Knocking The Immoral Left Off Its High Horse

Just what is it about leftists and their fellow liberal travellers that compels them to proselytize for Socialism? In their holier-than-thou condescending style, leftists and liberals love to dictate to people about what is and isn’t moral as if their ideology is the perfect truth which all should follow. Their default position is Socialist and liberal beliefs are more enlightened and therefore, they are automatically morally superior to everyone else. Socialists and Liberals will be shocked and offended should anyone dare to question their perfect truth and will become outraged, angry and even violent should dissenters refuse to be brow-beaten into believing Socialist dogma.

Filled with what can be described as a fantasy-driven misguided hubris at best, the left has no problem in demonizing anyone who dares to oppose them. Their nasty little tactic is to portray opponents as immoral. As haters. As intolerant bigots. As unbalanced individuals who are filled with prejudice and irrational fear: Homophobes, Xenophobes, and the quite frankly absurd Islamophobe. Socialists will also twist and distort reality by smearing opponents as “far right” Fascists or Nazis. And let’s not forget their favorite Orwellian hate crime of all, the modern day heresy of racism.

What’s quite astonishing is how anyone from the left is regarded as moral and actually taken seriously. It’s as if the minds of the masses have been wiped clean of the diabolical nature and the murderous history of Socialism in the same way Hilary Clinton’s private email server has allegedly been wiped clean of incriminating emails.

I don’t think the left should be allowed to claim the moral high ground because there’s nothing moral about Socialism. To prove this, here’s just a small sample of what the morally bankrupt left actually stands for along with the abhorrent history of Socialism.

  1. Karl Marx, the Godfather of the left, was a man who called for classes and races too weak to accept the new conditions of life – that being HIS socialism – to be exterminated. It would be achieved by what he called “revolutionary terror”. This terror would be directed at the “bourgeoisie”, the upper and middle classes. Marx’s vision was for a classless, stateless society, where the working class – the proletariat – would control the means of production. Those who dared to oppose this dictatorship of the proletariat would have to “give way” and Marx knew this would lead to the slaughter of millions of people. In other words, opposition to Socialism will not be tolerated, it will be stamped out. How Karl Marx is regarded as a genius philosopher is baffling.
  1. The Union of Soviet Socialist Republics – The USSR – the world’s first Communist state, was born out of revolutionary terror. Between 1918 and 1991, the Soviet Union slaughtered an estimated SEVENTY MILLION of its own people including starving around seven million people to death in the Ukraine between 1932-34. This happened while Stalin continued to export millions of tons of grain including to his then allies in Nazi Germany. That’s another major aspect of World War Two that’s been conveniently forgotten. Leftists claim Nationalism was the cause of World War Two. They forget the war was started by National Socialist Germany and the USSR who were allies and who both invaded Poland. World War Two was started by SOCIALISM not Nationalism. The invasion of Poland was an act of revolutionary terror to conquer Poland and impose Socialism. Do you doubt this? Look at what happened to Poland AFTER the war was over.
  1. Marx’s call for revolutionary terror and the diabolical mass murder of people has been committed in other Socialist states most notably, The Peoples’ Republic of China, Vietnam, the killing fields of Cambodia, Cuba, Ethiopia, North Korea and many more including National Socialist Germany. In total, Socialism has slaughtered between 150-200 million people AND COUNTING. Socialist regimes have also imprisoned, tortured and enslaved at least as many in forced labor camps. These atrocities are not a coincidence; the perpetrators know what they’re doing: Obeying Karl Marx. Yet Socialists have the audacity to highlight slavery as an atrocity committed by the right and are demanding all symbols related to the Confederacy to be banned. If they were so offended by slavery, they would be calling for a ban on all symbols related to Socialism. Their lack of self-awareness is staggering and their hypocrisy is nauseating.
  1. Leftists and Liberals absolutely love to smear opponents as Nazis. In fact, Nazism belongs firmly on the left. Nazism is an abbreviation for National Socialist German Workers Party. The only way Nazism differs to Communism is that it is National Socialism whereas Communism is International Socialism. All of the rest is the same old Socialist dogma – state control of means of production, forcibly imposed collectivism with the individual reduced to a servant of the state and obviously, the Nazis were fiercely anti-capitalism. Whilst he was still a journalist, Adolf Hitler was invited to join the then German Workers Party – the DAP – after giving a beguiling speech on how capitalism could be destroyed. The Nazis also promoted promiscuity, abortion, expanded the welfare state, and Hitler himself was a vegetarian and an environmentalist. The Nazis were pro-gun control and one of the first things they did was to outlaw gun ownership.

Then there’s the mass murder of human beings. The Nazis killed about 21 million people, a bit of an amateur effort compared to the Communist killing machines in the USSR and the Peoples’ Republic of China. It should never ever be forgotten that Nazism is a leftist ideology firmly rooted in Marxism. You cannot understand Communism or Nazism without understanding Marxism. This also applies to Mussolini’s Fascism – Italian National Socialism. Ignorant leftists who accuse others of being “far right” Nazis share the same Socialist beliefs as Stalin, Mao, Mussolini and Hitler. Remind them: Socialism is the progression to the Gulags of the USSR, the Laogais of China and the Konzentrationslagers of Nazi Germany. Odd how all of these brutal Socialist regimes had forced labor camps isn’t it?

  1. As almost everyone knows, the Nazis were racial supremacists who regarded all non-Germanic, non-Aryan races as inferior. They despised the Roma and the Jews but they also regarded white races such as Slavs and Celts as untermenschen – Sub human.

But where did Adolf Hitler get this hatred from? He didn’t think of it, he was a second-rate intellectual after all. He got it directly from the Godfather of Socialism Karl Marx. The Nazis didn’t call their nefarious aim to make Europe Judenrein “The Holocaust.” They called it “The Final Solution”. The final solution to what? The Jewish Question. Who asked the Jewish question and provided the final solution? Karl Marx.

So, whenever you hear a shrieking progressive bigot screaming “racist”, take the opportunity to remind them that Socialism is a racist ideology right to its very core.

  1. Racist in the usage as we know it now, is a pejorative Marxist construct, a thought-control weapon designed to silence dissenters and brainwash people into meekly accepting the creeping colonization of their land, the dilution of their culture and the erasing of their identity.

Racism is a weapon of ethnic cleansing and it’s only deployed against one group of people: Western Europeans who are proud of their nations and who wish to preserve their culture and identities. Racism is the Marxist term for tribalism and the word racism has no meaning to the tribal peoples of Africa and South America, the Oriental races of Asia and the Arabic peoples of the Middle East. All of whom, incidentally, must be regarded as racists by Socialists if they apply their dogma evenly. No chance of that though.

This word has been around for over a century and initially it wasn’t pejorative.

It became pejorative thanks to the Marxist revolutionary (there’s that word again) Leon Trotsky, the man who created the Red Army. Trotsky was a firm

believer in the application of revolutionary terror and it was he who set up the concentration camps (Gulags), compulsory labor camps and implemented state control of trades unions.

To make Socialism dominant in the USSR and eliminate opposition, Trotsky instigated many brutal practices including summary execution which would be adopted by another Socialist font of humanity, Joseph Stalin. Indeed, Stalin accused Trotsky of betraying the working class and ordered for Trotsky to be summarily executed. After a couple of botched attempts including the murder of Trotsky’s bodyguard, Spanish-born Soviet agent Ramón Mercader killed Trotsky with an ice-pick.

During the mid-twentieth century, Marxist scholars such as Herbert Marcuse realized the working class people of the West had rejected Socialism. To solve this problem, they decided to import people into the West who would become the new oppressed proletariat who would take Socialism forwards. With this evolution, Marxists abandoned the working class people of the West and adopted the causes of minorities – women, homosexuals and especially immigrants. Racist was the Orwellian thought control weapon they used against those who opposed mass immigration. Their plans were boosted by events in South Africa, where the white minority was branded as racists who were cruelly oppressing the black majority through its “racist” system of apartheid.

Since the end of apartheid and the imposition of black Marxist ANC rule, over 3000 Boer famers have been killed by black South Africans. This is genocide of the Boers but unlike the outrage the International community had for apartheid, this genocide is ignored.

This shows is why racism is a racist term itself because it only works one way. The word racist is used by leftists who believe they are white knights protecting ethnic minorities from evil haters. In fact it is a thought control weapon designed to stifle opposition to the spread of Communism – International Socialism – the dismantling of Western capitalist states and the creation of a one world stateless Socialist society. It is a smear to demonize people who are loyal to their nation, its culture and who wish to preserve them for future generations of their people. Smug, self-righteous Socialists who deploy this thought-control weapon are nothing more than subverts who are working to destroy nations. In other words, racism is the weapon of a traitor. And remember: This pejorative word was coined by Leon Trotsky, a Marxist revolutionary who is responsible for the murders of between 2-4 million people.

Far from having the moral high ground, the evidence of Socialism is that it is a violent, supremacist, hate-filled totalitarian ideology. It’s a racist ideology that is destroying Western civilization and it’s way past time for people to stop listening to pious bigoted leftists and to remind them of the abhorrent truth about Socialism and its evil, murderous history.

Christopher J. Green is the author of the new book “Death of the Family – True Stories of the Charlatans Who Deceived the World and Broke the Backbone of our Society.” If you’re looking for answers to explain how and why America is in deep social decay then this book will help you find them. For more info, go to Death of the >>

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