Liberal Media Collusion & Interference

When reading or watching the mainstream liberal news media, one might be able to reasonably imagine the way the typical liberal mindset works; and, the sort of dull, squeaking sounds of the proverbial screws turning as they continue reaching, grasping, stretching for some measure of validation for the Russian literature the mainstream media’s been spoon-feeding desperate Hillary voters since her loss in November ’16.

A story yesterday on Bloomberg, for instance, headlined Trump’s Ex-Campaign Chairman Manafort Faces U.S. Tax Charges, was written by no less than THREE ‘journalists’ contributing on what they clearly believe a so-called breakthrough story, averages about 400 exasperating words per person and even still manages to be thoroughly unconvincing.

“Paul Manafort, a former campaign manager for President Donald Trump, and his onetime business partner became the first people charged in the broad investigation into Russian meddling with the U.S. Election” begins the article. That’s funny, the very headline should really give one the impression that it’s just plausible that the issue for which Manafort and his former business partner have been indicted is rather indicative that this issue is NOT related to Donald Trump’s campaign. Too bad the story, like so many of the other ‘stories’ reported by the mainstream media, massively digresses from there. 

The logic isn’t unapparent by any means, but it is elementarily flawed. Did Mueller’s investigation lead the FBI to closely examine Paul Manafort? Is the FBI alleging Paul Manafort committed a chargeable offense while working in Ukraine from 2007-2012?

The next part is what they’re so eager to jump to and which nothing released, ever, including yesterday, has in any way substantiated and yet that doesn’t come close to stopping the liberal media from perpetuating it: Does this help substantiate the collusion fiction the liberal media, frothing at the mouth democrats, and the Clinton campaign have been colluding about for a over a year now? The short answer is: NO. Consider how shameless these people are to be  well aware of the fact that if anyone has been exposed for collusion over the past 12 months, it’s been the media themselves, along with Hillary Clinton and her campaign, who we now know actually did collude with RUSSIA by paying PAYING cash money for FAKE dirt on a president of the United States. 

Fake dirt the colluding mainstream liberal news media were more than happy to dutifully report to we mere plebs.

It’s almost hard to believe that the liberal media could possibly be so shameless as to attempt to make it seem as if this news has ANY real significance to the Russia fiction they’ve been writing for the past year. Yesterday morning, a friend of mine wrote me a message asking what I thought about the arrests, and from the headlines they were rattling off, I really paused for a moment to wonder if as much as I’ve been so convinced that the Russia narrative was almost all, if not entirely more an issue of collaboration and collusion between Hillary Clinton and the liberal media, could it be that there’s actually a news story that somehow validates the constant mumbling of the words ‘interfering’ ‘meddling’ and ‘Russia’ within every 10 words after the name Donal Trump? Actually, no. It couldn’t be, and it’s hilarious to think I ever thought the media would seem rational in this respect for a moment.

It seems every bit as problematic to behold the clear and present implications surrounding what’s become incontrovertible fact that the liberal media has utterly sacrificed any semblance of the objectivity to which they’re supposedly obligated. The liberal media being so irresponsible in their reporting, going beyond all measure to wreak any manner of havoc on an entire first year of a United States Presidency for the sake of their partisan Hillary Clinton bias, and their loyalty, and zealotry is what’s become the most problematic issue to arise from all of this.

By this point, the liberal media’s political bias, particularly their Hillary Clinton and anti-Trump/anti-conservative bias, must be abundantly clear to any and all Americans who have been paying any attention to how the media has been reporting since the 2016 campaign. To see talking heads on network news continuing to debate these things, including the arrests yesterday, just comes off as such a massive insult to the intelligence of any Americans taking all of this in. It’s unfathomable to imagine there are people out there who actually think there are any grounds upon which to believe another MINUTE of this Russia political fiction. The news about Manafort and a business partner from a time in his life completely unrelated to the presidential campaign (which, since he was only campaign manager from sometime in June 2016 to early August, is a rather giant window) is not even new.

Donald Trump had it right Sunday night by mocking the ‘coincidence’ of this arrest happening just when the issue of tax cuts should be what the media is talking about. Instead, they choose to find a negative to literally every single positive action the president makes, either related or entirely unrelated as we’ve just seen. Again.

That is not the way a healthy mainstream media would operate. He couldn’t even take on the issue of prescription drugs without the very first thing so annoyingly coming from their mouths and laptop computers inferring that the steps he was taking wouldn’t accomplish as much had he declared a national emergency instead of only going so far as ‘national health emergency’. The health crisis with regards to opioid drug abuse actually reached its crescendo during and throughout the Obama administrations and was met with nothing but chirping crickets, but when Donald Trump takes at least some measure of action against it, his actions ‘didn’t go as far’ and the television news reports in the succeeding days were filled with debates over how much the declaration left wanting.

Even the release of 50+ year old JFK files left the liberal media spending an entire day discussing how the release was a mess because many of the documents are still redacted for the time being, mostly on account of still-living individuals’ personal information and security at risk of exposure. Every single positive step this president takes is constantly, and reliably met with what have become rather comically negative debates between people pretending to know and have expertise which they seem to contradict with every single breaking news story, every exhaustive debate. It’s particularly obvious and noticeable when one considers how pathetically butt-kissing they were over literally every single word former president Obama said. The liberal media bias has never been so profoundly clear as it’s been made in the past 12-18 months, and that’s truly saying something.

Edit*** The Bloomberg Story referenced has been edited and each writer now averages several hundred more exasperating words per liberal.

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