Legends and What ??? By Bill O’Reilly

Legends and LiesI enjoyed O’Reilly’s Legends and Lies. And he followed it up with an hour show on each character. So we had bad guys, Good guys, and maybe some psychos. But I always get a kick out of O’Reilly’s take that this is all true and he comes to some weird conclusions. But if you are a history buff or interested in some wild west trivia: It does fill the Bill. Couple of quick points, we all heard about Billy the Kidd and Wyatt Earp and Doc Holiday. The others maybe not so much. Like Black Bart. We all seem to know the name, but maybe we are recalling the great pirate who had a prosperous career. Or maybe they used Bart’s name in a few westerns. It is great to see reruns of enchanting westerns. The Virginian, Rawhide, Gunsmoke, Bonanza, Rifleman and Dead or a Live to name a few.

But there are 2 thoughts or observations that come from the stories. That the Indians were more than a bunch of savages and the Black folks were not as lowly as the liberals would like you to think. The liberals want you to think today that all white people are white supremacists. And Obama claims it is in the DNA. You can’t help it! Is the Confederate flag the flag of the white supremacists? Or is it the American Flag?

I never thought much about Butch Cassidy being a legend and being real. Which I think is funny. Maybe because Redford was Sundance? And we would all believe Matt Dillon was real. Riding on those beautiful Buckskin Geldings. So it is kind of fun to see these legends through the eyes of a liberal like Bill O’Reilly. And he has great help with all the researchers, writers and film producers.

The book is always better than the film, but they seemed to add a few tidbits to the film that were not in the book. Could be poetic justice/ license or maybe the fact checker found the fact after the book went to print and before the films were produced.

One main difference was Butch Cassidy. There was a beautiful woman involved with Sundance who may or may not have participated in the robberies. We would remember her as Katharine Ross. With Raindrops that kept falling on her head. O’Reilly writes about her in the book, but not in the video. I guess they didn’t want to spring for a beautiful actress. Or maybe due to global warming… There was no rain in South America!

But the most interesting character was Black Bart. Here’s a guy that walked to his stage coach robberies. Stole money from Wells Fargo for decades and never fired a gun or never held a loaded weapon. But he was caught when he left a handkerchief behind after being wounded. No DNA but laundry marks back then were very specific to each affluent customer and each laundry establishment.

It scares me when O’Reilly paints a picture of a Black man being the model for the Lone Ranger. I had to go back and watch the Lone Ranger on the internet. The Lone Ranger was a former Texas Ranger who was at the right place at the right time and took care of the bad guys and had some moral code to espouse after each episode. He had two showy guns and of course Tonto. Who was probably more realistic or down to earth than the Lone Ranger. Or is it the Long Ranger? (lol)

So Bass Reeves who O’Reilly imagines as the model for the Lone Ranger was 6 foot 2 and Black. He was a US Deputy Marshal that hunted down bad guys that he was given a warrant to pursue. And according to O’Reilly he was such a good shot that no one put up a fuss. And the funny part is he was not the first Black US Deputy Marshal. What?

Now we find out that a black guy was hired as a gun fighting Deputy Marshal in the West. According to all the liberals and Obama all blacks were treated like dirt and were corralled by all the white supremacists from the beginning of time. It is in the DNA. The white guy couldn’t help it. And after Bass lost his federal job due to politics, he became a local policeman. My question is how was this guy so successful without food stamps, welfare and he was able to navigate the terrible angst of the white supremacists.

O’Reilly would have been better off using Matt Dillon as the precursor of the Bass model. Matt was a US Marshall. He was over Six foot two and he was probably the smartest of all the lawmen that we gazed at on the big screen. But he never got a chance to marry Miss Kitty. Must have been a sexist thing. Who would marry a women named after a cat. Texas John Slaughter was also a Texas Ranger and shot left handed with the gun positioned on the right front at least according to Walt of Disneyland.

So the problem really is if America was so bad and filled with only White supremacists, then how did Bass get a federal job for so many years. There were no quotas to fill. No tests to dumb down. He must have had a magic wand or a fairy black godmother. Or just maybe there were no white supremacists. Back then all people were treated the same… Not like today!

The Indians come into play. You had Daniel Boone, Carson, Crockett, Wild Bill and Buffalo Bill. And of course dumb ass Custer. To think that Custer turned down more men and 2 Gatling guns and didn’t scout out the mess he was getting his troops into. He was a hero of sorts in the Civil War but an idiot when fighting the Indians. But the Indian massacre did make Custer a hero! Or maybe just famous. What O’Reilly reveals in this book is that the Indians were not just savages. But they believed if they sided with the American enemies, that if the enemies won, they would be able to run wild on the plains.

So they sided with the British and the Mexicans. So tell me how dumb these Indians must have been to think the enemies would allow them to run free. Just like the terrorists today they would rape white women and kill and massacre settlers. Just like the Black folks, are the Indians any better off then they would be if the liberals didn’t give them all this free stuff!

Two myths that need to be brought to light are that Indians were not all that kind to the settlers. And the Blacks were not treated any differently than anyone else. Why would anyone hire Bass as a US Deputy Marshal if there were many more whites who could do the job. Because it didn’t make any difference to the person who hired Bass for the job.

When you treat these folks as losers… they act as losers. Next thing you know they will try to take down the American Flag and call all you folks white supremacists.   Remember at the Klan rallies, they have both the American flag and the Confederate flag. When this country was started and there were still legal slaves… The American flag flew.

When the slaves were freed by congress, the American Flag also flew.

But it won’t be long before the American Flag will need to go to the museum because it is offensive to a few people. We will need a less offensive flag.   Green for Mexico, and you can go on and on from there. To all liberals we must be totally inclusive no matter what the costs! Or is it really exclusive!

But O’Reilly ‘s book tells us that maybe the world was not as bad as the liberals make it out to be.

Maybe it is time to stop giving in, and take a stand. Maybe any flag made with red white and blue cloth is offensive to some! If you keep giving in, when do you stop and when will they stop forcing you to give stuff up! If you had enough then stop voting for the liberal, commie Democrats! Vote for True Americans!

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