Liberty Amendments… Only in a Dream World. Part 2

I like the notion of returning the Senate electoral process to the state legislatures.

Mark Levin’s book The Liberty Amendments is a great read. I would like to continue the lesson on the rest of the amendments.


I like the notion of returning the Senate electoral process to the state legislatures. The idea is to have someone to answer to the state and have someone that is familiar with the state and the state’s political process. It will be cheaper to payoff a bunch of local politicians than to payoff the federal political machine.


Bobby Kennedy and Hillary Clinton would have never been approved by the NY Legislature. They were foreigners and knew nothing about NY politics. But they had plenty of national money  and no connections with NY State.


And the U.S. Senator would need to answer to the state legislature. How many senators voted for ObamaCare whose states said no? The idea would be to return responsibility and ownership back to the states. Most states have a balanced budget,  the feds are over budget by  $17 trillion and who is counting. Just raise taxes.

But to be fair, states need to stop asking for handouts. Senate terms should be 4 years or less.


Judges: Don’t get me started. There should be committees set up to calibrate each and every judge. The U.S. Supreme Court should be allowed only a 4 year term. Possibly with a 4 year yes no follow-up vote. I wonder if the Bush people asked folks like Thomas and Scalia what they thought of Roberts.  Maybe we could have avoided Roberts’ liberal tendencies toward ObamaCare!


But a committee is important. Lawyers are not going to complain about judges who they need to appear in front of in the future. But let’s keep track of their decisions. Maybe hand the winners and losers and lawyers after each case or decision a  confidential survey as to how well the judge did. Was he fair. Was she following the law or made up her own laws. Were they bias? This is shared with the voters and if they don’t like what they see, kick the judge off the bench. I am sure Roberts didn’t become a liberal overnight. There must have been telltale signs about how constitutional he would be on the highest bench. Now the taxpayer has to pay double for his liberalism.  Roberts doesn’t have to pay for ObamaCare… but you do!


Taxes are tough to deal with. Most people have no clue how much they pay in taxes. They don’t realize that they actually pay the taxes the businesses have to pay. Healthcare practices pay a ton in taxes, fees and licenses. Guess who pays for it in the end. Not just proctologists. The consumer pays… Either directly, through healthcare benefits or taxes.


So the best way is to eliminate all taxes: State, local and federal. And replace it with one federal sales tax. And all the takers get to take from the sales tax. This would be trickle down economics at its finest. And the taxpayer only has to watch one tax, not hundreds. And the money in your pocket is yours. Don’t have to pay thousands of dollars in a lifetime to pay to have your tax returns punched into a computer! You can read more about these changes in the greatest book ever written: : Is Now the Time for Revolution or Aggressive Reform? Volume 1. A flat tax is a joke if you can’t control spending. I am sure that the states and locals will make sure they get their fair share of the solitary Fed sales tax.


The federal bureaucracy should be limited by the constitution. But the Sales Tax Rate would act as a limiting factor. They can either cut spending, raise the sales tax or cut the money going to the locals and states. That would make all parties responsible.


And there must be a limitation on the Obama executive orders. All orders after a certain time period need to be accepted by congress’s majority in order to remain in effect. If not out it goes. The way it is now:  It undercuts the balance of power and puts the Republicans in a bad light and on the defensive. But if the majority says no or can’t vote in favor of an  executive order in 30 days, then out it goes.


Then there are a lot of Levin’s amendments that are an attempt to give power back to the states. They are way too cumbersome. Cut through all the garbage and give the state the power to succeed from the union.  If 75% of the state wants to succeed from the union then out they go. Let’s cut the crap.


Let all the rich liberal celebrities move to one state. Buy up the votes and have their own country. Matt Daman can be in charge of defense. Oprah can be in charge of whatever she wants to. And Ben Affleck can be in charge of looking goofy.  But when the Union starts looking bad, then maybe the states should have a right to bolt. And on the other hand if states are irresponsible and are billions of dollars in debt, they should be cut loose from the Union. Imagine what that would do for the deficit.


So in the end you need amendments that the liberals and non-liberals would favor. The best middle ground they can find is no ground at all. Why should a liberal have to live with non-liberals. And why should non-liberals have to live with liberals. Let’s give each one their own country and make everyone happy.  These 2 sides are so bipolar, they can never find common ground. So get over it. Let them have their own country!

If you get a chance take a look at Levin’s book to see what went wrong in the liberal world of America! In the end in order to be happy,  and to find peace, we need to set the liberals free! They seem less concerned about freedom and more concerned about freeing your money from your wallets and pocket books. Then you can find peace.

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