Legacy of the Great Obama. Part One.

Legacy of the Great Obama. Part One.


By Dr. Phil Taverna


I am positively certain that if we could look in the minds of Obama, Michelle and Jarrett we would all have to admit, that Obama was the greatest president ever.  It is great to use the right side of the brain, and imagination becomes reality.


But if we look at the facts, Obama was the worse. Obama created an army of cry babies and racists.


He was the first 50% Black president. And he was the most liberal president we ever had. Folks like Carter and JFK, WJC and RFK may have been as liberal, but lived at a time when Obama liberalism would not be tolerated.


Obama was president when Bin Laden was assassinated. It would have made more sense to capture him. He was a coward and did not put up any resistance. Like Saddam let his own people try him and hang him. These idiots imagine that each time we kill a Muslim, more terrorists are created. It seems that when we don’t kill them, they are still being created. So if you assassinate a big cheese like Bin Laden, how many terrorists were created by Obama?


You could argue that he took a mediocre economy and transformed it into a mediocre economy strapped with ObamaCare and more regulations then you could possibly imagine.


When the truth comes out, Obama allowed into our country the most number of refugees and illegal immigrants. And supported and promoted all sanctuary cities. The fiefdoms of equality.


Obama campaigned for Hillary. He told the folks if she did not get elected it would bring an end to Obama’s legacy. What legacy? Don’t tell Obama that Hillary lost. And let me be the first to say, that Hillary probably lost because the Obamas campaigned for Hillary. The liberal media also came out in numbers. Preaching liberal ideology, that liberals would call vitriol. People became deaf to all the anti-Trump rhetoric. There was a time when liberal media actually reported the news. Now it is all liberal opinion and not very persuasive. In the long run, this did not help Hillary.


Lets not forget the inflated tire Obama rule. If you keep you tires inflated, we won’t be dependent on foreign oil. In that same vane, climate change and global warming is based on the same unproven scientific theory of the rule of inflating tires. One is filled with air, the other filled with hot air. Obama promoted the fight against climate change and global warming. And globally he had little or no effect. It is all about the carbon tax. Where do you supposed that revenue will go? And guess who pays for  it in the end? The consumer and the taxpayers.


Obama probably takes credit for same sex marriage. An Obama paradigm shift from against it to in favor of same sex marriage. But it was the supreme court that made the shift, not Obama. Funny as we look back, the liberals took abortion and same sex marriage off the table. They had nothing to campaign for. Except maybe the economy. Duh but they forgot to do that. All they did was knock Trump, but at least President Trump had a plan to fix the economy and bring back the American Dream.


ObamaCare in its infancy was a good idea. But liberals always screw things up. Instead of providing cheap basic coverage for everyone, they wanted the folks paying the premiums to pay for the Cadillac plan for Medicaid folks as well. It brought the economy to a grinding halt. Would you want to invest in a company in the United States or NY, where you are going to get killed paying for ObamaCare, taxes and regulations? Only in the  mind of a liberal! What about the union rules, overtime pay and paid family leave. None of this helped the economy, but it sure made the liberals happy.


Obama had a super majority in both houses. Something we have not seen in our lives. And Obama squandered the opportunity. He could have passed amnesty for all. Set up limo services to bring illegal immigrants into the country. Now why didn’t the Schumers and Weiners of the world pass all the liberal policies they dream about in dark rooms, like child prostitution! The non-liberals could not stop them. As the smoke clears Obama will be known for allowing the most illegal immigrants into this country.


Obama the constitutional law professor, also changed the relationship between Congress and the Executive branch. Obama passed more regulations, memos and executive orders without the approval of congress then any president. Which will change the dynamics of future presidents and the will of Congress and the people. President Trump can erase Obama’s legacy in a matter of minutes. And it is childish to imagine that Obama could beat Trump in a presidential election!  People are still wondering how he won the second term. And they said the same thing about Billy Clinton. They said he could win a third term. If that was so, how come he wasn’t out campaigning for Hillary all the time?


Obama was the most traveling president. I don’t think he ever spent 2 consecutive days in the Whitehouse without having to go on a trip to make a speech and collect money for the liberals and the Obama Foundation. Since he was working (wink wink) it doesn’t get counted as a vacation trip. But he should have known the contributions could have been mailed to the Whitehouse and he could talk to the lemmings via satellite, computer or maybe the telephone. But his message was so important, that he had to travel almost everyday to make his voice heard. Funny after almost 8 years, does anyone really want to hear his voice or try to understand his observations imagined for the environment, bathroom rights, national security, and so on. How much Carbon did he put in the environment with his daily travels? A liberal’s carbon does not count in the grand scheme of things.


Remember when he took off with Oprah and they went to Europe to fight for the Olympics in Chicago. Obama gave an apology tour. President Trump didn’t need to apologize for Obama. He had plans for a great America in spite of the liberal fantasies of Obama. Chicago never got a dinner or the Olympics.


Most of us thought the Black problems were over. Jobs were given to blacks since the 60’s. Family Feud has almost 50% black families on the show. Football and Basketball way past the 18% Black average.

But it is tough for Blacks like the Obamas to forget the past. They will never forget the past and will always play the race card. But I hope after 8 years of the Obamas the people have finally tired of the race card. Black lives do matter. And so does every other American life. When you understand that it should be equal rights for all, then folks like Obama will get a lot of respect. Most of the criminals that Obama has freed are black. What’s up with that. When you blame everything on race, you will never be able to see the true picture. So hopefully the Obamas have taught us that you will never be able to sacrifice enough to keep the Black folks like Obama, Sharpton and Kaepernick happy. So lets take away their soap box and ignore these folks. It is time for everyone to be equal. When Malcolm X and MLK realized this simple fact, they were killed.


So the Obamas taught us that even if you let them live in the Whitehouse for 8 years… You made the Obamas rich and they will never have to work a day in their lives. It will never make the black part of Obama happy. If you disagree with their liberal policies then it is racism and white privilege. Since the 60’s we have only seen black privilege. If not, the Obamas would never have lived on Pennsylvania Ave.


Hopefully someday we will get past the ‘ME’ attitude, and grow up and just be happy and freedom for all


It took a president like Obama to show the world, that liberalism only works for a select few and can only be seen successfully in the right side of the brain. While liberty and freedom can work for all.


Obama is pro-Muslim. Rumors about him and Jarrett have never been proven. But how does one go from a Reverend Wright Church to no church at all.


Obama liberalism extends to the United Nations.  Most industrialized nations can’t afford to give free handouts to developing nations. They seem to be quick to give other people’s money away, but not so quick to limit population growth. And you thought they were keen on abortions… not so much for people who can’t afford their offspring.


Obama’s future lies in becoming the global emperor. He will take his sanctuary cities and make it a global concept. And folks like ISIS will have a field day taking over all these defenseless nations in the name of Allah.


The Syria issue was an embarrassment for Obama. Not sure if there was any evidence Assad used chemical weapons. But the red line in the sand made Obama look like a gutless and spineless wonder. Don’t write checks you know Obama could never cash.



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