Legacy of the Great Obama Part Two.

Legacy of the Great Obama Part Two.


By Dr. Phil Taverna


Guantanamo Bay made Obama a laughing stock to the world.  He will leave office with 52 losers in prison. Nobody wanted them and Obama refused to charge them. Constitutional law must be optional. Obama only applies it when it serves his purpose.


As a UN lackey, Obama finally came out against Israel. In the long run the emperor would like to globally do away with capitalism, guns, and industrialized allies. And in return funnel money to poor people so they could have more children and live off the global government dole.  And it becomes obvious that Obama was pro-Muslim and anti Judeo-Christian. Again he allowed more refugees into this country from countries that are not our allies. Many from Muslim countries. And most of these were poor people from Muslim countries. His aunt Zeituni prospered in the Boston area. Lived on the dole her whole American life. Was able to ignore deportation and gain asylum under the administration of Obama.


This is the first modern president in office who was not pro-Israel. You won’t believe how many Jews voted for Obama. Maybe they should have passed over him. Where are the voices of the Spielbergs now?


It will be fun to find liberal historians who can find anything good about Obama. I guess it will all come down to him being a family man. He never got caught cheating on his wife while in the Whitehouse. And for a liberal president that may be an accomplishment. But we didn’t know about RFK, JFK and LBJ until decades later.


Drugs should be a chief cornerstone of the Obama legacy. Obama admitted to using illegal drugs. But under the reign of Obama there was an explosion of heroin addiction. Under Reagan and Rockefeller they tried to stop the loss of life and dignity due to addicting drugs. But under Obama, they seemed to look the other way as overdose after overdose occurred. It is the easiest way to get permanent disability under a liberal regime. But was this racism. Was this addiction aimed at all Americans or just the white privileged couples?


The Obama will go down as a liar. Clinton was impeached for it, Obama gets praised for it. Obama said there were shovel ready jobs. The only thing one could use those shovels for was picking up horse manure. He said you could keep your own doctor. And he knew that was not true. He said Benghazi murders were caused by a trailer when it was caused by terrorists.  Obama allowed terrorism to multiply in the country of Libya.  But he never lied about putting the coal industry out of business. He imagined expensive solar and wind would replace it immediately. What about nuclear energy? It is ok for Iran but not the free world?


But it is never a lie for liberals. If they can imagine it, it is the truth. Clinton asked what is sex? That from a genius from Oxford?


One of the most important achievements of the Obamas was to teach the usefulness of socialism. They tried to prove that it was more important to give money away that you don’t have. And this was much more important than the national economy. Obamas didn’t care about how many people lost their jobs due to their liberal policies. Because they would be caught by the magical net called Welfare. What the liberals don’t comprehend is the average American wants to work and does not want their stinking welfare.

And the landslide against Hillary was proof. The idiots didn’t talk about jobs. They didn’t talk about security. Instead they knocked President Trump. More people came out of the woodwork to vote. They had enough of the stupid policies of the liberals. And the Blacks and other minorities that were choking on the Kool-aid. stayed home. This could never have been accomplished without the stupid insistence of Obama and the liberal media trying to brainwash liberal policies on the stupid Americans.


Instead Obama blames Fox News and Rush. Are you kidding me. Besides using their right brain only, the liberals obviously possess no mirrors. There is a point in time where a breaking point is achieved and the people will not rise up to support stupid, wasteful and useless liberal policies.


Obama single handily raised the national debt over $20 trillion dollars. The number is bogus. A lot of these numbers are projected out many years. It does not include all the expenditures of the government. It is like the inflation number. They don’t measure everything. They select a few things and base inflation on only those items. I am sure they don’t include tolls on bridges around the NYC area. The founders believed national debt would enslave a nation. No wonder Obama increased the debt and the taxes!


You might remember that Obama planned to spend money like water. That is taxpayer money, that the taxpayer did not have. Obama claimed he was going to spend money like a crazy man and cut the budget in half soon later. We have to assume it was another Obama lie. A lot of lemmings probably thought he was talking about the national debt not the annual budget. Just like Clinton. he never paid down a dime of the national debt.


I don’t remember seeing any workers of the CBO being strung up in Center Square. Instead they were awarded with 6 figure salaries and a lifetime of benefits that only the average American can dream about. But the clowns of the CBO claimed that ObamaCare would reduce the national debt. Well it didn’t. And the idiots in the Whitehouse are trying to sell you on how great ObamaCare really is. Over 50% of the folks are on Medicaid or highly subsidized. No one wants to pay for it. But the loons at the Times still want to sell it to the American people.


Now Obama wants to make 2 more monuments. This is supposed to be his legacy. Are we going to call him Teddy Roosevelt next? The liberal media seem to forget that once there was a budget crisis, Obama closed down all the national monuments and parks. The one government entity that actually produces money! Not a good idea to nationalize 2 more areas. Let the states manage the parks!


I guess one thing the liberals can leave us with, is that they are too stupid to realize that a lot of American people stopped buying the Kool-Aid.  And the Libs are still trying to sell it. Basic premise or fact of life is as long as we all are doing well, we don’t mind giving money we have away. But if we all are not doing well… That means have a JOB, we don’t want to give away money we don’t have! Why would you want to do that!


Because liberals like Obama think they can buy votes by spending other people’s money on other people. The clock struck twelve and the American people realized that the liberal propaganda was just a fairy tale. The scary part about people like Obama is that they think they are right. And there are some goofs that think Hillary won the election. But in 2 years Obama lost the House. In 2 more years he lost the Senate. And in the end he alone lost the Whitehouse. So much for all that liberal propaganda.


Most of Obama social dream works have been a failure. The idea that you could help people out of foreclosure is wasteful. Most of the people who were bailed out, ended up getting foreclosed again. If only facts could be based on the right side of the brain. It all sounds good, but it never quite works out and never achieves its liberal goals.


And hopefully the masses have finally learned that liberal spending brings on taxes. And taxes are paid by all, not just the rich!


If there is one legacy that Obama can be proud of, not counting the school lunches that were expensive and didn’t work. Imagine having scallions for a school snack. But the Obama legacy was based on the assumption that if they forced the liberal ways on the people, they would buy it. Their assumption made an ass out of them.


Unfortunately it does not appear that we will be rid of Obama soon. I suspect he wants to be the new Jesse Jackson and Sharpton all rolled into one.  Race Card anyone?


The oil spill under Obama disappeared in a hurry. It seems that mother nature just swallowed it up. Much more oil then the Valdez spill. But we have never heard the end of that one. Where did that precious, Obama evil oil go. Back to mother nature perhaps.


Obama claims we are all on the same team. That is like real conversation. When a liberal uses words like real conversation, translated that means you listen while we spew our liberal propaganda vitriol. What Obama never realized, was we are a team as a nation, maybe. But Democracy rules, not the liberals and its locked stepped media. Obama’s biggest failure was that he was elected the president of all. But he acted as the president of a select few, who did not see eye to eye with the silent majority. That is the scary part about liberalism. They think they and they alone are right. And if you disagree, you are deplorable. And we don’t need a conversation on that one. Listen to the irate liberal media and wacky celebrities like Streep. It is their way or the highway!


In the end we have a lot to thank Obama for. The folks read about communism and socialism only in books. Under Obama they were able to see it in action. It was not a pretty sight. Lets hope America does not make that mistake again!


Note: About the farewell speech. Again a few minutes would have done well. Only 20,000 folks. No fainting. But when a black man uses the word slavery in his speech, he is forever blinded by the same racism that he complains about. Until the Black man stops using slavery as a magical card to get out of jail free, free stuff, reverse discrimination and so on… Racism will always be an issue in the minds of liberal racists. The reason Obama lost the election was because he was saying equal rights when he really meant reverse discrimination. Americans can never be equal until we all stop using the word slavery.  There will never be reparation for actions committed before 1865. The best we can ever do for you  is to send you back to your country of origin. And you can start all over from there. This is not racism. Looking for reparation is!



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