Latest Felons to be Released by Obama Probably Not Just Peaceful Drug Dealers

vlntcrmPresident Obama’s press releases describing the inmates he is freeing fail to include the rest of their criminal histories.

Obama has commuted the prison sentences of 79 more felons, bringing the total number he’s commuted to 1,023 federal inmates, more than the previous 11 presidents combined. He’s probably not finished, either, Deputy Attorney General Sally Yates told reporters the Department of Justice will be recommending even more commutations before his term is over.

Who are these people whose sentences have been commuted? Although roughly one third are serving life sentences, they are merely described as “drug dealers,” with a description of each one’s drug crimes listed on Obama’s press releases.

Neil Eggleston, counsel to the president, claimed, “The vast majority of today’s grants were for individuals serving unduly harsh sentences for drug-related crimes under outdated sentencing laws.” The only other type of crime noted in the press release was unlawful possession of a firearm by a handful of the offenders.

But many are more than that.

As I’ve explained previously, many if not most of the felons have long criminal histories, and they were often sentenced for drug crimes after being charged with a more serious offense. It is common for a felon charged with a violent crime to plea down to drug dealing. Many were sentenced to life imprisonment as repeat offenders for previous felonies that could have been violent crimes.

When I was a prosecutor, I saw hundreds of case files, and almost every defendant had long rap sheets that even the judge wasn’t allowed to see when determining sentencing. Some case files were a foot high.

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