Liberty Amendments… Only in a Dream World

Mark Levin’s new book proposes 10 amendments to fix the country. 

Mark Levin’s book The Liberty Amendments is a great read if your second hobby is constitutional issues. But today after the passing of ObamaCare, do you really believe that you can fix America by legal means? If we got into this mess by illegal maneuvering and  bribes and misinformation, tell me again how we get out of this legally.


Levin sounds like a very educated and smart person, and 10 amendments are all we need to fix America. Where is the lamp with genie, I will rub it in earnest. Liberals and Commies have inherited this earth from the beginning. Folks who exile themselves from their countries come here and the first thing they want to do is make America more liberal just like the country they had to flee. The folks from large cities that have imploded thanks to huge debt and liberal policies: When they finally give up hope and move to different states, the first thing they want to do is fix the new place with liberal policies that failed in the place they left.


All socialism fails and ends up in misery. But from the beginning of time and since FDR there have always been liberals trying to fix our world.. The NY Times editorial for any given week will have tons of liberal notions about how we can fix this and fix that by throwing money at it. Not their money but someone else’s money of course.


So the problem I have with Levin’s approach is that the liberals like Obama and Clinton will use every dirty trick in the book to prevent these amendments from seeing the light of day. Do you really have as much money as the global liberal community and Soros to fight this war?


If you read the greatest book on the subject: Is Now the Time for Revolution or Aggressive Reform? Volume 1It takes a more softer approach. Remember America is filled with takers and givers. Most of our government is monopolized by takers. Most of Levin’s Bill of Rights would take away the power of the takers. The liberals will fight you to the ends of the earth to keep their benevolent world that isn’t working out so well.


Look at ObamaCare. Anyone with a half a brain would repeal it. An honest Supreme Court would have thrown it out. But on October 1, 2013 it rolled out. The success was a complete failure. But Obama only called it a glitch. A community organizer would never call his pride a joy a failure. Hopefully history will!


Mr. Levin wants to hold state conventions to pass his bill of rights. There are just not enough givers to make this happen on a large enough scale to change the U.S. Constitution.  I agree with Mr. Levin that we have a duty to return the power back to the states. But like all good welfare recipients, the states do not want the power and the responsibility.  If they work with the liberal  crooks they can make more money. So maybe the states have become takers as well. I wonder what they will do when the taxpayer runs out of money!


Washington the pot head capital of the country wants to raise the minimum wage to $15 an hour. And why not. Some Somalian immigrant said he couldn’t live the American dream. And he can on $15.00?  Maybe he should go back to Somalia. I thought these folks were supposed to bring in bags of money and start businesses…Create American Jobs!  What is he doing working at Hertz Car rental for minimum wage!


One of Levin’s amendments deal with term limits. If a person is doing a great job why terminate his position. The problem is what they are being paid and allowed to steal. Stop paying the bureaucrats and the politicians so much money. Make it less than a school teacher in a rural area and no benefits once they leave office. And after they leave office they can’t be making money along with relatives in the lobbyist business. And while you are at it let’s limit the payments and bribes made directly and indirectly by lobbyists to our “takers” government. 


Not sure many state governments will go along with that. When Obama closed down the government the first thing he did was close the national parks. He must be an idiot! That is probably the only thing run by the federal government that actually makes money. They claim over 700,000 folks visit these areas daily and spend money. That is spending money locally as well. So Obama shuts it down but leaves up the Lady Michelle website.

It wasn’t about money. It was about how much  misery Obama could spread through out the land and attempt to blame it on the Republicans. Just like ObamaCare. Free healthcare and birth control for all. Except those that need to pay for the premiums.


The takers will fight Levin with all they have. You see the Dr. Taverna approach makes everyone happy. Divide the country in half or whatever and you have the liberals on one side and the non-liberals on the other.


You just have to convince the liberals that this is a great idea. They would have their own government and they wouldn’t have to fight those damn non-liberals every time they come back from long vacations. So all the liberals would be able to run is their own government and make the minimum wage $100,000 a year with all benefits. Not only free contraceptives and abortions, but free marijuana! 


Remember most of the USA geographically is non-liberal. Even liberal California has a very large section of their geography as non-liberal. Wouldn’t it be great if all counties could decide if they wanted to be run by a liberal government or a non-liberal government? So you see most people would vote for this kind of change up to a point.


One thing the non-liberals need to do is start busing people to the polls. They keep fighting the liberals on voter id laws. Screw that….Think like a liberal.  Bus people in as many times as you can. Acorn used to register people numerous times. Non-citizens are allowed to vote. So quit being stupid in a liberal world. Bus ’em in  and win the election. You mean buses can only transport liberal voters?


We will continue the discussion on Levin’s Bill of Rights in the future. Don’t get me wrong, it is a great book, but getting the liberals in state governments to cooperate would be like pissing in the wind. I never understood that one, but it must be a man thing. If they would ask for directions, turning 180 degrees might help.


So Levin’s book is great and gives the reader a lot to think about. And in just about 200 pages you can figure out what is wrong with this liberal world and why it seems to fail at every turn.


The founders had it easy they just had to fight a king a continent away with 13 colonies. But to win back America you need to beat the liberals that infect every government and bureaucracy in the land.


Shutting down the liberal government is long over due. The best way to balance the budget is to have all those system suckers  find a real job in the real private economy.

And return all those parks to the states where the revenue is generated. 


The times have changed and they need a changing.

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