the coffers of the Clintons’ money scams grew in leaps and bounds. And Klein lists a bunch of savory acquaintances that handed over big bucks for great Clinton favors.

Klein has Billy saying: “When we (Clintons)   were in the Whitehouse we balanced the budget , not like the jerks who came after us and ran up 18 trillion in debt.”

Billy seems to forget that he ran up the deficit about $1.5 trillion. About as much as the Great President George W. Bush. It was Obama the guy that was doing “what Clinton would do” that ran the deficit up. And we are now past $20 Trillion and still growing.

And Clinton is responsible for liberal actions that led to more socialism which adds to the deficit. And he didn’t do much about terrorism but killed a few janitors along the way.

Klein also writes: That Billy said “Obama makes promises and doesn’t deliver;

you promise and deliver.” Billy was on the soapbox telling Hillary how to win the election.

So let me see what this means. Billy knows that Obama is a liar and can’t deliver on his promises. But Billy campaigned for Obama’s second term. So whose the liar. Whose not very trustworthy and who is unlikable?

Some more funny stuff: Jarrett tells BO and the lady: “If Republican wins in 2016 would be the worst possible fate for BO’s legacy.” There is nothing that will help the legacy owners of ISIS, illegal immigration and ObamaCare!

Klein also implies that as a Jarrett vendetta, the Clintons were not invited to the Selma Shindig. I thought they were home deleting their emails.

Unlikeable by Edward Klein is a quick and enjoyable read. There is one quote that I hope will bring home the travesty on America.

“No one is dumb who is curious” by Neil deGrasse Tyson. The implication is that if you keep voting blindly for liberals you deserve what you get. The liberal media loves these folks. They make more of your money if they support liberalism. Please start being curious and ask common sense questions. If you do then people will stop calling you… Dumb.

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