Liberals are Trapped in Bizarro-land

psychedelic-smallOur liberal progressive brethren inhabit a parallel universe where they see and hear things that do not exist and are unable to see and hear reality like the rest of us do.  Their political thinking is trapped in an alternative reality where they believe their superior intellect allows them to understand others’ motives and actions better than they themselves.  Liberals and conservatives are fundamentally different: liberals live in a world of relativity, while conservatives live in a world of absolutes.  Conservatives think liberals are misinformed at best and stupid at worst; while liberals think conservatives are ignorant at best and “evil” at worst.  Liberals focus on intentions and downplay results, while conservatives harness intentions and demand positive results.  This divergence of perception has widened over the last 25 years as partisan extremists have taken over both major political parties.  In the 1960s, DC Comics introduced “Bizarro-land” as a parallel universe, so Superman could better understand the bizarre behavior of the villains he met.  Today’s liberal, progressives seem to live in their own political “Bizarro-land” where reality is weirdly inverted and up is down and right is wrong.
This alternative universe thinking is based on political correctness and negative logic.  In this magic land, the concept of normalcy is no longer used, since in “Bizarro-land” everything is “normal” and nothing is deviant.  The center of this universe is inside the Georgetown/Upper East Side/ Hollywood beltway where think tanks, lobbyists, and the cheerleading mainstream media are based.  This borg-like culture allows no deviation from ideology or talking points of the day.  Good intentions are always more important since promises are quickly forgotten and results are never measured against predictions.  The voting population is perpetually unhappy and easily mobilized for the “next great idea” irrespective of the actual results.
In “Bizarro-land,” communication is no longer possible since words have different meaning depending on one’s political orientation.  Liberals have changed many common words to suit their partisan purposes.  Political correctness attempts to change the definition of existing terms to leave behind perceived discriminatory baggage attached to original definitions, and to try to make older definitions taboo.  For example, new federal spending is rebranded as “savings” and slowing the growth of federal spending is rebranded as “spending cuts,” so common understanding is clearly not the objective.  Communications is impossible when tolerance” is defined as tolerant of liberal ideas that you agree with and suppression of any ideas that you do not.  This definitional transformation makes clear communications nearly impossible, since depending on the choice of terms base assumptions and conclusions may be diametrically opposite.
In “Bizarro-land,” government is the ultimate authority granting only those rights that the ruling elite deems appropriate.  Criticism and facts are discouraged as “unpatriotic.”  The economy must be centrally managed through regulatory controls.  Previous economic failures are dismissed as partial implementations or incomplete.  Government spending primes national production and oversees the economic engine.  Budget deficits and national debt are simply speed bumps to a vibrant growth economy, and need never be repaid.
In “Bizarre-land,” all citizens work directly or indirectly for the government.  Income equality is the ultimate goal ignoring all merit and any hint of competition.  Government depends on its citizens to support it and encourages its citizens to be dependent and discourages self-sufficiency.  This permanent dependent under-class is a constant source of discontent to justify further erosions of rights.  Meanwhile criminals are reclassified as victims of an unequal society deserving of special treatment and selective enforcement of laws.
In “Bizarro-land,” the government will meet every need, from a guaranteed job and a living wage to food on the table and a roof over one’s head.  The government controls all wealth and determines how much each citizen may keep for themselves.  Citizens are indoctrinated from cradle to grave, with history routinely rewritten to conform to the current narrative.  Inconvenient facts are discarded and criticism is attacked as hate crimes.  Government provides the single payer health care system that redistributes a minimal level of health care for all citizens, based on affordability and ones value to society.  Human beings are simply viewed as equal inhabitants of this planet with equal rights with every other inhabitant of the planet, with ultimate goal to limit human population and limit human impact returning to a pristine Gaia earth.  Energy use is a necessary evil that must be contained and replaced with renewable sources, no matter the cost or impact on society.
In “Bizarro-land,” the United States is viewed as the source of most of the world’s problems. Apologies and appeasement is viewed as the only way to gain goodwill on a global basis. America’s leadership must be voluntarily surrendered to a global governance body who know better what the United States must do to serve its fellow nations.  Indoctrination has already begun of the nation’s youth with the subliminal inclusion of climate change propaganda into Common Core curriculum and the adoption of Agenda 21 sustainable development dictates into local government policies.  The mainstream media has revealed itself as a willing confederate in this subversion of American principles and cheerleader for every expansion of the government state.  In this liberal “Bizarre-land” conservatives are viewed as the enemy of the ever-expanding central government, which replaces individual freedom with government conformance and obedience. 
Today’s voters are being forced to interpret on their own the bizarre behavior of our political elites.  Conservatives are being forced to explain to voters the fundamental differences in perceptions as opposites and incompatible, explaining why some political stalemates cannot be bridged.  The most important goal should be to educate American voters not to inadvertently follow liberals into their alternative “Bizarro-land” reality.  Liberal flawed assumptions must be highlighted as undermining rational analysis and thinking.  Finally to borrow from Saul Alinsky, conservatives should ridicule the liberal “alternative reality” as a flawed ideological view that differs from mainstream America and dooms this out-of-touch party to continue to make the same mistakes over and over again.  Ronald Reagan quipped to explain this phenomenon “It isn’t so much that liberals are ignorant, it’s just that they know so many things that aren’t so.”

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