Law School Debt Crisis NY Times Rebuttal

stntdlndbtIt is quite funny that the liberal NY Times is attacking an educational institution. And most educational institutions are run by liberals. And they are attacking law schools and most lawyers appear to be liberal. So what are some of the NY Times shared facts? Regarding the  Florida Coastal School of Law:

Ninety-three percent of the school’s 2014 graduating class of 484 had debts and the average was almost $163,000…

Yahoo! Can I let you in on a dirty little secret, most people could not pay back a personal debt of over $50,000. Remember some of these folks can’t even pay their rent. How are they going to pay the interest alone on $50,000. And there are a lot of lawyers that don’t make much more than $60,000. That would be a debt payment of about $7,500 the first year, if they planned to pay it off in 20 years, So triple that for the losers at $163,000.

But one successful malpractice case could pay for that and then some.

One thing you have to realize is that lawyers create jobs for lawyers. Check any government out and you will see tons of lawyers. It wasn’t always that way. Look at the presidential candidates. Most of our best presidents Reagan were not lawyers. And most of our worse presidents FDR, Obama, Lincoln have been lawyers.

One thing a lawyer has to do is creates business. Healthcare professionals only need put up a sign and the business comes. They heal people, lawyers create problems in most cases.

But every malpractice case is brought by a lawyer against a healthcare professional or hospital that you want to cure you. And at the end of the battle the lawyer makes more money than the patient and the physician. And why is that?

Well because the insurance company is involved. And they give your money away so lawyers can get rich. And by the way very few do. Three of the worse institutions are banks, insurance companies and governments. And they are run by you guessed it, lawyers.

So back to the farm, it is unconscionable for anyone to have school debt over $30,000. And the reason the tuition is so high is because of financial aid and school loans.

NY Times writes: In 2006, Congress extended the federal Direct PLUS Loan program to allow a graduate or professional student to borrow the full amount of tuition, no matter how high, and living expenses. The idea was to give more people access to higher education and thus, in theory, higher lifetime earnings.
But broader access doesn’t mean much if degrees lead not to well-paying jobs but to heavy debt burdens. That is all too often the result with
PLUS loans.

So the idiots at the Times are blaming the loan program. You have to blame the entire financial aid system. If they weren’t pouring so much taxpayer money into the educational institutions they would never be able to afford to charge the outrageous tuitions. No one could pay it!

So take note middle class: You are paying the tuition twice. Once in taxes that go to all that financial aid recipients and then again when you pay the outrageous tuition and fees for you and your family. Very similar to socialism and ObamaCare.

And that is the key failure of all socialism. Socialism by itself is a failure all the time. You need robust capitalism to pay for the socialism. And the socialism works best when it only goes to a select few, like college professors and politicians. Once you include everyone, like free tuition for everyone, there is no way that you can pay for that.

Unless. Do you know in places like Italy the teacher and physician make about the same amount of money each and every month in Euros? Well ObamaCare and Medicare are designed to bring down healthcare wages and Clinton Free College will be designed to bring down college wages. But the advent of learning by computers could make most professors obsolete. Wonder if they will be so liberal after that!

The Times implies that the taxpayer pays on defaulted loans. To have your student loan cancelled seems to be a difficult task in the real world. But in a liberal world it is probably simple. And let’s face it, unless we bring back debtors’ prison for wayward students not much will happen. Catch this one on the what if you cancel your loan page: Often, when you cancel your loan, the government will also reimburse you for payments already made, and help clean up your credit record. In some situations, you won’t be able to cancel the entire loan, but you may be able to get rid of a portion of the loan.”

Yahoo! Funny when you put liberals in charge. The onus should be on the schools. They collected the money, they should be required to pay the defaulted loans. Maybe they will think twice about filling the seats with losers just to make money. Funny: Socialists more concerned about making money than teaching those who can be taught!

Students have a right to bet on the lottery. But they should take responsibility if they lose. If they have been lied to, then the schools need to pay. The world will surely be a better place if we had more system sucking lawyers! Not!

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