The Logic in Climate Skepticism

Climate Alarmism is not a new phenomenon. It’s a tired, desperate, yet sadly accepted phenomenon perpetrated (and believed) by the usual suspects.

Today is October 25th, 2015. According to ABC News’ Bob Woodruff in a June 2008 segment, NYC should be underwater by now, gas should be at $9 per gallon, and a carton of milk $13 dollars. Sadly, most Americans could care less about supposedly “esteemed” mainstream news outlets making irresponsible claims to perpetuate hysteria (or stimulate new industries and influence elections). Any attempts to restore some order in our media community and all others responsible for perpetuating one of the greatest lies ever told… To demand some accountability is an act of futility.

Science has taken an epic fall from grace… It was once a sacred institution; now reduced to theories built to support political agendas. Scientific method is supposed to be as unbiased as journalistic ethics. Yet, each of these formerly noble professions, which were created out of the human desire to seek out truth and to share the fruit of that truth with the world, have been permeated with corruption and now act as propaganda mouthpieces.

All is not lost, however, for there are many unheralded academics and scientists alike who have taken on the international scientific community for the deliberate withholding of information, exaggerations, and special interests spurned from profitable government grants which serve to provide employment for “researchers”, an essential form of employment for members of the scientific community. The problem is the internationally accepted “scientific community” is lock-in-step with the “journalistic community” (who’s, in turn, lock-in-step with the “political community” $$$). How can we have ever hold a truthful and intelligent debate if certain facts are suppressed and even attacked by those who are supposed to narrate the clear and unbiased truth to the masses?

We now know from the historical record that an enormity of formerly accepted “science,” routinely delivered by, at the time, the esteemed best and brightest, was utterly and completely false – to the point that children can now laugh at how silly it was. Yet, the intellectuals of today are not at all different, are they? Somehow, the “science” of today is immune to scrutiny (while the very definition of science DEMANDS scrutiny); and, to even consider alternatives to what’s accepted in the mainstream is the new meaning of the word blasphemy. How many generations of scholars and intellectuals lived their whole lives on a pedestal of feigned intellect, masses clinging to their every word as gospel and celebrating their “genius”.

Man-made Global Climate Change, for instance. Regardless of how many government funded “scientists” are outed by FOIA requests with regards to their intentional lying, gross exaggerations, or withholding of contradictory evidence, have apparently lost no esteem; more incredibly, they have lost no credibility. There are a great many unheralded, blackballed scientists who theorize about climate who admit to have made no certain connection between man and climate change. If you took Barack Obama or the U.N. at their word, you could never know that.

Frankly, you don’t have to be a genius or a scientist to identify some major problems with man-made climate change theories. First, the remarkable conflicts of interests generated by government research sponsorships, fellowships, and research grants. Not to mention, that it contradicts the historical record of drastic swings in global climate since the earth was born, from the tropical rain-forest Cretaceous period, to the well-known ice age (only 10,000 years ago while early man walked the earth) to the “little ice age” of medieval times. There are any numbers of variables to consider when theorizing climate change; but, I cannot but help to notice the one variable which is purported to be entirely responsible – carbon – has had a lasting and surely permanent affect on “big oil”… Something the left has been intent on accomplishing for decades. What a coincidence that is.

How preposterous is it to condemn a skeptic of this new fad-science when it does not reconcile with human reason to begin with. Mother Earth does what she wants to do, mankind beware. We skeptics do indeed have proof that prominent scholars, researchers, and scientists sought and succeeded in deceiving the global community. Sadly, “Climate-Gate” is old news now; never lent the credence it deserved. For what? What did they stand to gain? Research grants. It all comes down to money, of course. Science, media, and politics are all fueled by special interests stemming from corporate greed. How much in research grants, tax incentives, etc. has our government provided the “green energy movement”? Solyndra anyone?

Remember Solyndra? It’s the green energy company which basically scammed taxpayers out of millions of dollars with help from the Obama administration.

The under-reported yet volume speaking “Climate-Gate” should have been the end to this fraudulent narrative in a fair world. But it wasn’t. The mainstream media were surely aware of these known facts that the most prominent climate research scientists involved with the most prominent research center, cited by global politicians and the U.N., knowingly skewed data; withheld data which could contradict findings; communicated one another’s intentions to clear their emails and communications containing said information; and, actually admitted to wrongdoing – one renowned scientist involved admitted he had almost taken his own life in the wake of the scandal (today he sits on the board of the IPCC reveling in prestige and respect despite the global exposure of his unethical scientific practices – that should indicate just how ground-breaking, game-changing, and the gravity of the revelations “Climate-Gate” should have brought to light; but sadly (and shockingly) it never was.

It’s no coincidence that the movement began after a calculated and conniving smear campaign against “big oil”, popular with the media and the emotionally wrecked left. Yet, they say nothing about the fraud and corruption in the Green Energy sector. The fact that we spent billions of taxpayer dollars on green energy start ups who went bankrupt before they even produced a single volt of energy. The executives of these companies got to keep their multi-million dollar bonuses, many of whom happen to be major campaign donors for our friends in Washington or, at the very least, have ties to major campaign donors and bundlers.

It’s amazing how we can only hear or read about any of these evident truths unless we go willfully digging for them. Why aren’t these FACTS stirring outrage? This isn’t conspiracy theory, this is incontrovertible fact. It simply does not, will not, cannot get a place in the narrative of today’s society (that narrative is chosen for you, like it or not). One has to wonder if this fraud could possibly be revealed even in our lifetimes. It’s truly astonishing how indoctrinated we’ve become and how successful this industry-creating, multi-billion dollar, internationally perpetrated fraud has become. It may go down as one of the greatest lies ever told!

It’s a disgusting tragedy that we can’t believe who and what should be regarded as the most trusted sources – based on the doctrines which these communities are based on… Doctrines that call for integrity, transparency, and no biases. Even if there is a correlation between greenhouse gasses and climate change, the fraud and corruption taking place within these circles of “trusted sources” is shocking and appalling, undermining the entire debate. The “intellectual community”, academia, politicians, the media – are all expected to do their very best work for the citizens who trust them and whom they serve.

It is their obligation to we the people to keep the citizenry in the know; to be our safeguards, representatives, our stewards to who we may look up to. To seek truth on our behalf and to share it with the world. That, sadly, is not how it is. Politics and the Media were corrupted long ago; sadly, now we’ve seen the epic fall from grace taken by the scientific community over the past several years, applying the same kind of corruption and lack of transparency seen in politics and media. Newton and Kepler would be rolling over in their graves at this moment.

Climate change hysteria mongers have done a fine job at painting skeptics as unevolved lunatics with a passion for refusing to accept science – climate skeptics must be “those republicans who also refute the theory of evolution, that the earth is not the center of the universe; and, surely, they all believe Noah built a 495 foot Ark, loaded it with a male and female of every species on the planet, and set sail while egregiously sinful men and women drowned beneath his keel”… That insinuation is insulting and hardly indicative of factual reality. The truth is, many prominent scholars in the scientific community are on the side of the skeptic – sadly, these scientists are given no voice in the conversation and even the scientific journals which encourage peer oversight and replicating findings in order to bolster whatever theories are being put forth.

So when I hear condescending statements from liberal mouthpieces alluding to the skeptic’s aversion to unquestionably placing trust in their words; that in doing so we demonstrate ignorance by disavowing the scientific community – men and women much smarter than we mere plebeians – it’s an insult to our collective intelligence as free-thinking Americans. They don’t mention that quite reputable groups of skeptics from around the globe tirelessly work sans government grants in order to carry out the scientific method, where recognized climate researchers have failed, at their own cost or from the minimal benefit of private donations; governments will not fund ventures seeking to disprove the hysteria perpetuated by celebrities, those in the scientific community, politicians, et all. Most, if not all, of the climate scientists and researchers perpetuating this hysteria make their entire livings off of government research grants, that in itself should raise red flags regarding “conflicts of interest”.

with climate hysteria routinely call for skeptics to be paraded through the streets, tarred and feathered, so that the spectators, whole foods recycled bags in hand, can peer through their non-prescription eye-glasses looking on in smug disapproval. The same people calling for “tolerance” and ending “violence” throughout the globe are the same people wishing violent deaths upon Cowboys’ cheerleader, Kendall Jones, for posting pictures of hunting kills from her African Safari – hunts which provide massive amounts of revenue to not only the countries which host them, but also for wildlife protection. Liberal logic is just so mind-boggling it’s sometimes beyond comprehension.



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Hans Comprix is a marine veteran of the Global War on Terror & conservative writer. He’s a contributor for Intellectual Conservative, having previously contributed to ‘American Thinker’ and ‘Now its Dark’ magazine. Email hans.comprix@com for comments, questions, or hate mail. 



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