Libertarians Can’t Leave Their Love of Toll Roads

toll roadsIt is bewildering that so many on the right, particularly normally fiscally prudent libertarians, continue to advocate for toll roads. In fact, some are even criticizing conservatives who oppose them. Terri Hall, founder of the group TURF (Texans United for Reform and Freedom), found herself under fire by a libertarian magazine in August. Reason’s Robert Poole wrote an article labeling Hall and those who oppose toll roads as “right-wing populists.” He was worried that Hall has been effective ginning up opposition to toll roads, both in her home state of Texas as well as influencing a prominent article that recently ran in The Weekly Standard.

Poole’s article is a recognition of Hall’s leadership and effectiveness in the anti-tolling movement that is sweeping the country. He acknowledges that conservative leaders Michelle Malkin and Phyllis Schlafly – who no one would describe as populists – agree with Hall. It’s not just some “populist” thing, as he claims.

Polls reveal that Americans oppose tolling. It has taken awhile to get there, but the anti-tolling movement is getting traction now. Poole recognizes the threat that the grassroots anti-toll movement poses to the taxpayer-subsidized tolling industry that was spawned overseas decades ago, primarily in socialist Europe.

Read the rest of the article at the Selous Foundation for Public Policy Research

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