Left-wing Site Lies About Pat Robertson Lying

Pat RobertsonAddicting Info, a left-wing news site, claimed this week that a lady who couldn’t pay her 700 Club yearly dues asked Pat Robertson for his advice and he suggested that she take out a second mortgage to cover their club expenses. Labeling him a “lying Charlatan who has showed us the Mark of the Beast”, they claim he’s a scam artist of the most evil kind. One that would persuade a naive elderly couple who can’t afford to keep their lights on, not alone pay a yearly membership fee, to give up their home in exchange for the benefit of being a valued 700 Club member.

The only problem is that never happened … at all. A woman who goes by the name of Maria opened her statement on the program with a show of appreciation by telling Robertson she’s been a proud 700 Club partner for years. She went on to say that she was thinking of getting a reverse mortgage because she works a second job and the retirement money that comes in doesn’t cover all their basic expenses. Clearly confused on what to do, she asked for Pat’s opinion on the matter.  He stated that, “though reverse mortgages can be good for the homeowner since they can’t take your home away while you’re still alive, when you pass on someone is responsible for the bill and it’s usually the taxpayers, which is not good.” \

He closed by stating the best thing for her to possibly do is “seek professional advice for the best answer to any questions you may have.”  Now wait a minute. I thought Addicting Info claimed she couldn’t pay her yearly membership dues and that sham Robertson told her to put her house up to make sure he gets paid. Someone is clearly lying here, but which one is it? Is Robertson (as Addicting Info claims) the senior citizen fraudster that will get his money by hook or crook, even if it means losing your home? Or is Addicting Info trying to smear the name of the 700 Club to coax it’s readers into blindly following their anti-Christian, anti-conservative agenda, even if they have to blatantly lie during the process to do so? Watch the video and give your thoughts, and make sure to check out the comments to see what effect misleading stories have on unsuspecting followers.



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